Thursday, November 19, 2020

JKKK - denies or 'steal' peoples' rights to be consulted and involved before development, logging, etc decisions made? Let us elect our local leaders

Was the people consulted about this development project, this factory to be build in their area, about this logging in the forest?

ANSWER:- YES, THEY WERE...what is the proof then one may ask?

WELL, the JKKK (Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung/Committee for Development and Safety of Village/Community) ..of the relevant areas and communities MAY HAVE approved and supported....That could have happened also with regard the Local Council?

Do the JKKK and the Local Council CONSULT with the people they allegedly represent? Well, the likelihood was that there was no such consultation with the people and/or communities ...Was the Lynas factory approval done after the people were consulted? Were the clearing of forest/wooded areas approval given after the people/community consulted?

PREVIOUSLY - before any development/building is approved - we see a large NOTICE BOARD asking people for the comments/objections to be send to the relevant authorities by a given date - Even after that, it was not uncommon for a open consultation with the people to be held, where usually other parties who have an interest in the intended development/project are also present. The people's concerns and issues are the considered by the relevant authorities before APPROVAL or otherwise is made. WELL, during a later part of BN rule - this was all changed. Now, we only see sometimes notice boards when the construction/development are already ongoing > the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO BE HEARD BEFORE AUTHORITIES MAKE DECISIONS have been lost.

Interestingly, when the people subsequently highlight that they were NEVER Consulted, the authorities may turn around and deny - saying that your JKKKs and/or the Local Council, on 'behalf of the people/communities' have already approved and had no objections...   but then, did the JKKKs even inform or consult - before they signed their 'no objection letter' or letters of support? 

Sadly, Malaysians being Malaysians thereafter simply do nothing at all...

Why can't the people have elections at their tamans and kampungs to choose and elect their own leaders - their own 'peoples' representatives'? Local Council elections are impeded by a Federal Law - but nothing stopping taman and kampung elections - and here, we see a SIMILAR stance taken by BN, PAS, GPS, Sabah parties and also the PH parties? Does people in Penang get to democratically elect their Taman and Kampung leaders?

Sadly, many of our political parties simply do not want DEMOCRACY that much - they prefer to practice a form of 'pseudo FEUDALISM' where it is sitting governments have taken over the position of 'Kings'. They prefer 'appointment' of 'their' people who will not 'cause trouble' and support or oppose as instructed. They seem to fear consulting the people, and being true peoples' reps.


- the people that are in these JKKK are selected and APPOINTED by the State/Federal Government, and are not democratically elected by the people. They also get 'paid' by the appointee government and also get other benefits from the appointee.Thus those that do not support the ruling State government will be 'removed' - the State tells them what to do > the JKKKs are also not expected to 'use their own mind' and make decisions for the good of the people - The JKKKs also not expected to highlight wrongdoings of the State or even the Local Council(also appointed by the State).


JKKK is Government Representatives - so PLEASE do not speak or vote on behalf of the people in Tamans, Kampungs --- There must also be transparency - somewhere where we can check and see what 'hanky panky' they have done

FREE AND FAIR elections for people to chose their own Taman, Flats/Apartments, Kampung leaders and representatives PLEASE..

Community leaders who don’t support GPS should quit, says assistant minister

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Assistant Local Government and Housing Minister Penguang Manggil says the leaders must be on the same page as the state government. (Facebook pic)

KUCHING: A Sarawak assistant minister has backed a government backbencher’s stand that community leaders must support GPS in the coming state election.

Tasik Biru assemblyman Henry Harry Jinep had come under fire from electoral watchdog Bersih 2.0 for his remarks that community leaders, including in village security and development committees (JKKK) must support GPS or quit.

But Penguang Manggil, the assistant local government and housing minister, said Henry was right in his stand because community leaders are appointed by the state government.

He said the leaders represent the government and act as a bridge between the state and the people, and receive allowances for their role.

“They must be on the same page with the (state) government. Otherwise, it is only fair they resign. So, it goes without saying that they have to vote GPS,” he told FMT.

However, Sarawak Bersih chairman Ann Teo disagreed, saying that while community leaders are appointed by the state to share and promote the government’s policies and information, they could vote for whoever they wished.

“If he (Henry) cannot distinguish between a ‘government’ and a ‘political party’, he should do more to acquaint himself with the values and kind of democracy that our country practices,” she said.

Sarawak activist Peter John Jaban said it was wrong to expect community leaders to support GPS because of their position in the state. “Community leaders should be apolitical, let them do their jobs.”

Sarawak PKR information chief Abun Sui Anyit said political parties should not interfere or tell the community leaders to vote for GPS or any other political parties, adding that the JKKK is an apolitical entity.

“Yes, they received money (allowance) from the government but it is the people’s money and not GPS’ money,” he said. - FMT, 18/10/2020

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