Friday, February 06, 2009

Who is giving orders to the police, the State Secretary, the State public servants in Perak? The Sultan? The PM? The DPM?

Who is in charge?

Who is giving the police and the State Secretary orders? Who has the right to give them orders? Who is the Boss?

This is Perak - a State, part of the Federation known as Malaysia. There is something called sovereignty of the State...or this was just something of the past.

Is it the Prime Minister who is giving the orders? - if so, is this not wrong?

Is it the IGP who is giving the orders to the police? - if so, is this not wrong?

Is it HRH the Sultan giving orders to the State Secretary and the State Government officers? - if so, is this not wrong?

With regard the State Secretary, and State public servants, are they not to follow the orders of the Menteri Besar?

As far as all are concerned, there is still no new Menteri Besar and/or new Executive Council - at least not until there is an official appointment by the Sultan. [Of course, the validity of the appointment of another Menteri Besar when the existing Menteri Besar has yet to resign is also a question]

Over the past few hours, the police and the State Secretary have been insubordinate to the existing Menteri Besar and the State seen in the following Malaysiakini report.

In that 45 minutes, Mohd Nizar's press conference was interrupted twice by the state secretary Abdul Rahman Hashim and the Ipoh police chief Azisman Alias.

Mohd Nizar also refused to hold a meeting with Abdul Rahman and left with his convoy to his official residence where he is expected to hold a press conference.

Below is the chain of events as it happened this morning.

11am: The police have closed the road in front of the Menteri Besar's official residence until 7pm to prevent illegal gathering.

10:45am: Perak CPO Zulkifli Abdullah said the police have secured the state secretariat upon a request by the state secretary.

10.42am: Mohd Nizar and his convoy drove out of the state secretariat, back to his official residence. He said that he had been allowed to use the official vehicle until the new MB Zambry Abdul Kadir was sworn this afternoon.

10.20am: MB and his group moved to Ngeh's office. They then continued their press conference and once again it was interrupted by Abdul Rahman. The state secretary then asked Mohd Nizar for a meeting, which the latter disagreed.

Reporters are led out of the state secretariat.

"I will go about as usual. I have to meet some consultants and investors later. However I will have to tell them that we have to reschedule our appointments," said Mohd Nizar.

10.15am: Mohd Nizar and his exco members held a press conference before it was interrupted by state secretary Abdul Rahman and the state police chief.

Abdul Rahman rudely told reporters to leave the room.

Senior exco member Ngeh Koo Ham was overheard telling the police chief to follow proper procedure. "We can handover properly," he said.

9.40am: Mohd Nizar, in a green baju Melayu, and convoy arrived at the state secretariat building. The gates were closed but after a brief standoff with the security, the MB and his exco members were allowed in.

Mohd Nizar went straight to his office and found it bare.

"It was just as empty and bare when I first took charge last March," he said.

9.30am: Pakatan state exco members gathered at Mohd Nizar's official residence.- Malaysiakini, 6/1/2009,
Access denied to Mohd Nizar

Who is the one giving orders to the police in Perak? If it is the Federal government and the Prime Minister, then we need to say that this is not right.In a State, the police must listen to the government of the day - unless the Police is made independent of the executive, and accountable only to Parliament. For so long, it is under the Home Minister - is it not interference in matters of the State.

In a State, the police should be under the Menteri Besar & the State Exco, and if there is none - then the orders should be coming from the palace, HRH the Sultan of Perak. It cannot be getting orders from the PM, DPM and/or the Federal UMNO-led BN government.

State it time for us to have this in Malaysia?

Federal Police - yes, this will still exist and its jurisdiction would have to be defined.

We did not have the need of wondering about all this matters when the BN controlled the Federal Government, and also almost all the State governments - but things have changed, and I believe we will never have that anymore in Malaysia.


Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...


Rakyat Perak dan seluruh Malaysia marilah berkabung atas kematian demokrasi
dan berdoalah kuasa kepada rakyat untuk memilih di kembalikan serta merta.

InsyaAllah MB Nizar akan kembali berkuasa.


amoker said...

Kenapalah Abdul Rahman buat bising? Siapa yang mengarahkan dia? And he is biadap, according to news report.

Abangchiq said...

Who is giving orders???
Simple answer = no one

Like chedet said
"the Government will be on automatic.
It shows that we really don't need a Government.
It will just coast along even if no one is steering it.
That is how good we have become at governing."

So, we really doesn't need politician.

Anonymous said...

My two cents worth of the Perak controversy: