Thursday, February 05, 2009

Only UMNO goes to see the Sultan..what happened to BN? No ADUNs ...only MPs...mmmm

It's all in the hands of the Sultan of Perak...and all we can do is wait for his announcement.But, it is an act of disrespect when some parties(including the media) are already discussing the next BN Menteri Besar as though HRH the Sultan has already decided that he will not dissolve the Legislative Assembly.

It is also odd - that it is the Deputy Prime Minister, who is seeking the audience with the Sultan of Perak -
Deputy Prime Minister and Perak Umno chief Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and state Umno deputy chairman Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (Bagan Datoh MP) enter Istana Kinta to seek Sultan Azlan Shah’s consent for Barisan to form the new Perak government. - Star, 5/1/2009, Perak political drama (update 4)
Now, they are both not the BN ADUNs who were successfully elected in GE2008. Should it not have been the BN ADUN (or ADUNs) who '...command the confidence of the majority of the members of the Assembly...' there to see the Sultan of Perak? This is a Perak State matter - not a Federal Government matter. [Maybe, after the Trengganu experience - the Big Bosses of UMNO Federal prefer to deal with the Rulers of the State themselves...mmmm]

Secondly, why is the leaders/representatives of the other BN component parties not there at all? So far, I have not seen any reports that indicate even that they are there outside in solidarity when the DPM and the other Federal Minisiter is having an audience with the Sultan.

The results of GE2008 show that the BN certainly do not have the required majority support of the people of Perak. Here, we are assuming that the voting was done indicating support for BN or the opposition PR irrespective of the candidate's personal charm. Thus, despite the fact, that there have been PKR and DAP reps who have changed their support from PR to BN - the likelihood is that if there was a re-election, and the incumbents were allowed to contest , they will lose to the new candidates fielded by the PR.

Given this fact, the now appointing of a BN Menteri Besar - rather than dissolving the Legislative Assembly may not be the best choice..

I believe that dissolution of the Legislative Assembly would be the best in this kind of situation so that the whole issue can be decided by the people in a Perak State elections..

Perak State Elections - well this will be something out of the norm, would it not be. It certainly would open the minds of many Malaysians into appreciating more the fact that we are in fact a federalism...and States do matter.

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