Sunday, November 20, 2022

Hung Parliament - An opportunity for MPs to break away from 'feudalistic party culture" and become true democratic and relevant MPs the people need at last?

The GENERAL ELECTIONS(PRU15) is over, and we find ourselves in a situation where NO coalitions have managed to get simple majority.  

I do not see this as NEGATIVE but really an OPPORTUNITY for us to finally move towards a MORE MATURE PARLIAMENT, and a liberation of MPs from the chains that bind their freedoms, where today, in Parliament and outside, Malaysian MPs of certain parties/coalitions are not FREE to express their own opinions/views, if it is different from the Party's views(or really the party leadership's views)

After elections, the next step is for the identification and appointment of a Prime Minister > the burden falls on all Members of Parliament(MPs). Who, amongst the MPs elected, do you have confidence to be the Prime Minister? Maybe, Muhyiddin and Anwar may want to step aside - and we should think of another MP for PM

It does not mention anything about expressing support of any 'political party' or political coalition that the candidate comes from?

You maybe be confident in someone being a Prime Minister > but then you may not support his/her every views/position on most matters - that is OK

He does not say that you must thereafter LISTEN and FOLLOW the views/directions of the Prime Minister? YES, at the end of the day, look around and just decide who you 'have confidence to be Prime Minister' - FULL STOP. 


(2) The Cabinet shall be appointed as follows, that is to say:

(a) the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall first appoint as Perdana Menteri (Prime Minister) to preside over the Cabinet a member of the House of Representatives who in his judgment is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of that House; and

(b) he shall on the advice of the Prime Minister appoint other Menteri (Ministers) from among the members of either House of Parliament;

So, the question for ALL elected MPs is simply this - Who do you have confidence to be Prime Minister today? 

Remember, that Malaysia is supposed to be a DEMOCRACY - and every MP has their freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, and the freedom to support Bills or take position on matters irrespective of what your political parties'(or leaders') views or position are on the subject matter. You act according to your personal views/position, for what you consider is BEST for Malaysia and its people. The FEUDALISTIC Culture that exist in some political parties must END, which is today practiced by the use of "Party Whips' and a narrow thinking that if you have a different position from your leaders, you will be at RISK of being expelled from the party. Such THREATS and practices are undemocratic.

Remember, today you may have confidence on so and so to be PM, but tomorrow, you may lose confidence on that person > and our Constitution clearly states that anyone who ceases to have the confidence of the majority of MPs must go... and a new PM will be appointed.

Now, our constitution says that it is the Prime Minister that chooses his Cabinet members, and he must be FREE to do this. The Prime Minister should not be PRESSURED by his/her party or coalition members to appoint so and so to be Minister, or to allocate a certain number of Ministership to this and that party. 

WHY? At the end of the day, all BLAME and PRAISE falls on the Prime Minister personally, and we have seen 'unqualified' MPs/Senators being appointed to the Cabinet by reason of 'deals', 'threats', etc. Even if an MP from the same party/coalition is not chosen the Prime Minister to be a part of the Cabinet(the Executive) > they still play a most important role as a 'check and balance' to the PM and Cabinet > The 'Backbenchers' in Parliament. 

Sadly in Malaysia, we have seen that most of the time the Backbenchers fail in this role - and end up always supporting the decisions of the PM and the Cabinet.

Remember that EXECUTIVE POWER is with the Cabinet, save for specific powers granted to the Prime Ministers or some Ministers in the law of the land. 

PM, of course, retain the power to remove his/her Cabinet members, as it was stated earlier, that the RESPONSIBILITY of the actions or omissions of his/her Cabinet, falls on the PM - who has ALL the power to decide who is in his team - EXECUTIVE. So, when a PM is forced to include this and that person into the Cabinet, it can lead to 'ineffectiveness' of the Executive, as good ideas/proposals of the Prime Minister can always be shot-down by people in his/her own Cabinet. Remember, the Cabinet is the TEAM that the PM chooses - and so, stop forcing the Prime Minister to appoint this and that person into Cabinet with the THREAT to withdraw support if that does not happen

Now, the Sabah and Sarawak MPs are talking about a 'BORNEO coalition" and have indicated that they will join any party forming the government if they are willing to satisfy the demands of Sabah/Sarawak - This is SO WRONG. MPs, first of all, are concerned about the good and well-being of Malaysia and Malaysians, not really the States they hail from. This is a form of 'forced deal' or 'threat' or 'compromise' that we must get rid of.

Now, there are Anwar Ibrahim and maybe Muhyiddin Yassin who are out there wanting to be PM > this really does not matter, as ALL the MPs decide, and they can decide on some other MP to be Prime Minister.


Well, you end up being DISQUALIFIED as an MP, forcing a By-Elections, ONLY if you leave a political party or join a political party after elections. But, you do not get DISQUALIFIED if your own party 'EXPELS' you.

So, do not leave your party and express confidence in a PM Candidate, you believe is capable  > Let's not be selfish and do the needful for Malaysia NOW for fear of being expelled or 'sidelined' by the party?

Most important now, is the BUDGET or Financial Bills, for if it is not passed by end of 2022, there will major problems in the country as the tap is closed.

Will a VOTE amongst MPs help - where who each MP votes for will remain a SECRET?

Pahang & Perak - I am not sure whether these States have an anti-hopping law in force? Remember, the Federal law really only is about MPs -- must check again? 

So, focus on our elected MPs - are you men or women of principles and value BRAVE enough to do what is needed for the good of Malaysia, Malaysians, justice and human rights? OR would you remain 'loyalist' or 'YES MEN" to party leaders, who choose to willingly jump when told to, bark when told to... REMEMBER many Malaysians really do not even 'respect' MPs in Malaysia - no one even LOBBIES MPs to raise any issue or push any position ...and this is, amongst others, because many Malaysian MPs are really 'puppets' of the party or leadership > who is afraid to take positions against their leaders or is it just leader?

The dawn of CHANGE is here in Malaysia - where MPs can truly become relevant >> MPs who will express views/opinions (even if different from their party or leaders), MPs who will VOTE for what they consider right (and fearfully listen to the party).




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