Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Minister say he did not order arrest under who did?

The Home Minister said that he did not order that the 3 be arrested under the ISA...
Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid said he did not order the arrests of the three people under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

He said the action was taken by the police themselves under Section 73(1) based on their assessment of the current situation as they had “strong and good reason” to believe that conflict could happen and public order could be jeopardised.

“Under this action, the police need not refer to me. It’s their discretion and their assessment of what happened. There has been no malice on their part,” he said Saturday at a press conference at Bukit Aman here.

As Home Minister he said he was informed of the police decision but did not interfere with it.

Asked if he thought the police action was justified, Syed Hamid said: “If I start to interfere with the administration of enforcement then it’s difficult.”

“I am a minister. I am a politician. If I start to interfere, then people will say I have a political motive. It will send the wrong signals. I cannot interfere. This has to be done in accordance with the police exercise of their powers,” he said. - Star, 13/9/2008 -Order to arrest did not come from me'

Was he "informed of the police decision" and gave his green light before the arrest?

Or did the police arrest first - and later inform the Home Minister?

So, was it the Prime Minister who ordered it...for after all, he did suggest that the ISA may be used just the day before...

“We need to do what is best for the country. We need to save Malaysia from racial fights and tension,” he stressed.

To a question, Abdullah said the Internal Security Act might be used “if needed” to curb racial tension.

He added that the Home Minister would “think twice or even three times” before deciding to take that step.

“If the minister thinks that it is an appropriate action to be taken, then he will take it,” he added. - Star, 11/9/2008, PM: Race relations not at healthy level

Or was it just the police acting on their own - and if so, it will be interesting as to which police officer decided to arrest under the ISA... for after all section 73(1) states:-
Any police officer may without a warrant arrest and detain pending inquiry any persons in respect of whom he has reason to believe (i) that there are grounds which would justify his detention under section 8, AND (ii) that he has acted or is about to act or is likely to act in any manner prejudicial to the security of Malaysia ... or to the maintenance of essential services ...’. (s 73(1) Internal Security Act)
If it is just the police, it will be interesting to know which police officer decided to arrest for each of the three(3) different arrests under the ISA...

It was indeed a remarkable coincidence considering the timing of the arrests..

Or did the decision and order to arrest come from the IGP or Deputy IGP --- would this be right?

If it is the police acting on their own - without even the direction of the Home Minister - then it is very dangerous - because tomorrow, it may be Abdullah Ahmad Badawi himself being arrested under the ISA...or maybe even the good old Home Minister himself...

Home Minister implies that it was the police acting on his own BUT then he goes to the media saying that there will be no more arrests under the ISA...
Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said no more arrests are expected under the Internal Security Act (ISA) but it would depend on the situation of public order.

”We are not making arrests just for the sake of arrests.

”We will not make any more arrests under ISA as long as there is no more disturbance to peace and public order,” he said. - Star, 13/9/2008, No more arrests: Syed Hamid (updated)

If the Home Minister did not order the arrest - then maybe we should be asking the police whether there will be anymore arrests...

Do take the time and educate yourself about the ISA and Detention Without Trial Laws by reading the post before this...

I do hope that the ISA and all Detention Without Trial laws be repealed immediately..

Hope that those arrested and detained under the ISA and such Detention Without Trial laws be released immediately...

*** (The Info below is from the Aliran's ISA Watch page at Aliran Website)

Note: 10,662 people have been arrested under the ISA in the past 44 years, 4,139 were issued with formal detention orders and 2,066 were served with restriction orders governing their activities and where they live. In addition, 12 people were executed for offences under the ISA between 1984 and 1993. Source: Figures were provided in a written answer by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is also Minister for Internal Security, to parliamentary opposition leader Lim Kit Siang, whose statement was quoted by AFP in newsreports dated 3 Feb 2005


artic turban said...

look at the moron albar trying to cover his arse yesterday he dicussed and informed the pm, than he says it is to prvent racial disturbences, than he say no more arrests, wtf are talking about!!!! what kolk you talk?, instead of beating around the bush, get to the point and for once in your bloody slimy life tell the truth. this moron did not expect the public outrage, do things without thinking, I am very sure mca or gerakan would have told umno they are leaving or else why would they bactrack so fast. Arresting the reporter and teresa was a really bad move not saying rpk was ok, it is not ok at all.

Vijay said...

This is what will happen when clowns elected as minister.

Anonymous said...

good article charles.keep up the informative and factual presentation

Anonymous said...

So if minister did not order the arrest then, somebody is abusing the power and hiding behind this law. I suggest SYED HAMID to investigate and take this "memandai mandai" punya orang to task. This is a very serious business, it affects an individual and his/her family, while the nation reputation is at stake.If you insist that you are not aware, so now is your turn to act like one as minister and release those ISA detainees.

Anonymous said...

Syed Hamid is full of BS. He made of fool of himself with that press conference.I am very ashamed with him. Cant wait for the new Govt to take over. Hurry up!

Anonymous said...

Can't you see he's going bald for lying too much. Anyway, when has anyone who has done wrong normally admit and says yes i did it ????? He claims police acted on their own and if you ask Deputy IGP he may have no choice cos of his career is at stake and probably there's too much dirt under his carpet. Botak has been giving lame excuses which he contradict himself over and over again. Like i said no crook will admit their crime.

Anonymous said...

“We need to do what is best for the country. We need to save Malaysia from racial fights and tension.”

We, the rakyat, totally agree with you, Mr PM. So, please do the necessary - resign and take the bunch of racists and bigots with you. Let the real Malaysians who choose to Serve irregardless of race, religion, gender, social status to take over.

We also do not agree with the use of ISA; so, don't worry, we will not resort to use such tactics should we take over in the near future.

And please, do not make anymore unnecessary racial remarks!

- donplayplay -

Anonymous said...

I have not met a person who believe Baldy didn't order it.

There are some people out there who do not want change in govt but after the ISA issue, I doubt anyone out there who still want BN to govern the country. Well, except for those who get contracts via connections.

Anonymous said...

Moronic PeeM and Botak Home Minister last minutes' attempts to cling on power by using the fear tactics of the ISA & tried to deny their own actions as they now have no balls to face the wrath of the all the Rakyats of Malaysia.

All Rakyats of Malaysia will see to that these Clowns will be thrown out soon come the New Dawn of Malaysia & that all Rakyats of Malaysia will welcome the New Malaysia on Malaysia Day 916, 2008 for a Malaysia for All Malaysians.

Justice MUST BE DONE for Altantuya and for all those detained under ISA without the trial nor the rights of appeal. Light-up a Candle in the Lantern of the Mid-Autumn Festival for them all to usher in the the NEW DAWN OF MALAYSIA COME 916, 2008

Anonymous said...

One stupidity act compounding another. This desperate UMNO-BN will not be shy, to use all means to stay on to power. It is a joke, that the Home Minister, was not aware of the police actions. Obviously, these goons from UMNO designed ISA, purely to cage the innocents and allow criminals to roam free.
To arrest a innocent reporter for doing her job, really take the cake!!