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UMNO Elections - Constitution says 3 year term - extending without ALL members participation undemocratic?

If UMNO elections was held before end June 2021, then there is a possibility that President Zahid Hamidi and other current leaders may be ousted by the membership. 

WHY stay in power? Well, the 'bad culture' of candidates contesting to become ADUN or MPs are decided by the President and national leadership is present in Malaysian political parties - even, I believe, the same in UMNO. Thus, it means that Zahid and team can decide (i.e. place 'their people' as candidates - so, after Melaka and Johor State elections, how many are beholding to Zahid Hamidi to the extend that they will 'support' him even in the upcoming elections. And with Johor and Melaka, with power there is the possibility that monies and privileges may also flow to members/friends. State government also appoint local councillors, ketua kampungs and JKKK. Hence, the more elections before the next UMNO Elections means an opportunity for Zahid and the incumbents to build greater support amongst UMNO members - and improves the chance for Zahid Hamidi and gang to be re-elected. 

Delaying UMNO elections until after GE15 may also mean that Zahid Hamidi will have the opportunity in securing his re-election, and maybe even a premiership if BN is victorious in GE15.

In some other countries, it is the members in the respective constitution that decides on who will be the ADUN or MP candidates. There will usually be 'an election' in the different constituencies by members to decide on the candidate. This is a more democratic way of doing this - rather than the top down approach where national leadership decides on candidates. (To date, in Malaysia, most political parties practice this 'top-down' approach that is most undemocratic).

UMNO recently in a General Meeting adopted a Resolution to delay party elections until after GE15. 

In UMNO, only delegates are allowed to attend the General Meetings - but who are these delegates? They are chosen by the Branch and Division General Meetings - so, was there a recent general meeting of members at Branches and Divisions to chose the delegates. Or are these 'delegates' from the last General Meetings 3 years plus ago? If so, then is the UMNO general meeting even a representative participation of delegates that the members chose? Have the branches and divisions had the elections - or are they also enjoying power beyond the 3 year term of office.

A motion was tabled and passed at the UMNO General Assembly to delay party elections until after GE15. Well, did UMNO members have a say in the decision-making? Was it discussed with the membership at branch and division level general meetings before it was voted on at the UMNO General Meeting.

UMNO, unlike PKR, do not give ALL members the right to vote in the President and the Supreme Council. WHY NOT? In this modern day and age, all UMNO members ought to be given the right to vote...Surely, voting can be done at branches or divisions, or even by postal ballot. Now, electronic voting is also possible. UMNO members should fight for the right of one member one vote when it comes to electing the President and members of the Supreme Council. Likewise, all political parties should give each and every member the right to vote the President and the National Committee.

UMNO claims a membership of million/s - is it really true? One wonders - if there is elections where every member can vote, we will know roughly how many active members a political party has.

The Malaysian Bar elects 16 by way of a postal ballot - and all 20,000 plus member lawyers have the right to vote. The Bar is certainly more democratic compared to UMNO and many political parties in Malaysia.

As pointed out, in UMNO, if there were to be elections now, Zahid Hamidi and many of the incumbents may not be re-elected. After many of the politicians were charged for corruption, and, in fact former President Najib has been convicted, many UMNO members may want to vote in others, who are 'cleaner' as their leaders...COVID is no longer a valid reason to delay after we had several State elections.

Victory in Johor and Melaka is NO GUARANTEE of a victory in GE15. Malaysians, after all are 'smart', and they do practice 'check and balance'. If UMNO/BN wins the State elections, come Federal elections, the people may vote in some other than BN.

This 'fear' of the people is the reason why UMNO/BN started the trend of having both State and Federal Elections at the same time - so, that people will not vote one for State and another party for Federal.

When we had local council elections, the trend was that people elected in the Opposition... was that the reason why the BN majority parliament abolished local council elections - preferring rather have 'political appointees'? Demand the return of Local Council Elections - and also kampung/taman elections - end 'politically appointed' community leader culture.

Registrar of Society and UMNO elections?

The term of office of the President and Supreme Council, Branch and Division leadership is 3 years - and that ended. Then, the Registrar of Society did a U-turn on an earlier decision, and said that the elections must be done before the end of 2022.  

