Monday, September 29, 2008

Anwar's behaviour towards journalist in his Blog is unacceptable

I was very disturbed by a recent posting by Anwar Ibrahim in his blog entitled " Who is Baradan Kuppusamy?" .

What disturbed me was the calling of this journalist a “shameful paid whore.” and making of other comments about his person, not just his opinions and views.

What was disturbing was a call(or a suggestion) by someone in the Anwar Ibrahim post itself (not a 3rd party comment) for banning of this reported from Press Conferences...
“Let us ban Baradan Kuppusamy from our PCs, if there is truth in this private e-mail to me. Salams.”
What has happened to freedom of expression and opinion. What is happening to Anwar Ibrahim here, for the behaviour and the stance in this posting was something which we would have expected from the current BN government - not the future Pakatan Rakyat goverment, certainly not from Anwar himself...

Is this just a blog called Anwar Ibrahim maintained by someone else without the consent or knowledge of Anwar Ibrahim personally - and if so, Anwar must not allow it. Malaysiakini list it as a 'Top Blog" and it does so possibly in the belief that it is Anwar's personal blog.

The post appears to be a letter/e-mail to some other which had been copied and pasted in the Anwar Ibrahim blog. But, as there is NO comment from Anwar Ibrahim about this post, one may assume that he fully endorses the said post and its content....The post starts with these words:-

Dear Abang Din,

Ramadhan Karim and I hope you are well and doing fine.

It is the Anwar Ibrahim Blog - and as such Anwar Ibrahim must also be very careful about what gets posted in his Blog - because all of us will assume that it is you who are posting it there, or that something is posted here on your behalf with your full knowledge and consent.

If it was an Anwar Ibrahim Fan Club Blog, or Anwar Ibrahim Supporters Blog - then Anwar cannot be said to be personally responsible.

When we go to Lim Kit Siang's Blog or Mahathir's Blog or Tian Chua's Blog or Husam Musa's blog - we rightfully expect that it is them that are posting in their own blog (or if not, it is some other posting it with their full consent and approval..).

So, if it is not Anwar Ibrahim's doing or something done with his knowledge, he better come out and clarify this soonest - and possibly re-affirm his commitment to freedom of expression and opinion...maybe even apologoze to the affected journalist, who does write about many matters that other journalist may shy away by reason of fear..

I may not agree with what Baradan Kuppusamy thinks and writes in his column/article/report - but I would respect his right to his opinion and expression.

Name calling and allegations about the person is not the way to respond - we respond by the stating of our disagreements and presenting our own opinion and perspective on things. Calling someone a “shameful paid whore.” is certainly not the way to go...

So, will the soon-to-be Pakatan Government also be censoring those that criticize it, banning them from the Press Conferences (BN was doing this to Malaysiakini reporters before), be maybe also revoking licences of the pro-Opposition newspapers, mmmm I seriously hope not ....

I look with great eagerness to a new era of freedom under the Pakatan Rakyat, as and when they do form the new government.

I see the flourishing of new independent radio and television stations, new newspapers and magazines, more peaceful assemblies of protest/expression without any permit requirements, etc..

In any event, I also had a look a the 2 so-called writings of Baradan in the "the Star commentary yesterday and today’s The Malaysian-Insider (both BN leaflets) which are simply hateful concoctions full of bigotry, biased reporting and hatred.", which I have copied and pasted below for your reading... You make up your mind whether it is "simply hateful concoctions full of bigotry, biased reporting and hatred.",

Two takeover deadlines have come and gone, and while Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s staunch supporters believe he still has the numbers to topple the BN government, the average Malaysian is asking whether it’s all empty talk.

THE people must be confounded by recent events. One day, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim challenges Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmd Badawi to hand over the government to him and the next, he is in the dock defending himself against a sodomy charge.

Anwar had used media power to ready the people to expect a march to the palace to claim the prime ministership of Malaysia but instead they saw him coming out of a court complex on Wednesday.

