Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Malaysia Prisons Department takes over

Malaysia Prisons Department takes over Immigration Detention Centres

The Department expanded its wings when the Ministry of Home Affairs announced in 2002 that all immigration detention centres would eventually be placed under the administration of the Malaysia Prisons Department. This new task serves as recognition of the Department by the Home Ministry for its expertise in managing both inmates and other types of offenders, such as immigration detainees. As a result of this new policy and practice, the Immigration Department is able to concentrate on its primary objectives.

The Malaysia Prisons Department has since taken over six immigration depots. The five remaining immigration detention centres will be handed over in stages to the Department before end 2004. The detention centres are responsible for the detention of illegal immigrants, especially those from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Philippines, and India. Currently, there are a total of about 7000 immigration detainees being confined in immigration detention centres throughout the country.

The handing over of Juru Immigration Detention Centre to the Malaysia Prisons Department

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