Monday, October 27, 2008

Selangor MB behaves like an UMNO-led BN person yet again...

It is so sad when we still hear Selangor's Pakatan Rakyat Menteri Besar still talk about Bumiputra and non-Bumiputra when it comes to appointing persons to the various entities owned and controlled by the Selangor government.

We cannot find a suitable Bumiputra -- so for the time being we will have a non-Bumiputra head PKNS - while we look for a suitable Bumiputra.

I would have expected better from Pakatan Rakyat - like we will look for the best person ...the best Human Being for the job...

Hypocrites they are .... no different really from the UMNO-led BN after all...or are they different?

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the appointment of a non-bumiputra was a short-term measure for one year to ensure the effective continuation of management.

On being told that certain quarters are against the appointment of a non-bumiputra to the post, Khalid smiled and said, that “it is their view and this is mine”.

PKNS general manager Datuk Harun Salim whose annual contract expires this Thursday will not have it extended, as he is 60. Harun retired in mid-2003 and will have to leave the government entity in compliance with the Public Services Department’s age requirement.

Current Finance and Corporate deputy general manager Low Siew Moi, 57, will have her annual contract extended to replace Harun, as acting general manager.

Low, who is in Australia for a holiday, received her letter on Wednesday afternoon.

“We can’t have two top officers retire at the same time as we need an effective continuation of management. One best option is to extend Low’s service on contract basis to replace Harun,” said Khalid after he officially launched the I-City complex here.

He added that Low would work in tandem with the PKNS board of directors to steer the state government’s business arm forward until the state could source for a bumiputra person with high calibre and ethics and someone who is committed to lead the state’s business arm.- Star, 27/10/2008 - S'gor appoints non-bumiputra to temporarily head PKNS


Anonymous said...

Time over Time. I don't think it is that simple as you may think.
Your logic at the moment does not work in Malaysian politics. Do you really think MB Selangor has a better words to say. Time over Time. Much that I agree with you but feel sorry at the moment. Time over Time.

Anonymous said...

The move is to appease the malay ground until such time that the malay masses can compete on the merits and competency.This is also to silence the Umno malay ultras who will not stop at anything to create fear, hatred and dissension to preserve their political power.

Anonymous said...

YB Charles! Don't hantam your pakatan colleague like that. Once you in corridor of power, you understand to speak like politician important, regardless BN or PR.

Starmandala said...

You are indeed well named, Mr Hector! At this critical juncture in the ongoing evolution of post-Umno politics - with vicious jingoistic beasts like Khir Toyo straining at their leashes to inflict pain at every opportunity - even the most enlightened and broadminded Opposition MB has to pussyfoot around racial quotas. I implore you to be a bit more magnanimous and patient. Give Pakatan Rakyat a chance to take charge of the federal government and the national treasury before you pounce on every single move that irks.

Anonymous said...

hey charles..

go easy on the MB for now...i think he's just talking in a lingo which is easily understood by the masses(i.e. BN masses).

give him/PR time...they know what they are doing :-) i am sure.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB Charles,

You are absolutely right!

Why should he follow BN style while this is the golden opportunity for him to display how a multi-racial government by PKR should function?

Why don't he just say that a suitable Malaysian with the right experience and caliber be appointed in the near future?

PKNS belongs to the people and it does not matter who manage it as long as the person managing it is fair and transparent in serving the rakyat.

If this goes on in the coming future, I am not going to vote for PKR again, I will not vote for BN either. Let's just say I will not even want to participate in the next election, wasting our time and effort only.


Anonymous said...

Helloo.....Khaild did good...this temporary post will last for another three years until the lady that time ...hopefully there will be person for the job....

Anonymous said...

With Rabid Morons the majority in this country, do u really think the MB has a choice? Give the man credit. He is easing into things. My old man often says "slowly, slowly, catch the monkey". Knowing how this country is full of monkeys, let's give him time? regards,

Anonymous said...

"Certain quarters are against the appointment of a non-bumiputra to the post"

Who is this certain quarters? Since PKNS is a state owned agency using taxpayers money, why this certain quarters can dictate the organisation structure of PKNS? Why are they given such priviledge? The managing of a state-owned organisation has nothing to do with the racial issue. Why the PR government is being dictated by this group?

Anonymous said...