Although Abdullah has called Anwar’s bluff on the power grab game, and the whole issue now seems surreal, hardcore supporters of Anwar are still hoping he has the numbers and that the march to the palace will take place.

For many Malaysians, the two deadlines of Sept 16 and 23 have come and gone without the anticipated fall of the Barisan Nasional Government.

After crying wolf once too often, Anwar now says the dates were “symbolic” and not meant to be taken at face value.

He says the plan to topple the government is on but in accordance with rules, laws and constitutional processes so as not to endanger the people or the economy.

More rhetoric, and more promises.

Middle Malaysia, that section of the population that cherishes stability, status quo and likes to believe, is slipping from his grasp.

“Does he have the numbers?” they once asked. Now the same people are asking: “Why did he take us for a ride? Is he not concerned about his credibility?”

If Anwar wants to win back “Middle Malaysia” he has to answer their questions.

After having raised public anticipation to feverish levels, people need proper closure.

The thing that sticks in my mind is his constant claim that the “numbers are increasing by the hour”, meaning more and more Barisan MPs are crossing over. Was that a mere claim or was it for real?

The optimists among Malaysians now hope that when Parliament reconvenes on Oct 13, Anwar will show his “ever-increasing numbers” by asking them to cross over to the Opposition bench.

He need not produce any list, challenge anybody, call for a special parliament session or write letters to the palace. A short walk across the parliament floor will suffice.

If that walk fails to materialise, Anwar has to give up the role of PM-in-waiting and get cracking on what the people had voted him to do — to be an effective opposition leader, to act as a check and balance to the BN government.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia has asked Anwar to go back to the people and let them decide whether they want him to be prime minister. He should not just entice some Barisan MPs to jump ship and then claim to have the people’s mandate.

“Only the people can decide, not some jumping MPs,” said party president Dr Nasir Hashim.

In the meantime, Anwar should work hard to turn the Pakatan Rakyat coalition into a formidable force instead of the loose grouping it is now.

Except for Penang and probably Kedah, other Pakatan-ruled states are weak and not cohesive.

A letter by a reader in The Star on Wednesday summed it up succinctly: “His ardent desire to head the country leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. In his rush to Putrajaya, he betrayed the trust of fence-sitters and some of his supporters as the widely-criticised Barisan Nasional remained in power on Sept 16. He now has a tiny window of opportunity; he either walks the talk or shut up.” - Star, 27/9/2008,Puzzling over Anwar’s claims, Comments by BARADAN KUPPUSAMY


By Baradan Kuppusamy

SEPT 28 — With Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi eclipsed, his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Razak on the rise and the Umno succession dispute all but settled, it is tough times ahead for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the erstwhile prime minister-in-waiting.

While meeting fund managers In Hong Kong on Thursday Anwar put up a brave front to questions on whether it is troubling him with Najib set to get the job he craves and whether the leadership transition in Umno means a strong and united Umno training its guns on him.

"No," Anwar told them. "In fact the changes makes it easier for me…nothing really has changed because the corrupt system remains, the cronyism remains and race and discrimination remains."

He went on to thrash Najib, attempting to link him to unexplained and unanswered questions over the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu, the Mongolian woman who was blown up into pieces in late 2006 with C4 explosives.

Anwar also linked Najib with alleged "shady deals" involving multi-billion defence contracts and his inability to reform the corrupt system or give Malaysians a new hope of the future.

However after a string of successes, the political landscape is changing and turning hostile for Anwar.

His plans to seize power have been killed in its infancy and his allies DAP and PAS have got over the mesmerising effect of the Anwar-charm offensive and are now openly dragging their feet.

Worst is a potentially debilitating sodomy trial that will sap his energy, create distance between him and PAS and DAP and raising fresh questions about his ability and suitability to lead a nation from the docks.

On the deadline to seize power, Anwar has also changed course disappointing his legions of supporters and alienating fence sitters. "It is not an issue of deadlines any more…I urge Malaysians who believe in change to be patient."

