Thursday, September 11, 2008

Did UMNO respect Ahmad Ismail's rights? What about the others...

Action has been taken against Ahmad Ismail - and many may be pleased at the speed in which action was taken by UMNO - and the BN

BUT I wonder as to whether there was any proper and fair Disciplinary Proceedings (Domestic Inquiry Procedure).

Was there a charge framed by UMNO against member Ahmad Ismail?

Was Ahmad Ismail given the opportunity to defend himself?

This suspension looks like the final order - it is not a suspension pending the Disciplinary Proceedings. This, I believe would have been more reasonable and fair...

Was what that Ahmad Ismail did a 'misconduct' - a misconduct found in the rules and constitution of the UMNO society? That is the question.

With regard the police report made - the police must continue investigations and if there is sufficient evidence, then Ahmad must be charged in court...

Remember UMNO is but a society - and Ahmad Ismail is a member...

The supreme council stripped him of his position as Division Chief - it is OK if it is an appointed position, but, I believe, not so OK if it was post that he won by election...

Umno has suspended Bukit Bendera division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail from the party for three years over his alleged racist comments.

He has been stripped of his division chief post and all its rights as a member. Thus, he cannot vote in the coming party elections, cannot contest for posts and will not be able to attend the Umno general assembly during the three-year period.

The suspension is effective immediately.

Prime Minister and Umno president Datuk Seri Abullah Ahmad Badawi announced the decision Wednesday after a special supreme council meeting convened specifically to discuss Ahmad’s case.

The action was taken in accordance with Section 20(9) of the party constitution. - Star, 10/9/2008, Umno suspends Ahmad three years (full update)

I remember seeing the picture of the man who did the tearing of Koh's picture - and it looked to me as not being Ahmad Ismail - will UMNO take any action against him?

What about the other Division leaders who were there with Ahmad Ismail when the 1st and 2nd media statement was made - surely disciplinary actions will also be taken against them as well - very unfair and discriminatory, I think, if only Ahmad Ismail is made to pay for the wrong/s.

It is interesting that after the Ahmad Ismail incident/s, MCA is now highlighting the fact that Chinese who fought and lost their lives for Malaysia... (It would have been very Malaysian if MCA had also highlighted the fact that other ethnic groups also did fight and lose their lives...)

BUT too late...because only after GE2008, MCA is talking about all this -

Is it in the history books of our children today? If it is not, can we not say that MCA has failed? Oh yes, not just MCA but also MIC, PPP, GERAKAN, and all the other component parties...

The various political parties of the ruling BN should have made sure that our children from independence was taught the complete Malaysian history - that recognised the contributions of Malaysian of different ethnic/religious/cultural groups...

I, too, was unaware of the fact that about 300,000 Malaysian Chinese lost their lives in the fight to liberate Malaysia from the Japanese occupation... why was it not in the history books. Surely there will be some names of the heroes of this time. Ka Chuan should tell us...

If we were to go the government sites, we find that there is little mention about the heroes of other than Muslim Malay persons.There is almost no mention about the people that fought the Japanese...about the MPAJA, etc...

It is because of the failure of MCA. MIC, GERAKAN, etc...and all the BN component parties that we have people like Ahmad Ismail who have a warped understanding of Malaysian history - of not knowing and appreciating the contributions made by Malaysians irrespective of ethnic groups and religion.
MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan said his statement that some 300,000 Chinese had sacrificed their lives fighting for the country during the Japanese Occupation was based on facts and figures.
"There are many documents and books written on the subject and anyone disputing the incidents which occurred during the Occupation and World War 2 should refer to them," he said referring to a book entitled Red Star Over Malaya, written by Professor Cheah Boon Keng of Universiti Sains Malaysia. - New Straits Times, 10/9/2008 -Statement is based on history, says Ong


Anonymous said...

Not fair in the eyes of Ahmad but typically UMNO hypocrites, cover up of their weaknesses. The invisible hands behind his action was not revealed.The conduct of the deliberation was improper and misguided, shadowed by hidden agenda and vested intention with full of excuses. Can all these people be trusted to run the nation? Other BN components -what say you?

Nostradamus said...

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Nobody thought of moving it backwards. I wonder Why?

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Anonymous said...

Ahmad Ismail have his rights too, and he will have to face the law like everyone else if he breaks the law.We Malaysians of all races must speak up to correct the present warped education system that produced this "ahmad ismail" mentality. Marina Mahathir said in her blog and I quote:
"I'd like to ask everyone, especially those categorised as 'Malays', to list their family histories. And see how many of us can really go back further than three generations born in this land. I know I can't.

And can we, the people, think of positive and effective things we can do to counter divisiveness such as we see coming out of politicians these days? Let's not play the blame game. Let's think of ways, practical and effective, to counter conflict and restore harmony."
I totally agree with her. Who else better to tell one's father if not the daughter.These politicians should be reminded that they have fathers/grandfathers who were once "pendatangs" and may one day have grandchildren who have Chinese/Indians blood. Let's stand up against anyone who scream about shedding these precious blood of OUR CHILDREN,MALAY, CHINESE or INDIAN !!!

LALILOo said...

They said that they wanted to strike out a punishment so serious that it would be a deterrent to all future BN politicians in making racial sensitive statements.

In the end, they meted out a 3 year suspension and he cannot hold any post in the party.

Oh dang! This is the best that they can come up with.

And it is SOOO...severe and scary that any BN people who hears about it would be so afraid that they would NEVER want to stray into making any racist statements from now on.

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...


Assuming nothing comes out of DSAI's 916 promise, do you know how much of money Ahmad Ismail will be giving up becoz he is not a division head.

I do not have any idea of your economic condition, but look at the rings on AI's fingers. Look at the pen in his pocket. I can g'tee you they were not purchased from Batu Feringhi or Petaling Street but from Pavilion or from his trip overseas.

Look at the vehicles that he travels in. Look at the police report filed by the Government of Penang, RM500K was not returned by him.

I have never seen RM500K at one time, I will never earn RM500K at any one time. I will never earn RM500K in a year.

But I m a 3rd generation Pendatang. I guess if I do what AI's father did or Tun Mahathir's father did, then maybe I got chance.

God is Almighty. God knows ones heart. The fires of Hell await those who use God's name in vain.