It doesnt matter with the wording of bumiputra or non-bumputra as long as he doing the right thing by extending the a chinese to lead the PKNS as head of PKNS .. Enterprise first DECISION ....

I think they are changing .. cause I am sure if current BN , they will find anyone as long as Bumiptra even he/she is not suitable one ..

Anonymous said...

We expect more tablets from you Hector.....

Shamsul Talib said...

NOTHING much is different after people had punished BN out of two third of Parliamentary seats.

People still hoping, and lots more hoping around and crying for :

"Give Pakatan Rakyat a chance to take charge of the federal government and the national treasury before you pounce on every single move that irks."

The development of government's policy definately ruin if these group of people still think that D-day will come;
and money drawn into drain silently with you and me sitting like where we are before! - If really they hands-on into national treasury !!

Be aware and turn awakening before too late, folks ~

Anonymous said...

When did Charles Hector become YB Charlees. Please know your personalities before you point a finger at them.


Anonymous said...

The support for Pakatan is thinning among the malays, many thanks to Teressa Kok. No matter what is the excuses or denial on her part (pigs, dog food, removal of jawi road sign and azan issues), she has definitely tarnished Pakatan's image. Putting a non-malay as head of PKNS even though on temporary basis is going to bury Pakatan. Check all these yourselves on the ground!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Charles,

Let's be practical and logical. We need to give some time for changes to happen. It need to happen gradually. We need to have dialog and planning with our bumiputra friends. If politic is that simple as the way you put it, then we shouldn't be in this mess from the beginning. 40 years ago NEP may be practical and relevant but today it is not so anymore but changes must be conducted in orderly manner and taken into account the feeling of our fellow bumiputra.

Monsterball said...

As expected, Khalid Ibrahim is already taking political heat on the appointment from the usual racial chauvinists.

It may not be a real non-racial step that we would wish for, but lets give him some credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

another case in point, today 28oct's utusan (that evil stupid paper.

dpm mentioned gradual easing of nep policies... operative word here is "gradual"... in the "not too distant future"... and how this stupid paper reports it?

somethis like mca mahu MANSUHKAH DASAR EKONOMI BARU.

stoking racial sentiments. clear cut case. but no actions will be taken.

anyway this stupid papers serve only stupid goons. let them feed poison to their own folks. let them be.

as for those innocent malay folks, who know better, or those who doesnt know better, i pray for them.


Anonymous said...

Charles remember this Malaysia as we Malaysians live a life by pretending nothing is happening and never tell the truth as the latter really hurts.You are right it is not only the mb but the pr leaders as well.A lot of readers here are not aware of the fact that after 8/3 pr has become bn where awarding of contracts are concerned.Ask contractors and they will tell you who are getting contracts,always the cronies.You see charles this cancer created by our former peem the learned dog oops sorry doc has spread to a level where it is simply beyond control.CORRUPTION.

Anonymous said...

reply to "concerned voter"

i think u r wrong. ppl support pr for the reasons which will obviously escapes your limited grasps.

read the preceding posts... MB's statement was to talk in a lingo those bigots understand. i say let them exploit the issue and see what comes out of it.

u, test the ground.


Suriya said...


Maybe , just maybe he is playing politics and trying to please Bumis who feel threatened and actually wants the lady to stay

Anonymous said...

Hey Hector, For the record, I wish to state this:

1)the Azan issue, it might not happen in Puchong BUT did happened in USJ. Ask our friend Dee of PKR. He knows. Not only one surau but two. Might not be the politicians.. but the supporters of partisan politics from the look of it.

2) Like Prem said in his comments... Rabid Morons are the majority in this country. Despite that I despised the name calling... he is correct on one point.. that the Majority rules. That is one of the principles of democracy.. and to be honest why is the minority acting and demanding like they are the majority? Go figure.

3) Sometimes the people in the CURRENT Selangor Gomen also is acting like their opponents.. YET just because the are the former opposition, we got blinded by their colours and forgive them too easily. They r ppl out there making mony "selling" PR MB's names and such... Ask our friend Dee yet again...he can confirm my statement.Also pls remember that PR also has to fulfil its promises not to party members and supporters only but to ALL. lest we become like the ones that we are fond of "kutuking"... which I personally feel.. easier said than done... coz once power goes to the head.... u know what I mean. two sides of the same coin.