Thursday, April 21, 2022

528 persons broke out of Immigration Detention facility - Rohingyas? - and 6 (or 10) death in custody?

A new record - biggest breakout from a Malaysian detention facility - 528 persons? How did this even happen? These facilities generally have strict security, women and children.

ROHINGYAs - are they not to be considered 'REFUGEES' -so, why were they being detained in an Immigration Depot in the first place. Should these 'refugees' really be humanely housed in temporary shelters rather than being detained like 'criminals'...

Deaths in Custody - 10? They were in government(the Immigration Department) custody.. They were detainees of the government, and if they died escaping, I believe this will still be death in custody. Coroner - please have an INQUEST fast

According to sources, a total of nine of the escapees were killed in trying to cross the North-South Expressway in Jawi, while one more died in the detention centre during the riot due to illness. 
RIOT? I wonder...because whenever workers protest, they call it a 'RIOT", whenever the people protest, they call it a 'RIOT"... and here again, the media calls it a 'RIOT" - why did they all 'BREAK FREE'?

The fundamental problem is that Malaysia legally do not recognize 'REFUGEES' - we only recognize legal(documented) and illegal(undocumented) foreign nationals or migrants. Malaysia need to enact a law recognizing the refugee and the asylum seeker, a law that will stipulate how Malaysia will treat people claiming such status...Malaysia may not want to ratify some UN Convention but at the very least have a local Malaysian law..

I thought Malaysia considered the Rohingyas as 'refugees' - but explain why they are being detained at Immigration Detention Centres..

How can even the Human Resource Minister talk about employment for refugees including Rohingyas when Malaysia do not in law recognize 'refugees' and 'asylum seekers' ...

Breakout Rohingya still at large have no specific place to go to [NSTTV]

GEORGE TOWN: The Rohingya illegal immigrants who fled the temporary Immigration Detention Depot located at a former National Service Camp at Jalan Besar Relau in Bandar Baharu, Kedah, early today walked for about 10km before they were spotted in Nibong Tebal.

Some of them were barefooted when found, there was also a mother who was carrying her one-year-old child and some elders.

State police chief Datuk Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zain said they were walking aimlessly and were following the movement of the others.

"They appear to be heading south, but without a specific location.

"As such, we are asking cooperation from the Perak police contingent to help us track down the remaining illegal immigrants still at large. We also believe some of them have escaped into the jungle," he told newsmen here this afternoon.

About 4.30am today, 528 illegal immigrants comprised mostly Rohingya fled the temporary Immigration Detention Depot located at a former National Service Camp.

Following their escape, villagers nearby managed to apprehend 88 of them before surrendering them to the Immigration authorities.

Subsequently, police rearrested some 229 illegal immigrants, at Km168 of the North South Expressway (NSE) here.

In their haste to escape, six people — two men, two women, a boy and a girl — were killed while crossing the highway.

Video footages of the illegal immigrants escaping and the accident have since found their way on social media.

Meanwhile, Mohd Shuhaily said the six people killed were rammed by a car while trying to cross the highway in a group.

He said they were rammed by a Toyota Vios, driven by a man, in his 50s, who escaped unhurt but was shocked over the incident.

Asked if the six were family members, he said investigation was still ongoing and police had obtained a statement from one of the next-of-kin who was rearrested.

Mohd Shuhaily said all the illegal immigrants were waiting for deportation and police believed they would not act aggressively.

"With 12 hours passed since they fled, we believed those still at large may be tired and may be getting help from the locals.

"As such, we urged for cooperation from the public who come across any of them to coax them to surrender themselves. They can also contact any of the nearest police stations for help," he added.

Mohd Shuhaily said state police had mounted three roadblocks to hunt for those still at large at Jalan Sungai Baung, Sungai Bakap; Jalan Tasek Valdor, Simpang Empat and Jalan Kerian-Kedah.

Police have also set up 17 arresting teams comprising four officers and 80 personnel, as well as to work with other enforcement agencies for the purpose.

"We will continue with this operation until we are satisfied that all those who fled have been rearrested," he added. - NST, 20/4/2022

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