Saturday, April 04, 2009

UMNO supremacy...the UMNO invention "Malay supremacy' should be rejected by all Malaysians

Propagating the myth that UMNO represents the Malays in Malaysia, the myth that MCA represents the Chinese, and that MIC represents the Indians is necessary for the continued survival of ethnic-politics, and ethnic based political parties.

But reality is that there are other parties that now represent the interest of Malaysians (including Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Kenyah, Melanaus, Penan, Muruts, etc...).

In fact the the party that represents the majority of Malays may today be the Pakatan Rakyat parties (PKR, PAS, DAP...) - and no more UMNO.

In fact the the party that represents the majority of Chinese may today be the Pakatan Rakyat parties (PKR, PAS, DAP...) - and no more MCA.

In fact the the party that represents the majority of Indians may today be the Pakatan Rakyat parties (PKR, PAS, DAP...) - and no more MIC.

Membership numbers may not be the basis of assessing a party'e stregth. The important question is now many paying members (i.e. members who actively take their money and pay their own subscription) are there in a political party. The minimum act of conscious payment of subscription will be some indication that they still do support the said political party.

In Malaysia, many became members on record because some person wanted to be a branch chairman. Notice how difficult it is to join jcertain political parties and be the member of the branch in your area. Some leaders just do not want 'new' members, who may be potential threats.

Propagating the myth that there is a big Malay majority in Malaysia is another means of continuing to stay in power, and suppressing reforms in the political arena. Note that the number of Malays (according to CIA Factbook, in 2004) is 50.4%. The number of Muslims in 2000 according to the same source is 60%. A recent Malaysian government census in 2005 revealed that there are 57% Muslims. [Remembering that to be a Malay, one needs to be a Muslim]. See earlier post: - Why so bothered about UMNO? It may no longer be the party of the majority of Malays in Malaysia.

Hence, the truth about the composition of Malaysia means that UMNO is really not at all that big - and today may really be representing a very small percentage of Malaysians.

This illumination also justifies MCA's call for the Deputy Chairperson of BN to come from another political party - MCA, maybe. Why should UMNO be allowed to hold on to the No. 1 and No. 2 position in BN, and also the position of the Secretary.

The MCA, an influential partner in Barisan Nasional, today called upon Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to create a post for a Chinese deputy prime minister and a Chinese deputy chairperson of BN.

loke yuen yowAnd the party's deputy secretary-general Loke Yuen Yow said these two posts should be given to the MCA president.

At present both the posts are reserved to the deputy president of Umno, currently Muhyiddin Yassin.

"The creation of a Chinese deputy prime minister's position will not only help to realise the true ideology of a power-sharing administration...

"It will also denote that the government gives importance to the role and contributions made by the Chinese towards the process of nation building," he said in a statement today. Malaysiakini, 3/4/2009,
MCA tells Najib to create a 2nd DPM post
I do not support MCA's call. I believe that maybe there must be elections within the BN, and that as a policy, different parties must preferably hold the post of Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson and Secretary of the BN. With regard to who is to be the Deputy Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet - that should be left to the Prime Minister to decide.

This principle should also be adopted by the Pakatan Rakyat as well.

We must also move away from looking at ethnicity and religion as the main consideration in chosing leaders, and should start looking at capacity and capabilities.

Malaysians have to face the facts - and hence new PM's thrust is on Malaysia and Malaysians, it seems.

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Unknown said...

MCA does not represent the chinese. MCA represents lapdogs. they are the facts.