Whether he has the numbers or not however will be tested when Parliament reconvenes on Oct 13 to debate and approve the 2009 budget.

If he has the numbers as he claims to have he can easily kill the budget and demonstrate to the world that he really has majority support in the 222-seat parliament.

The budget of 24 ministries have to be debated and approved and if he can kill any one of the ministries' budgets, that would be a successful vote of no-confidence against Abdullah and the BN government.

"He has 24 chances to do it," said Dewan Rakyat deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar in Kuching on Saturday virtually throwing the gauntlet to Anwar.

However on Oct 7 Session Court judge Komathy Suppiah will rule whether to hear the Sodomy II case or transfer it to the High Court as the prosecutors want.

There is no real issue here because a transfer is an established procedure and even if she refuses, which is really going against established norm, the government can always appeal her decision and probably have it reversed.

A higher court can reverse her decision on appeal, if necessary, even on the same day.

Anwar's lawyers have argued that the transfer was signed by Attorney-General Ghani Patail whom Anwar is suing for fabricating evidence in the 1999 sodomy case which saw him imprisoned for six years for corruption.

In 2000 Anwar was jailed an additional nine years for sodomy but the conviction was quashed in 2004 and he was freed after serving six years altogether.

Meanwhile, the political ground is slipping under Anwar with the changes in Umno's leadership and by extension that of the country.

Abdullah had been kindest to Anwar among the top Umno leaders.

Abdullah, who had also tried to use him to scare Umno into submission, is leaving for good having to make an announcement before Oct 9 whether he is offering himself to contest as Umno president.

It was also Abdullah who Anwar had hoped to confound and stampede into handing over the government to him by triggering a mass exodus, a harebrained scheme that has since died under the weight of its own implausibility.

That small window for Anwar - Abdullah's willingness to play by the rules, an inherent sense of justice and fair play - has closed with the Prime Minister's impending departure leaving Anwar without a "friend."

Anwar could have inadvertently hastened Abdullah's departure after his Information chief Tian Chua claimed Anwar and Abdullah were meeting behind the scenes to discuss a transfer of power, something that Umno veterans feared the most.

Anwar had to rubbish Chua's statement immediately but it did not help when the Umno supreme council met a day later to decide on the transition.

Abdullah's departure leaves Anwar facing the brute force of power and real politics exposed without his breastplate as the old forces that ousted him in 1998 and benefited from the political vacuum he left behind, now gather once again to stop his march to power.

While Anwar's troubles are set to mount in the power game, public perception and support for him remains strong. He is continued to be seen as the best future leader for a new Malaysia.

However the most recent poll by the Merdeka Center also shows that the racial divide between Malays and non-Malays is wider and widening with more Malays backing Umno and Najib on one side and more Chinese and Indians backing Anwar and the Pakatan coalition on the other.

A very dangerous sign in a multi-ethnic society already widely divided over race, religion and discriminatory policies.

The poll based on 1,002 people showed that 39.3 per cent supported Anwar and 33.8 per cent backed Najib.

While about 40% of those polled supported Anwar but the remaining 60% were either not in favour, undecided or marked as "don't know" - a rather high percentage compared to the 70% or more support from non-Malays he had received on March 8.

If these figures are to be accepted it means the non-Malay support for Anwar is sliding.

His constant attempts at grabbing power are causing instability, uncertainties and people, especially the middle class, tend to worry.

For now Anwar has eased off on his "take over" games and for the future he should reaslise that the March 8 vote was for change and not a personal vote for Anwar or an endorsement of his frolics.

He leads a coalition that rules five big states and he should work at change there to win public confidence and not be carried away by his own rhetoric. - Malaysian Insider, 29/8/2008, Pak Lah's Departure May Spell Trouble for Anwar

Some of us may be ardent fans of Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat - but surely we can behave better than some of the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi 0r UMNO or BN supporters. We should stop all these name callings, and express ourselves with decorum and honour.

We should also behave consistent with our values and principles - one of which is that we support and want freedom of expression and opinion...


Hanief said...

