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MUDA, when a GLC seeks to evict during Election Campaign Period - Free and Fair Election? Or abuse of power of caretaker government?

If is was not a GLC(Government Linked Company) it may be an action done without malice - but it is a GLC, so the finger is pointed to the BN or PN, whereby the last Menteri Besar, and current caretaker Menteri Besar is  Datuk Hasni Mohammad(UMNO). So, the question is whether the GLC did this to MUDA on the behest of the government? or on their own, to 'please' the BN? Either way, it should be an Election Offence - as no one should disturb any candidate during the campaign period. Apparently, MUDA rented the premises for a year...

PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd - Is it a wholly owned government company? Does the government own more than 50% of the shares? Does the government control the company? Now, the building is owned by another separate legal entity, possibly a wholly owned subsidiary of PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd who rented the premises to someone else, who then rented it out to MUDA? If the tenancy agreement disallowed that original rentee broke the rent agreement by renting out the premises to another, then should not the owner, that subsidiary, take action against that rentee - not MUDA? Why file a police report against MUDA, and not the rentee? My opinion is based on the media report - maybe a report was also filed against the rentee.

Some property is classified as 'commercial property', and this means that only businesses can rent and use that property. But, then, if you look around you will find that most political parties are located in such property classified as commercial properties - even the service centers of MPs and/or ADUN are in such premises. Is there any property classified as 'political premises'? During elections, many parties also rent and use these 'commercial properties', do they not?

Harassment of a party and/or candidates should be made an Election Offence - how much time and effort did MUDA have to waste because of this when they should be out campaigning.

The action of PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd - was it done with the knowledge and/or consent of the BN and/or its candidates contesting in the Johor elections. Is this not an Election Offence - maybe the Election Commission should speak up and act.

As it is, MUDA is a young party, and most of their candidates are 'new' and presumably clean. With the additional restrictions placed because of COVID and the general fear of people to move around meet candidates and attend ceramahs, the Election Commission must speak up. Is it right for a third party to harass candidates and/or their parties during the campaigning period? They should not - this ought to be an Election Offence....

We do not know all the facts, and I can only express an opinion based on what was reported in the media.

Police report filed against Muda for trespassing
FMT Reporters
-March 4, 2022 2:02 PM

PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd says no agreement was signed with Muda to use its ‘Inkubator Usahawan’ site as an operations centre. (Twitter pic)

PETALING JAYA: A government-linked company in Johor, PIJ Holdings Sdn Bhd, has filed a police report against Muda for trespassing and using the “Inkubator Usahawan” site as an operations centre.

The premises, owned by the company’s subsidiary, PIJ Property Development Sdn Bhd, is located at Taman Perbadanan Islam (TPI) in Stulang Baru. It was established to assist young entrepreneurs start their businesses.

“It is not intended as an operations centre for any political party,” PIJ Holdings said in a statement today.

It said its records revealed that the premises had been leased to an individual to carry out teak furniture business and others were prohibited from renting the space.

“We are disappointed that the place is not used for the original purpose and used (as an election operations centre) without our knowledge. There was no mutual agreement or contract signed between PIJ Property and Muda,” it said.

“We call on Muda to vacate and return the premises to us in its original condition.”

PIJ Holdings said it hoped that the issue could be resolved amicably and immediately “so that entrepreneurs around Johor Bharu can resume business activities there”.

FMT has reached out to Muda for comment. - FMT, 4/3/2022

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