Monday, September 29, 2008

The journalist respond to Anwar Ibrahim's Blog posting about him...

To be fair, I shall post Baradan Kuppusamy's respond to a recent posting by Anwar Ibrahim in his blog entitled " Who is Baradan Kuppusamy?" . What disturbed me was the calling of this journalist a “shameful paid whore.” in that post. [See my earlier post on this matter entitled 'Anwar's behaviour towards journalist in his Blog is unacceptable' []

A comment posted on Anwar Ibrahim's blog claims I am a whore in the pay of the government.

Let me assure Malaysiakini and its readers that I am not a whore and never have been in the pay of anybody since I started work as a reporter in 1983. It is true I am paid for what I write and that's because I earn a living as a writer just like all you out there who earn a living doing whatever you do.

I have worked very hard at being an independent journalist all my life and in an increasingly difficult environment. Such posting shows how reactionary people can get went they are at the opposite ends of the political divide.

Anwar is not the blazing white knight in armour who is going to build a paradise. Neither is the other side all course and evil.

I am saddened that Anwar, who fought just filth all his life and is still fighting, sees it fit to let such filth appear on his blog.

Being a public figure, he is subject to criticism like everybody else. His ardent supporters should also be able to accept constructive criticism.

Finally I wish to state that I am firm believer in change and fervently hope a new Malaysia is born. I support Anwar's Reform Agenda to built a new and just Malaysia without race and discrimination.

If he deviates from that agenda, he is subject to criticism.

It is my job to criticise to enlighten readers and the general public and not run with the crowd and surrender to the flavour of the day.

So please people, don't call me a whore in the pay of anybody. - Malaysiakini (Letters section), 29/9/2008, I welcome criticism but...

Baradan Kuppusamy took the trouble to respond - But, if was I, I would not even bother to waste time responding to such allegations. It will be a waste of time especially when it is not true - when there is so much left to do...

In one of the comments posted in my earlier posts, someone also alleged that PKR do ban some media from their press conferences. The name of the paper given was 'Utusan Malaysia'.

There should ne no media banned from any press/media conference. We were certainly not happy when Malaysiakini was 'banned' in its earlier days from some of the BN government press conferences... and it saddens me if PKR, even before it comes into power as part of the Pakatan Rakyat Federal government is already doing this.... I hope that this allegation that journalist from certain media agencies are banned from PKR press conferences is not true...


Anonymous said...

A fair comment.

Will feature your post in our website for our readers info and link back to your blog.

All the best.

Richard Loh said...

Hi Charles,

I have been following your blog but has not posted any comment before.

What you wrote are logical, fair and to the point.

But I have to differ on two things.

One is your post about signing the petition which you point out rightly that signing it means you agree that the ISA must still be maintained. The argument at Susan's blog says it all and I need not argue on it any further.

On this posting, I agree also that there should be no media banned from any press/media conference. But in the case of Utusan it is very obvious that they have cross the line to the extend that it can create more tension between races. If any other press were to have done what Utusan did, they will be in cold storage by now. It's not the reporter or journalist fault but the management who uses their reports and spin them into something totally different from the original statement or they just get a one sided view to attack in a race hate manner. The example is very clear on the azan, prison dog food and lately on the dressing upon visiting the mosque.

Don't you find it dangerous to allow them to continue the way they run their reports and the government is not doing anything about it.

We the rakyat have to judge and be more attentive on all the news paper reports because they are beholden to umno/government control and as you know very well, when they are in the wrong it's fine, no action but when other races speak out they show their fangs through Utusan and maybe other news media as well.

So, in the case of Utusan, I myself think that they must be shut down totally but it just a dream. I bet you, they will get bolder each day if the government does not issue them any warning.

Anonymous said...

I fully support PKR`s ban of the racist Utusan Malaysia. The paper is also not on the list of papers bought by its various depts.


jrajster said...

People are entitled to their respective opinions. Fine. As Baradhan, Anwar too is entitled to his own opinion. In this case Baradhan has clarified his position, which I think we should accept in good faith.

As far as Utusan is concerned i beg to differ from you. Utusan Malaysia has deviated from media ethics by publishing lies and promoting bigotry in the country. Therefore it is a right decision to bar the Utusan group that is all out to create unrest among races.

MYblog said...

While his reply seems to be fair, there is no doubt that his articles are very anti-opposition and pro government. They are not balanced and the bias is very obvious making his articles non credible. I for one no longer read them as they do not provide a balanced view. I only read them once in a while to see if the tilt has gotten worse.

Having said this, there is no cause for calling names or banning any writings as we must have freedom of speech. If there is some slander etc, there is the civil law that you can call upon. We as a society must open our vista's and learn to be matured to accept criticism and use civilized means to pursue slander or any wrongs committed by individuals or corporates. Banning, using draconian laws such as ISA etc is just the wrong thing to do. You are simply bottling discontent and one day the bubble will burst, I think we already see that effect now in Malaysia.

All said and done I still feel that journalist must provide a balanced view as the public rely on their reporting, not everyone is so exposed or learned to be able to differentiate between a fair and biased report, some take it at face value. So journalist all all who chose to write and opinionate must do it with a conscience and be prepared to answer to your Maker.

To this fellow, I urge him to change and remember that we will all meet our Maker one day.

amoker said...

Charles, thanks for showing Baradan's reply. I must admit that it was a out of chracter post by and a just reply from Baradan. I take his personal stand on the reform agenda and that is comforting. I do like some of his piece and do note that some of his other pieces are more favourable to the ruling party. All said and done, he is a profesional and it is good to have him speaking on personal level and his underlying principles. Everybody is watching each other nowadays.

equaliser said...

That Utusan Malaysia promotes racist view and propagates hatred of other races and religions is well know. It is used as a newsletter by UMNO and worth nothing more than a toilet paper. Wonder why this shitty paper's licensed is not cancelled and its editors put in prison or ISA. Should have done that long long ago . This crappy paper has been doing this as long I can remember!