Monday, September 15, 2008

September 16 :- "Spin" or Reality?

It is just a few more hours to September 16 - and I (together with a lot of Malaysians including the Prime Minister and the BN members) are all wondering whether what was said to happen on this day will happen...

Will there be a movement of MPs - which will bring about the end of the UMNO led-BN rule after 51 years..

Will there be a NEW DAWN for Malaysia - will there be a better tommorrow?

Will be begin to see the end of race-politics and would the forging of a Malaysian nation begin, that will emphasis only on the Malaysian identity...the Malaysian culture...the Malaysian spirit .. the Malaysian dream...the Malaysians' Malaysia..

Will the ISA and all Detention Without Trial Laws be abolished...? The OSA gone...The UCCA (AUKU) gone...The Printing Presses Act gone...

OR did SINLAKU - that Taiwan typhoon that killed 4 also kill our hopes for a change of government in Malaysia..
Torrential rains and rivers swollen by Typhoon Sinlaku killed at least four people and left seven others missing and presumed dead in central Taiwan, authorities said Monday as the storm barreled toward Japan.- Associated Press, 15/9/2008 -Typhoon Sinlaku kills 4 in Taiwan, heads to Japan
It was rather funny and silly for Tian Chua and that PKR delegation to run over to Taiwan after the BN MPs, who were there for an agricultural study tour when it was in the news that Typhoon Sinlaku was on the way to Taiwan. Good timing to go for study tour.

In an age of handphones and internet, it was really funny to see those PKR few going after the the BN MPs

OR was there really never enough MPs who were going to cross-over - and it all was just a SPIN by Anwar and the Pakatan Rakyat - were we all taken for a ride?

We have to just wait and see...

Alas, this morning, it seems that the BN was crumbling...what with one Minister tendering his resignation and all... but then..

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s resignation letter was not accepted by the prime minister.

It is learnt that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi urged Zaid to stay on and continue with the judicial reforms during their 30 minute meeting at Seri Perdana today.

Sources said Zaid, known for his outspoken views, had expressed his concerns that he could be a liability to Abdullah.

The prime minister, however, advised him to take two weeks’ leave to re-consider his resignation.- New Straits Times, 15/9/2008 - Zaid's resignation rejected
And, of course there is silence from the said Zaid - he may also be waiting until tommorrow to see what happens - and then make a carefully chosen appropriate response.

But then, there was also indication by Pakatan Rakyat that there may be some delay - maybe a few days...

We shall see...we shall see..


Anonymous said...

916 is a solid gold! We have get few first recently.

1)For the first time in history, the rakyat has show such maturity, with so much initimidation, we acted calm.
2)For the first time, the rakyat lead the change. The forces are leading the political lead to change, although many BN component parties still let their nose draged along by UMNO, but eventually this will bleed their nose.
3)For the first time, the alternative media, the blog, the internet play an effective roles and lead the role for MSM to follow. We do not care if WCW talk cock.
4)For the first time, we have a minister that is so serious and type personal pride for his job. This is first class attitude and mentality. This is accountability by LGE.
5)For the first time, we start to talk malaysian. We don't care MCA, MIC to reprenst us as race, we need a political party to reprent us as malaysian.
6)For the first time we have PM that can accomodate such events and development and still saying "we are in control". Thank you for using ISA to protect our safety.
7)For the first time, I see hope in malaysia. I might not need to migrate my son and dougther out of malaysia.
8)For the first time, I felt malaysian can acheive anything with this kind of passion and comitment.
Thank you and proud of you ..all blogger and malaysian.

916 is reality.. we have changed.

Unknown said...

Ah ... you are giving too much credit to an NST report ! :)

Anonymous said...

Did you not read The Sun? Handphones confiscated from BN MPs. Tian Chua did the right thing. But what about you? What exactly have you done to make things better for Malaysia apart from rubbishing people who are at least doing something?

Ted Torrence said...

There can be miracles, when you believe …

Keep dreaming, keep believing, dreams may just come true …

More updates ..