That guy could write anything he wants. In the end the rakyat will decide.

Mr. Smith said...

You have the tendency to sermonize from a higher ground as though you have the monopoly to "correct behaviour".
It is Anwar's blog but the article was not written by him but to question of the journalist credibility is justified.
When a writer's views are very blatantly and unfairly tilted against one individual all the time, then his credibility and professionalism will be called into question.

Let me tell you for a fact that there are many Baradans in Malaysia and they work in the main stream media.
Their palms are well greased to carry out set agendas for their pay masters. It's all about money and positions.

Anonymous said...

Grow up man Charles Hector ,No need to dissect each and every word and comments.
Definitely it's his own blog and i he even replies
to the comments.

That guy could write anything he wants. In the end we will decide on the credibility of the story.

Dr Vijay

Franco said...


I know you are also critical of Anwar and I have seen you even blaming people for appointing this and that without "my race" included hysteria. It is interesting that you are preaching from a higher ground today not knowing what others may think of you as well. Still, I respect your position.

That said, one paid whore Baradan Kappusamy is a well known shadowy figure. My own brother works in The Star and he told me he is specifically used to demonise Anwar and no one else. By the way, you have ever seen him demonising other leaders other DSAI? No. My own brother knows him and he always refuses to leave his contacs anywhere for fear that he may be bombarded with comments regarding his whore culture. Freedom of expression is not hateful propaganda. He doesn't work for any newspaper per se, he is only "contracted" for one thing: to write articles that demonise no body but Anwar. You call that freedom of expression? A cousin of mine who works with the Malay Mail even will send me his articles prior to their publishing simply to show how the Editor with "instructions above" has been directed to "contarct" one Baradan to run down Anwar. You think people don't know each other or what? Let me tell you, if I were to meet him, I will simply tell him that he is a whore. I even contacted IPS where he sometimes writes for them based on a paid article (he is not employed by any media group), and the Editor responsed to me saying he (Baradan) has requested that his contacts not to be given out. A senior Indian journalist based in Penang too tried to get it and they said he requests anonymity. You call that freedom of expression? I dare you to show his contacts and you will never see them. I dare you to show me any leader other than Anwar that he repeatedly demonises. Hatred is not expression but a crime. The fact some DSAI's blog readers said he should be banned (though they never that he operates as a shadowy figure) doesn't mean DSAI banned him. DSAI has been demonised for over a decade and he has never slowed for forces of bigotry, slander, hatred and racism. Why would you think he gives too hoots about a paid whore like Baradan who is a disgrace to the much marginalised Indian community (as my Indian blogger friend Antares) said? Or are you blaming DSAI for letting in the comments of his readers? By the way, if you don't know, DSAI is not the person who moderates the comments on his blog but it is other people. In fact, he doesn't run the blog, he only writes in it sometimes and sometimes it is used by his officers to make announcements and it is they who moderate comments not DSAI. Get that as well. But don't have the temerity to preach to us that immoral beings like Baradan need entertainment. You can't entertain hateful elements who are paid to assassinate you. Look deep down into your eyes and put yourself into other people's shoes. Only then would you appreciate the truth.

Anonymous said...


I have checked Anwar's blog but I can't find the posting “Who is Baradan Kuppusamy” you referred to. The posting, however, can be found in Din Merican's blog. You may wish to clarify this point.

I also agreed with view expressed by Mr. Smith.

Anonymous said...

Dissenting views must be accepted and tolerated if we are to mature politically.

Sad to say we lack this very much here.

I have always maintained that everyone has a right to disagree with my views and I would be foolish to assume that everyone agrees with me. Opinions may differ, but I would not bitch about someone having a completly different view from mine.

I am most disappointed with the way Din addressed this Baradan thinghy.

Selvaraja Somiah

Monsterball said...

I've read both Baradan Kuppusamy's write-ups as well as a series of articles he has written in the last few months.

