Friday, September 05, 2008

Where is the money to finance overseas trip for BN MPs coming from?

My concern is not so much the timing of the trip -- but as to who is paying for the trip.

Is it the Backbenchers Club (BBC) ? If so, where are they getting their funds from? Do members of the BBC, who are those BN MPs who are not in Cabinet, paying money to the funds of the BBC? Oh yes - Is the BBC a registered club?, it would not be right for BN MPs themselves to be members of an unregistered association, would it now? Joking...of course.

I believe in freedom of association - and by that I believe that there is no necessity for any group of persons to get the approval of any government or government body to form and be part of an association, society, club, etc...?

This need for approval and registration has prevented the emergence of many NEW political parties in Malaysia - PSM, I believe is yet to get its registration. No registration - means no new branches - no new members....etc

Creation of hurdles to the freedom of association, Approval & registration requirement ...of new organisations is a means that the BN government has use to prevent the rise of NEW challegers to its political dominance for so long.....

The destination of the tour, the actual start date and duration have not been finalised yet as the suggestions were only made a couple of days ago.

The trip, which is to take place over an undetermined period between Sept 7 to 19, will be fully paid by the BBC - an organisation representing government MPs. - Malaysiakini, 5/9/2008 - Trip not aimed to derail Sept 16 defections


Anonymous said...

Why so long winded, about association etc etc.? You know where the money is coming from. It doesn't take a genius to make a good guess. The BN leaders feel it's their God-given right to use OUR money, since they 'work so hard for us'. So the answer is, they are using OUR money to go enjoy themselves. There, no need to crack your brain on association or whatever. Only us the rakyat need to worry about what is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I am sure BN knows that there is no way this short trip can stop the MP from crossover if they wanted to. So again this is another coincidental trip that clash with Sept16th.

What is important now is for our governing leadership to show prudence in unnecessary spending.Why an oversea study trip? Get all of them to visit our local farms first.They should know and see for themselves the problems and issues our local agricultural sectors are facing?

Anonymous said...

Money from taxpayers lah. Lawatan sambil belajar.

Avatar said...

Dear Charles,

Good observation. I found your blog to be interesting. Keep it up :)

Just wanted to let you know that I've added your blog to my links section.