Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PR State Policy - Education for all including children of refugees/statelless persons...

State governments have a lot of power and can bring about significant changes not just at the level of the State Government but also at the level of the Local Governments(be it at the Local Council level but also at the Taman/Kampung/Kampung Baru levels).

The new Pakatan Rakyat State governments have really been procrastinating and not bringing about much changes....focusing us always on the Federal Government - and their quest to seize power.

I say - when quest for control of the Federal Government should not stop -- BUT at the same time, there can and should be substantial reforms in what Pakatan Rakyat already has. Look at Kelantan - and how it managed to survive all these years...without (or with little) help from the Federal Government.

State Government have their own monies - and means of generating monies. Local authorities have a lot of means of generating their own money - so do not tell me that they are 'crippled' and not able to bring about reforms and changes...

What are the matters that these Pakatan Rakyat States can do now?

GREATER DEMOCRACY - meeting that there should be elections at all levels of government - starting with election of leaders at Kampungs, Tamans, Kampung Barus. Start the education process and give the people democracy - people power, makkal sakti, kuasa rakyat. The practice of appointment should stop.

First, in the State Websites - the State Constitution must be available, and also all the State Laws and Rules.
2nd - there must the minutes of the meeting of the State Assembly, including the Written Questions and Answers
3rd - there must be also minutes of all Local Council meetings and decisions
4th - there must be something called State Exco decisions - which the people of the State can rely on to claim and enforce rights. [This will make clear what really is State Police and State level Decisions - also must be provisions for revocations, etc...] These decisions must also be easily available at the State level websites...
5th - A declaration that there will be no State Secrets - and people must be educated in how and where they can access these information. (State Exco and State Committee minutes of meetings should be made publicly available NOW - or after a certain time lapse - say 6 months...)

- State Constitutions could provide for more rights and freedoms for the people of its State (or even in their own State)
- Right to food, shelter and clothing is something that could be included (Remember this right is not there in our Federal Constitution...)
- Right to free education to all persons within the State (maybe pre-primary, primary, secondary and, if possible tertiary..). This could be for every person including children of migrants and refugees...
- Right to free healthcare to all persons
- Right to clean and healthy environment..
- Right to job and employment (meaning that the State will have the obligation to create jobs and to ensure sufficient jobs for the persons in the State...)
- Right to temporary shelter and sanctuary to refugees until the relevant authorities have the required time to process applications for refugee status, etc.. (This could apply to persons from Burma [now called Myanmar], Southern Thailand, ...etc..). Then, maybe we won't hear the horror stories of refugee settlements being burnt down...etc...[Selangor could start this, could it not...]
- Freedom of Expression [State government could create venues for Free Expression, etc...and make clear its stance of these freedoms...]

Almost 9 months since they took over POWER in 4 New States - but what reforms are there...

Too many persons are becoming APOLOGETICS for the delay in Reforms ...

REFORMS have to be done now ....and the people must experience it NOW ... before the end of 4 plus years when we will have the next General Elections...

Changes and reforms have to be SWIFTLY effected - and not delayed.

Maybe good if the 5 Pakatan Rakyat could also put in their websites what the NEW and DIFFERENT things that they have been doing in the State governing since they took power...

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clear conscience said...

I have been following your blog for some time and noticed that what you had written appears to me that your thoughts about government management is so simple.

Your criticisms are more towards immature management. I believe that running a company is already full of challenges, what more a state by itself especially so after having "inherited" some rots from the previous government.

If that looks simple to you, perhaps you should put it up as your PRU 13 election motto & stand up to be counted as a candidate. Doesn't matter which platform you choose, PR or BN.

I am pretty sure it is easier to criticise than walk the talk. You are merely having the talk the talk attitude, Charles.

Take my observations on your comments with utmost dignity and reflect upon whether you are blowing your horns. It is easier said than done!!