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Election Commission should RESIGN? Obvious failures prevent not just FREE and FAIR elections?Now Covid-19 escalation?

Pathetic that now they are trying to use the upcoming Batu Sapi by-elections and the Sarawak State Elections to justify the need for an EMERGENCY - and one wonders about the Election Commission's action/omission in the Sabah State Elections that has seen a spike of Covid-19 cases.

Is the Election Commission independent? Is the Election Commission responsible or competent? Is the Election Commission to be blamed for the spike of Covid-19?

When it comes to any elections, it is a FACT that many of the registered voters in that Constituency lives and works outside that constituency - And, there are many Sabahans and Sarawakians who not just work but also study and have businesses in Peninsular Malaysia - and so, when there is an election, there will be much movement of people going back to exercise their RIGHT TO VOTE. This is the same for any elections, where many do not live/work or study in their own constituency.

COVID-19 and should be a NORM soon


The Election Commission could have( or should have) made arrangements in every big town in the different States, the ability for those living outstation to cast their votes there - In Pahang, maybe voting could be done in Kuantan, Temerloh and maybe Raub - where Sabahans could easily go there and cast their votes, without having to enter a Covid-19 infected area. This will also be so much more economical.

Every elections, thousands working in Klang Valley have to drive back to Kelantan to cast their votes - all this could be resolved by the Election Commission.

The EC could just ask those currently not in the Constituency by reason of work, business, study, marriage, etc to inform the EC, and arrangements can be made for voting at the nearest big town...Postal Voting is another option.

POSTAL VOTING  - is what they use now ...BUT there is a problem with TIME - time for the Ballots to be posted to the voters, time for the voter to receive cast his/her vote and return the postal ballot to reach in time to be COUNTED - for this, it really needs a LONGER CAMPAIGN PERIOD (i.e the time between Nominating Date and Date Votes are counted and results declared) - and 14 days is just too short - best for it to be 30 days at least. (Remember in GE14, many who were overseas raised 'complaints' about late receipt of ballot papers, and could not reach back in time)


Voting needs not be done in one day - the worry is the CROWD - so, increase the number of voting locations, there are so many schools and town halls that can be used anyway?

You can even have different days for different groups of people - \

This would reduce the number of VOTERS at one voting center.


During Covid-19 period, it makes even more sense  > so even CERAMAHS can be spaced out at different locations - but be FAIR to all candidates (even the 'independents') 

EC could even provide 'CONTROLLED' venues - free usage of TOWN HALLS (or Community Halls) for all candidates - where the Covid SOP could be controlled - including chairs at certain distances.

Candidate DEBATE Sessions - EC could do this 

MEDIA is biased - they fail to give each and every candidate equal coverage - So EC could provide an ON-LINE platform, and candidates are allowed to submit maybe 5 post every day....

BATU SAPI -  Nomination Day for Nov 23, Early Voting - Dec 1, Voting Day - Dec 5

In any event, yet again a VERY SHORT Campaign period - and seeing their conduct of the recent Sabah State Election, that thereafter saw the spread of COVID-19 escalated - should we not be calling for the EC to RESIGN? 


The problem in the past Sabah elections was that MANY non-voters turned up for CAMPAIGNING - even the current PM, if not mistaken. WHY? We are in an ICT Age - so you can sit at home, and speak to the people through ZOOM, FB. etc - why do you need to travel and go areas where there covid-19 cases? 

BAT SAPI is done, but hopefully for and from the upcoming Sarawak State Elections - the EC will make it easier for VOTERS to vote?

Will there be Special Regulations specific for Elections during Covid-19?

Prime Minister Muhyiddin - may or may not have the support of the majority any more - SO, at the very start of the upcoming Parlimentary Session, let us start with the 'Confidence and/or No-Confidence Motion' - and if Muhyiddin has lost the  confidence of the majority - we can immediately in Parliament itself, determine who the majority of the MPs want as the Prime Minister...

Then, we can move towards looking at the 2021 BUDGET - No want will object to the necessary money required to sustain government operations - civil service pay, pensions, monies needed by Ministries especially the HEALTH MINISTRY. No one will object to monies needed to reduce COST of living > BUT the problem is all the other PROJECTS..

In 2020, we saw the passing of several supplementary BUDGETS - so, it there is always that possibility later on. 

Muhyiddin has still kept 'SECRET' the Budget to be tabled - WHY? He could have disclosed the Draft Weeks Ago, for people to give their feedback....but he did not, and this has been the problem with the past BN and the PH - they simply do not trust Malaysians - they do not trust that people can provide much INPUT ---

Batu Sapi by-election on Dec 5 (updated)

Tuesday, 13 Oct 2020 12:57 PM MYT

Election Commission chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Salleh.

PUTRAJAYA: The polling date for the Batu Sapi by-election has been set for Dec 5.

Announcing this, Election Commission chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Salleh (pic) said a special meeting had fixed Nomination Day for Nov 23.

Early voting to elect a new lawmaker for the parliamentary constituency in Sabah is on Dec 1.

Abdul Ghani said direct, house-to-house campaigning, walkabouts and ceramah would not be allowed during the campaign period to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further..

"We encourage candidates for this by-election to campaign via social media platforms, as direct campaigning exposes those involved to the virus," he said on Tuesday (Oct 13).

During the 12-day campaign, candidates can only operate one command centre and mini operations centres will not be allowed.

Abdul Ghani also said that the EC could not postpone a by-election.

"The Federal Constitution stipulates that the Commission must hold an election within 60 days after it falls vacant.

"This can only be postponed if the government declares an emergency.

"On our part, we can raise the issue and make recommendations if the Covid-19 pandemic turns for the worst. But it has to be the government that makes the decision," he said.

Abdul Ghani also said that the by-election would require an allocation of over RM5mil due to the Covid-19 situation.

There are 32,962 registered voters in Batu Sapi.

The Batu Sapi seat fell vacant following the death of Datuk Liew Vui Keong on Oct 2, believed to be due to a lung infection.

The former minister in the Prime Minister’s Department was earlier admitted to the Jesselton Medical Centre for a slipped disc prior to the Sept 12 nomination day for the Sabah state elections, and was transferred to the Gleneagles Hospital for further medical attention.

His condition took a turn for the worst when he was diagnosed with a lung infection.

Barisan Nasional has said that it will not contest the Batu Sapi by-election to prevent further spread of Covid-19.

Parti Cinta Sabah had also declared it would not contest in the upcoming election. - Star, 13/10/2020

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