I won't attack him with nasty words.
Just my honest appraisal is that he has crossed the boundary from journalism into partisan opinion making.
That's fine, Baradan Kuppusamy has a right to his opinions, just as I have a right to mine. Just don't try to dress is up as factual journalism.

Anonymous said...

I think Baradan's view on Anwar's promises is quite credible. People must learn that DSAI is only the leading instrument of reform in Msia. Don't get distracted by the charisma and cult personality surrounding him. The reform wave will continue to be stronger by the minute, that is what he meant and it is a fact.

Many politicians will see their careers go up and down following the Tsunami wave of Reform that has started to sweep through the nation. They can either flow with the wave towards safer harbour or sink against the waves.

The safe harbour is NOT Pakatan Rakyat nor DSAI nor Raja Petra. All these entities and personalities are mere instruments of reform that the nation needs. The authorities can oppress and suppress the leaders but they will only give more weight and momentum to the Reform wave.

With Najib and new players fighting for the top post in UMNO, the reform agenda is back on track as now the number of players is reduced by one and the probability of defeat and victory is more clear cut. Can Najib reinvent himself to be the new reformist? Let’s give him a chance lah before March 2009. And the rest will be history..

Charles Hector said... - this is the link in the Anwar Ibrahim Blog

And this is the link as seen in the Malaysiakini Top Blogs section...

RPK meets Marina in Kamunting on his birthday | anilnetto
Who Is Baradan Kuppusamy? | Anwar Ibrahim

This is in response to a comment that said that they did not find that "Who is Baradan Kuppusamy" posting on Anwar's blog..


Genuine democracy and freedom could not be established by merely rhetoric. The article in Anwar’s blog shows the inconsistency of Anwar in his policies. Pakatan or BN, there won’t be much difference between them as long as they are unwilling to challenge the system of capitalism that promotes inequality and discrimination. More analysis at

Akar umbi UMNO Damansara Utama said...

It's sad to see all the hopes and promises of Pakatan Rakyat beginning to fade away.

But that's politics.

Mr. Smith said...

Can you name any Malaysian journalists who have integrity or even a sense of shame?
Yes, there are a few but by and large they write a earn a living and nothing more.
In Malaysia, journalism in NOT a profession but another despicable occupation like prostitution.
This profession was buried with the banning of The Star, Sin Chew and Watan in 1988.
Malaysian journalists don't need Charles to defend their integrity as they have the wherewithal to defend themselves.
They have the skills to transform a donkey into a horse and vice versa.
Some of them will even sell their mothers for a pittance.
Do you realize how they mock at our intelligence with their writings?
Would Charles also defend Utusan Malaysia's journalistic ethics?

Anonymous said...

Sdr Charles,
If you belief in freedom of expression, I thought that is freedom, Say what you want to say and if any one not happy see them in court.
Surely you have wisdom, anything you are not happy with the articles just rebut or else ignore them.Take it easy man, cyberspace is a free country. We can agree to disagree brother.Thank you. Selamat Hari Raya.

Anonymous said...

Does freedom of expression mean spitting on you? If that's so, why did the Chinese erupt in anger when Ahmad called them "squatters" and "immigrants"? I guess he was simply expressing himself? Baradan Kappusamy is doing worse than what Ahamd is doing bcoz Ahmad is a politician who like any other politician will try to sell himself through appealing to popular instincts but what about someone who claims to be a jounalist but behaves like an arsonist? Someone who pretends that he works for the profession of free ideas and truth exchange but clearly shows that he has no dignity however little it is and outrightly behaves like a criminal minded witch? If freedom of expression is fine, then hatred should be included and "squatters" "immigrants" "pork eating pagans", etc should be celebrated. Otherwise, these double standards where we enjoy when the people we "hate" or disagree with are characer assassinated and when they complain, we start saying that "freedom of expression" is a childish game that's not worth commenting on. Bias is fine but extreme hatred like that of Baradan Kappusamy is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...


This whore called Baradan used to work for Malaysiakini, but after many people protested against his deep seated personal hatred (that's not jounalism if you don't know), he was sacked by Malaysiakini. Read Cap. Yusof Ahmad's pre-election protest.

