Monday, September 22, 2008

Immediate investigation whether PM influenced ACA investigation is needed..

I wonder whether an investigation has already commenced against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, this Raymond Tan and the ACA officer concerned. I believe that what they did, if what Raymond Tan said is true, is something very wrong...

Or maybe, there will be no investigation -- because no one has filed a police report yet..

This kind of talk really makes me as a Malaysian very worried - I have serious doubts about the independence of the ACA, the Police, the Public Prosecutor...

The war of attrition continues over the sudden withdrawal of Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) from Barisan Nasional last week as a “shocking revelation” came to light.

raymond tanIts disgruntled ex-deputy president Raymond Tan (left) claimed on Saturday that he had been instrumental in preventing the arrest of party president Yong Teck Lee in June in relation to allegations of corruption.

abdullah ahmad badawi bn and yong teck lee and sappAn English-language daily in Sabah quoted Tan as saying that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had wanted Yong arrested by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA). This was after Yong spearheaded a no-confidence vote against Abdullah’s leadership.

In defending himself against claims of ingratitude by failing to support the Sapp pullout, Tan revealed that he had intervened on Yong’s behalf in June.

He said he had pleaded with Abdullah not to arrest Yong as it would be a bad move, and had even gone on television with a plea to allow the latter to speak up. - Malaysiakini, 22/9/08 - 'I stopped PM from ordering Yong's arrest'
Are not all Malaysians equal before the law? When the PM can decide who gets investigated...and maybe even who gets shows us the sad state of affairs that the country is in.

I recall PI Balasubramaniam's 1st SD - where he made statements giving the picture that the police made sure that his statement did not have any reference to Mohd Najib Razak - similarly, the DPPs did not even ask questions about the DPM. Was this again on instructions of the PM?

Wondered why also the Altantuya case started so fast... Was that again on instructions of the PM?

I seriously wonder whether police, ACA, AG, Courts are truly independent - or are they still influenced by powerful persons....

Raymond Tan has clearly stated what he did - and there should be action taken against him, PM and whoever else...

In an immediate response, Sapp newly-appointed information chief Chong Pit Fah described this as a “a shocking revelation [...] that he can influence the prime minister to stop ACA action”.

chong pit fah“This is an admission by a BN deputy chief minister that the prime minister can interfere with ACA work,” Chong said in a statement issued yesterday.

He also wanted to know if the same influence could be used on other persons such as serving ministers, or similarly abused. - Malaysiakini, 22/9/08 - 'I stopped PM from ordering Yong's arrest'


artic turban said...

Let just hypothesize that we are naive and we are hearing this for the first time. Everyone seems to be astonished, when in reality we know what is actually happening in this country.
Wah like that also possible meh, SO what does this statement say to us? This revelation says our Prime Minister is interfering in … investigations as per regarding corrupt practises. But I thought the PM has been saying the BN led government never interferes in corruption cases. IS IT A LIE? So that means there is, blatant abuse of power by the PM and his cabinet. Don’t forget Anwar ibrahim was arrested and charged for abuse of power for the very same reason. So the allegation of selective prosecution by the executive has been proven beyond any doubt by this revelation. Will someone file charges, police report, citizens’ arrest etc. against the PM, for abuse of Power, by hindering the Police from exercising their constitutional duty. Will the home minister demand the resignation of the PM, or censure the PM among his peers or should the Home Minister also be charged now for lying to the public. WILL SOMEONE MAKE A POLICE REPORT AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT?

IN FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES SUCH PROOF HAS LED GOVERNMENTS TO BE FORCED OUT OF OFFICE AND RE-ELECTIONS CONDUCTED. Will this happen in Malaysia?, I don’t think so, We Malaysians are all aware the present BN government led and controlled by Umno is nothing more than a dictatorship, Democracy in name only, but a dictatorship by practise.
A very pertinent answer by the Home Minister let the cat out of the bag. When Hamid ALBAR was asked why ISA action was taken Sin Chew reporter and Teresa Kok, (both actions seen as a selective backlash) whilst No action was taken against AHMAD ISMAIL, who started the ball rolling, by uttering seditious statements, WHY no government action was taken against him? The reply by our home minister Hamid Albar astounded all the reporters, ‘ACTION HAS BEEN TAKEN, UMNO HAS SUSPENDED HIM, ISN’T THAT ENOUGH’ or words to that affect.

What that means is Home Minister, Syed Hamid Albar has openly declared, albeit indirectly, THAT UMNO IS THE GOVERNMENT, AND THE GOVERNMENT IS UMNO, NOT BN.WHAT WE SAY GOES.
The pertinent Question that than arises, what about the other component parties, aren’t they partners in the governing of Malaysia as declared during elections and BN manifestos and slogans, don’t they have a say, or are they just rubber-stamps to UMNO POLICIES, POWERLESS and lame ducks?
What than does that say for MCA, MIC, PPP and ALL THE east-Malaysia parties?

This open declaration by the Home minister thus puts to rest once and for all the myth; BN is a coalition of many multi-ethnic Political parties. This is further than the truth.
It is a coalition of a master in the form of UMNO, and servant or slaves in the form of all the coalition partners. Whichever way you put it look at it .In actual fact the reality of
“I command and you follow seems to be the reality”. Is this what Malaysians bargained for? I don’t think so. I think WE, RAKYAT MALAYSIA, have been lied to and misled by this lie called BN, especially UMNO long enough.
The time has come for us the rakyat, to put a stop to this and support the pakatan moves of changing the government through tried and tested methods employed by BN in the past, lets give them a taste of their own medicine . so folks what say you, LETS ALL PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH ARE OR FOREVER HOLD OUR PEACE.

Anonymous said...

I believe what was said by this Sabahan politican has the truth. Do you really think there will be action taken? Na.aah, bet you nothing, it will just disappear with the wind. Just like dog barking at the mountain.

casper c said...

Day by day Badawi's intergrity is torn to shreds. Denial will come this morning but it won't shake off the liar, pants on fire public opinion.

ACA - the report is all over M'kini. What next ? Tunggu arahan Najib !