Tuesday, November 15, 2022

When BN fell, and PH Plus won GE14 > People Victorious as the new government brought to light corruption, abuse of powers of people in past government?

Should we give Pakatan Harapan and/or an Opposition Coalition another chance this GE15 to govern Malaysia, and not BN.

UMNO-led BN ruled since MERDEKA until 2018 > and finally, Malaysians got to enjoy a DIFFERENT government ...but it lasted less than 2 years, thanks to 'betrayal of parties and MPs of PH Plus itself', that led to the return of the BN as part of the PN government?

MYTH BROKEN after GE14 - Yes, the myth that only BN could govern the country and States was finally broken after GE14. Now, Malaysians know that other political parties/coalitions, not just BN, can rule and govern Malaysia and also the States in Malaysia.... There were no 'serious issues' or failure in government...{Only Pahang and Perlis failed to experience this new experience - maybe after GE15, we will see BN losing Pahang and Perlis?}

The new experience, post GE14 was most LIBERATING for Malaysians - we no longer fear other parties/coalitions ruling Malaysia.

2nd POINT > A change of government is akin a NEW BROOM - it did expose the 'dirty secrets' of abuse, corruptions, money laundering and other bad practices of those previously in power...wow, the idea that former Prime Minister would end up in jail is most refreshing. So many other 'untouchables' are today being investigated, prosecuted, tried, etc >>> No one is above the law is becoming a reality in Malaysia now... Does this also mark an era of a braver Law Enforcement, Prosecutors and Judges - who will no longer listen(or obey) the political masters of the day...or the powerful anymore... I hope for an INDEPENDENT and stronger law enforcement, prosecutors and courts that the people can TRUST because even YBs and YABs will no longer be allowed to break or Malaysian laws and get away with it, or be accorded 'special treatment'...


Of course PH Plus government was not like we expected - the style of governing was too similar to how BN governed. Maybe, it was because there were too many ex-BN politicians in PH parties like PKR, etc..

PH Plus continued the practice of 'political appointments' to GLCs, government and government linked agencies, even local councils and local community(kampung/kampung baru/taman) leadership. Senators continued to be appointed - not democratically elected.

Many say it was the same - only now different people, different cronies, etc. Promises to get rid of the bad laws never materialized - we still have the detention without trial laws, SOSMA with draconian provisions, ....some say it was because PH Plus was ousted too fast > so, should we give them another chance.

PH Plus continued to discriminate against constituencies that voted for not PH Plus MPs > different constitutional allocations.

Hopefully, the PH parties have learned this 'bitter lesson' and will be better if they get a chance to govern again..

One worry of many, is the 'rumour' that if PH does not secure sufficient seats, they may elect to joint hands with BN >>I hope that this does not happen.

Today, we find that politicians of government and Opposition parties are all subject to investigations/trials on abuse of powers, corrupt practice offenses - there is Syed Saddiq and Lim Guan Eng too...Do not simply take the position that they are victims of political persecution > let's wait and see what the Court decides at the end of the day..

Hence, the choices before Malaysians today is the BEST of the 'bad'? 

We do not simply want to SURVIVE - we want to live better where there is Justice and Human Rights...and the people are prioritized, not the pockets of a few?

PN or BERSATU - well, they really never made clear why the elected to leave PH, did they? If was to for power, then it is a reason for which they may suffer this coming GE15. If it was for more fundamental reasons of principles, values and/or ideology, then maybe we can understand.

IN PH, it is sad that PKR seems to be allocated the big share of the seats > it would have better for DAP and Amanah to have gotten more seats. After all, we remember Azmin(the gang of 12 or so MPs of PKR) that jumped ship after GE14.

Pejuang - well, we just do not know them save for Mahathir and a couple of others... so, its chances are slim.

It would be interesting if the voters decide to drop Anwar Ibrahim, Zahid Hamidi, Lim Guan Eng and Syed Saddiq - all of whom have been convicted of corruption, or are facing corruption charges...If BN wins, and Zahid Hamidi becomes Prime Minister, Malaysia may have its first sitting Prime Minister being convicted of crimes of abuse of power and corruption..Additionally, with the defeat of these leaders at GE15. the door opens for maybe a better MP to become Prime Minister...Interesting?

Remember, to find sufficient evidence to prosecute or convict for offenses like corruption is VERY DIFFICULT > so, let us not assume that all other politicians, not yet investigated or prosecuted are CLEAN...

Maybe, come GE16 more good Malaysians may step forward to offer themselves as MP/ADUN candidates - and people start voting for persons, rather than simply the party under which they stand..



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