The term of President Zahid Hamidi and the others in UMNO leadership came to an end on 30/6/2021. It follows that the term of UMNO Branch and Divisions should have even ended much earlier.
“Based on the additional information provided to the RoS by Umno’s lawyers on August 9, 11 and 18 as well as testimony from several members of Umno’s supreme council, it was decided that the postponement of Umno’s elections for the term 2021/2023 was done properly.“As such, the appointment of members to the council, divisions and Umno branches will be postponed until a date before December 29, 2022. However, we must have our annual general meeting and divisional meetings with at least one-quarter quorum by 2021,” he said in a statement tonight.

The reason for the earlier delay in having party elections may have been Covid, but then we had several State elections - the last being the Johor State elections.

Fot so long as there is no elections, Zahid Hamidi and gang retain their power. Remember, their term was 3 years - and now they have overstayed about 9 months.

So what is the problem - it is the present practice/culture of many political parties that the national leadership decides on the party candidates for elections - the ADUNs and the MPs. Is Zahid Hamidi and the incumbent leaders scared of losing.

Well, this is matter for UMNO and its members > they members have to decide what they want, and they need to speak out. The rest of us non-members of UMNO - none of our business.

BUT the nature of a political party - i.e. democratic or not, etc is a concern for the voter in GE15 and upcoming State Elections. If a party is 'undemocratic', then would you who desire greater democracy vote for candidates from such a party?

Registrar of Societies(ROS), really has too much of power - PH promised to amend the Societies Act, but failed to do so, when they were in power. Will the ROS decide justly - weighing the importance of individual membership rights, or again agree to UMNO delaying its elections until after GE15.

The UMNO Constitution permits the delay of 18 months for the holding of Annual General Meetings, but there is really no clear provision to extend the term of office of the President and the Supreme Council beyond 3 years.

9.3 Presiden, Timbalan Presiden, tiga orang Naib Presiden dan dua puluh lima orang Ahli Majlis Tertinggi yang dipilih oleh Perhimpunan Agung tiap-tiap 3 tahun sekali. 

9.4 Ketua dan Naib Ketua Pemuda, Ketua dan Naib Ketua Wanita, Ketua dan Naib Ketua Puteri hendaklah dipilih oleh Perhimpunan Agung tiap-tiap 3 tahun sekali. Ketua Pemuda, Ketua Wanita dan Ketua Pergerakan Puteri mempunyai hak-hak dan kuasakuasa Naib Presiden. - UMNO Constitution

Tok Mat: Umno elections postponed to six months after GE15


Saturday, 19 Mar 20228:57 PM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR: The Umno General Assembly has approved a motion to postpone the party election to six months after the 15th General Election (GE15) is held, says Umno Deputy President Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.

Mohamad, who is also the chairman of the party's Management Committee, said with this, the issue which had been hotly debated within the party lately had been resolved, and urged Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan to immediately inform the Registrar of Societies (RoS) on the matter.

"The motion has been approved, the secretary has made a memo. According to the motion, the party election will be held within six months after the GE, we do not want a split in the party, (so) do not take it lightly, and defend the dignity of Umno.

"I also ask the Prime Minister to please pay attention to this matter. If we write (about this motion) to the RoS, no one should obstruct our party's decision," he said in his closing speech at the assembly here on Saturday (March 19).

Umno elections are scheduled to be held no later than this December after being postponed last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mohamad said if the party’s election was held before the national polls, there was fear it would create a split within the party.

"History has clearly shown that every time there is a party election, there will be a split. We cannot deny this. We do not want our party, which is currently in a good situation, to start having frictions and split up," h

Mohamad said party unity was important for Umno and Barisan Nasional to win the general election.

In this regard, he said everyone in the party should remain alert to the announcements made by the opposition parties who always come up with a strategy to face the general election.

"On Friday (March 18), Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mentioned that they will try to join forces with other opposition parties, we should not wait long until they do so.

"Even though BN won in style in the Melaka and Johor state election, if we look at it, it’s (mainly) because they (the opposition) are divided," he said, adding it was not impossible for all opposition parties to reunite as one big team in GE15. - Bernama - Star, 19/3/2022

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