Friday, October 03, 2008

Preference to family members in Malaysia is unacceptable

This is certainly DISCRIMINATION....Was there not another word for this...nepotism, was it not?
The Immigration Department will give priority to family members and relatives of its staff should they apply for jobs with the department.

“We believe that staff will be more obedient when they work with their family members,” he said at a press conference after visiting the Causeway on Wednesday.

He said that working together as a family would encourage the staff to be committed at work.

“In Japan, family members usually work in the same organisation and this helps them perform better as parents can share their experiences with children who are new at the job,” he said.

Mahmood said the department hoped to recruit more non-Malays as they made up fewer than 20% of the 10,000 workforce.

“We are getting 1,000 new staff in mid-October and about 200 of them will be non-Malays.- Star. 3/10/2008, Immigration Dept to give priority to staff's kin when hiring

The Star report was not clear as to who made the statement - it referred only to a 'Mahmood' but I believe it is Datuk Mahmood Adam, the Immigration Department director-general
Defence Ministry deputy secretary-general (management) Datuk Mahmood Adam will take over as the new Immigration Department director-general effective Monday, Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Sidek Hassan announced Saturday.

He also announced the appointment of the Immigration Department's Foreign Workers Division director Abdul Rahman Othman as the department's deputy director-general (management) effective the same day.

Mahmood, 55, takes over from Datuk Wahid Don while Abdul Rahman, 50, replaces Yusof Abu Bakar. - Bernama, 19/7/2008 Mahmood Adam Appointed New Immigration Director-General
Father PM and party President - Government projects to companies with connection to son/relatives (eg. SCOMI) , son-in-law No.2 in party youth....

I wonder where the DG of Immigration is really getting these ideas from - of course it is not OK. The only consideration should be qualification/s, capabilities - not ethnicity, religion, political party affliations, relationships, 'who they know?', etc...

This DG blurted it out - BUT the question remains as to the extend of this practices in the country.

I believe that Najib's Brother is some CEO or something high in one of the Banks - and some reports also did suggest that he will be able to assist Najib in his new role as Finance Minister No. 1. Is this right? So, are we going to see pro-Bank policies from now on? Are we going to see a pro-CIMB positioning by the Malaysian government?

The current tumultous global environment presents one of the most challenging times for one to become finance minister, says CIMB Group chief executive Datuk Seri Nazir Razak.

He was referring to the swapping of ministry portfolios between Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Nazir’s brother.

“We wish him (Najib) all the best. Let’s wait for him to get back from New York,” he said after the launch of the CIMB Max InvestSave PSSIA-i yesterday.

Abdullah is the new Defence Minister while Najib has taken over the finance portfolio. - Star, 19/9/2008, Tough time to be finance minister, says CIMB chief executive

I feel that since Mohd Najib Razak is the Finance Minister, his younger brother should just resign from his position and maybe just live of his wealth, for after all he is the 40th riches man in the country or Najib should take a different port-folio.

DEPUTY Prime Minister Najib Razak's younger brother has entered Malaysia's rich list for the first time - coming in at No.40, with a net worth of US$100 million (S$136 million).

Datuk Nizar, 41, son of the late prime minister Abdul Razak, is chief executive of financial services firm CIMB and its parent company, Bumiputra Commerce Holdings. - The Straits Times, 23/5/2008, Najib's brother debuts on Malaysia's rich list
We do not want Discrimination in favour of political affiliation...and surely do want discrimination in favour of family members... at any level...


Anonymous said...

i read with disgust the suggestion that preference to family members from nepotist top guy of immigration dept. If the son is a corrupted officer, do we expect the father or uncle to take action against him? The reason given that a father will be able to pass the experience (including how to be corrupted) is the most stupidest thing I ever heard. Isnt a senior officer suppose to pass his experience to his juniors irregardless who he is? If a family member is accepted on merit, he/she should not even be in the same dept as the father/mother to avoid being accused of nepotism.

Anonymous said...

Do you know it has been going on ever since BN in power? You tell me which Gomen department free of this nepotism, cronyism and racist policy.It is so deep rooted and maybe only a change in the government and making all head of departments and ministers to be accountable by facing a select committee so that national interest can be protected and ensuring equal opportunities to all the rakyat and prevent abuse of power.
Or else, we will continue to read and hear this kind of irresponsible statement and little Napoleon playing GOD.

Anonymous said...

Long ago, there was a country in Europe that carried out propaganda to brainwash its citizens that they were supreme to others and therefore they had to conquer and rule other countries. And then there was a country in Asia that kept telling its citizens from young that if they want to have the resources in the world, then they must be prepared to fight and rule the other countries. The two countries since then had brought untold misery to the world.
In our country, those political parties that survive based on race politics will keep on telling the people the importance in protecting their race and religion. They even have programs like the BTN to brainwash the people from young as well as the civil servants about the need to propagate the racial thinking in all fields and their ketuanan towards others. They will tell the people that they will champion the interest of their race above all. Without their protection, the people will not survive in the open. So the people must give them the full support to propagate such ideology. Just like that two dangerous countries, these political parties are doing the same to fortify their political foundation, but in doing so, they are bringing this country to a catastrophic end in the future. Their continuing action to segregate the communities in this country is doing untold damages to the wellbeing of the nation who needs its citizens to be united to meet the global challenges it faces today. Unfortunately these communal political souls only care for their own survival in the present and will never venture out of their propaganda game for the best interest of the nation and its citizens. Divide and rule will be their continuing battle call while the country moves in its peril.

amoker said...

Irrational thinking. FIrst of all, would the government have problem attracting people to work? The real issue is if the immigration department wanted to attract the right talent. No use putting a 'body' that is really a dead wood. Make sure that out of 1000 employed, 80% can exceed the criteria and make the dept better. For a person in his position, he showed a distint lact of foresightness.

Anonymous said...

This is absurd! In Japan, companies normally DO NOT allow children of its employees, especially those in higher positions, to be employed.
Not only childres but also siblings for that matter. So,
I wonder, how this top person of
the Immigration got such a totally
WRONG information?? I can give you a right picture of Japanese work ethics because I am a Japanese1.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting and irresponsible. And trust me, that coming out from a man in his position, expect something more outragoues from him.
(This is how he's being evaluated. How do we evaluate the person who put him there?)