Than man has simply been a nefarious anti-Anwar paid by DSAI's enemies and that can't go unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Charles, it looks more of an 'operational mistake' than a true opinion by Anwar. 'Mistake' as in posting a comment as a blog post. Of course Anwar himself should clarify it.

Anonymous said...

Since the beginning I have always maintained that AI has not got the numbers or the list. Nothing will change.
He was and still is, as usual, playing with your support for his own goal. It will never happen to have a new government and I wish it will happen for the sake of the millions non Malays or should I say non half breeds and non Indonesians.
Until it does just immigrate like thousands of us did over the last many years. Corrupted United Mamak National Organisation led government will and cannot change- corruption is in their blood. Just remember most of them (except the Mamaks came from Indonesia)corruption is in their culture. Indonesia too was an oil export country some years back and one of the riches nations in the world. See what happened corruption had done to the country.
Like wise when the oil runs dry what will happen to Malaysia ? So immigrate and let the corrupted rot in their Twin Towers.

Anonymous said...


I agree with Mr Smith, you are beginning to piss me off for your knit picking, one must rise above knit picking, I too can do same with each and every of your postings. There is enough holier than thou attitude around us. If you don't have anything nice to say, spare us your sermons, that is what your posting sound like.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

YB Charles Santiago,

I agree with you that whoever that is controlling Anwar's blog, should not have attacked fellow journalist Baradan or suggest that he be banned from future press conferences.

Anwar is posturing himself as a future PM and MUST be subjected to public scrutiny.

Speaking from experience, two individuals - Din Merican and Johnson Chong - act like Nazi's during PKR press conferences at their HQ.

They are highly unprofessional and get in the way of our work.

They impose strict regulations such as:
1. Photographer only row
2. Everyone must be seated during PC
3. Microphone placement is determined by then
4. Utusan Malaysia is banned from PC's

PKR is the only party/PC-organiser which has such strict and nonsensical rules, enforced by Din Merican and Johnson Chong, both Anwar syncopates who are despised by KL media practitioners.

I do not blame Anwar for the Barandan-episode nor the restrictive press conference environment.

But he better open his eyes and take his minions to task.

On another note, Baradan is just a sampling of the opinions held by many journalist on Anwar, and most politicians.

That being the case, Din Merican and his band of yahoos can ban us all from future PKR functions.

We'd be happier too!

Charles Hector said...

Dear Friends,

I would like to reiterate that I am Charles Hector - not Charles Santiago, the Klang MP.

In solidarity,

Charles Hector

anaklangkawi said...


Good thing u bring this up.. Quite a lot of people nowsdays become fanatics to anwar without even know about head & toe..
Middle Malaysian like myself already tired of sweet talking & political bickering..

DSAI must just stop .. just concentrate on those states which PKR have won..

Anonymous said...

We all are individuals and we have our likes and dislikes. Likewise not everyone would agree with the other person's opinion or comment but we are free to air out our views and thoughts.
Now I'm writing about DSAI and you can persecute me if you wanted to because I don't get offended easily.
I know most people were very disappointed when DSAI failed to get the majority which he insisted he had. He even boasted and said more and more were crossing over. If that was the case why was September 16 just like any other day? Life went on as usual and those who wanted change went about doing their business with a big sigh of disappointment.

To be a good leader, one has to be truthful and not simply mislead the people into believing, and not only that, he more or less wanted to convince everybody that he was taking over the government on September 16.
Now people are disillusioned and their dreams for a better living seem to have shattered.
DSAI should be more cautious in his speech and should leave out the date September 16 for takeover of the government.
Maybe he had initially gotten the number but was played out by those fickle-minded MPs who "chicken out" when the going got tough for the last minute.

I'm totally against this mode of changing government altogether. It would only destabilize the country and surely no good will come out of it because of the wrestling of power. Someone said "greed knows no boundaries and where some MPs are concerned it's true."