Monday, July 31, 2006

1,500 illegals nabbed (Star)

1,500 illegals nabbed

SEPANG: Selangor Rela yesterday nabbed more than 1,500 illegal immigrants working at a factory here in their largest Ops Tegas swoop this year.

The 3am operation, involving 1,250 Rela members from Selangor and Negri Sembilan, was led by director Khairy Mohd Alwee and took place at the workers' hostel.

IN THE NET: Some of the 1,500 illegal immigrants waiting at the Sepang District Council compound to have their particulars checked during Ops Tegas yesterday.
“This is our biggest swoop so far. We were tipped off by members of the public. The illegals are from Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal and Cambodia,” Khairy said, when contacted.

“We are compiling their particulars. Most of them do not have proper travel documents. After this, we will send them to immigration depots all over the country because the ones in Selangor are already overcrowded with illegal immigrants.”

Ops Tegas was launched more than a year ago to flush out illegal immigrants, then estimated to be some 800,000 people.

With the large number of illegals, the government amended the Emergency (Essential Powers) Act 1964 Essential Rules (Amended) in February last year, authorising Rela officers to search, without a warrant, houses or premises believed to be the hideouts of illegal immigrants.

Khairy estimated that some 138,000 illegals were still in Selangor, adding that the state Rela would intensify its operations.

“Our problem is that not many people are aware that Rela now has the power to detain illegals. Investigation and prosecution would still done by the Immigration Department,” he said.

“We have shown that through our own operations in the last one year, we have been successful in nabbing quite a number of illegals.”

Khairy said those who have information on illegal immigrants in their area could contact 03-88886308.

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