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Why release 13 from ISA? Mistake..or belief that they have been 'sufficiently punished' - Tell us, Mr PM

In the first no one should be subjected to Detention Without Trial, i.e. arrest and detention under the ISA and other laws that allow for Detention Without Trial. Today, there maybe over thousand persons detained without trial, and under the ISA there were 46 as at December 2008. In fact, as of June 2008 there were 62 - meaning that old PM released 16 during that period, so what is the big deal about Najib releasing only 13. (see Aliran's ISA Watch page)

In his first address to the nation as prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak said the government has freed 13 Internal Security Act (ISA) detainees and lifted the ban on two opposition publications.


najib tun razak"I would like to announce that the government has decided with immediate effect to remove the temporary ban on two news publications, release 13 detainees from ISA detention, and conduct a comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act," he said in his first act after taking office today.

"These decisions are timely as we move to enhance the confidence of our citizens in those entrusted with maintaining peace, law and order," he said. - Malaysiakini, 3/4/2008, 13 ISA freed, ban lifted on party organs

So, ALL ISA and Detention Without Trial persons need to be immediately released.. and like Guantanamo Bay, Kamunting Detention Centre and other Detention Without Trial Centres need to be closed down immediately.

REVOKE THE SUSPENSION of Harakah and Suara Keadilan --- mmm...this looks staged. Just a few weeks before for no apparent reason, the suspension is invoked. Was it done so that Najib could revoke it like a 'good guy' new Prime Minister...

There is no need to have any 'comprehensive review of the Internal Security Act' - just repeal the Act, and all other Acts that allow for Detention Without Trial. There are sufficient laws in Malaysia already. Remember that 'planning' or 'even preparing' for the commission of any offence is already a criminal offence in Malaysian law.

Today, the ISA and other Detention Without Trial laws DO NOT allow the questioning of the validity of the reasons for the Detention Order, and that is so very wrong. It means that good Minister can give any 'cock and bull' reason - and it cannot even be reviewed by the court.

Released from ISA - will there be any compensation given to them and their families? Nothing at all, and that is the evil of these Detention Without Trial Laws of Malaysia.

Will the names of those wrongly detained under the ISA and other Detention Without Trial be cleared? Can they now sue the Minister...the Government of Malaysia for clear their name? Maybe they should try ...and maybe even seek a Declaration that their detention was wrong...

I take it that the release of persons under Detention Without Trial laws is an ADMISSION by the Government that they were never 'guilty' and their entire Detention was wrong. If not, they would have been charged, tried and found guilty.

I believe that many of these Detention of persons allegedly being a member of JI (Jemaah Islam), KMM, or Darul Islam is all 'bullshit' - more likely these innocent persons were just incarcerated because Malaysia wanted to show the world (not the world but maybe the US under Bush..) that Malaysia was also strong against 'terrorism' - even Islamic terrorist. If it is not so, then charge all those persons in court and prove that they were guilty of some wrong.

If Najib wants to do something good - then release them all immediately and go for the repeal of the ISA and all Detention Without Trial Laws. No need to review...

Why are you releasing 2 from the HINDRAF 5? Did you make a mistake in the 1st place? Do you now feel that the 2 have been 'sufficiently punished' for their wrongs but not the other 3? Explain Mr Home Minister the reasons for your release? Mistake...or because they have been punished enough..tell us. Is this not discrimination against the remaining 3 - unless the release was an admission of a mistake.

It was also very wrong to delay the release - for it seems the decision to release was made earlier, and it was delayed so that it could be announced by new PM when he made his speech. When Mr Home Minister did you decide to release them? Were you ordered by new PM to release them? Tell open and honest..

Immediately after Najib's address, Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar announced the names of the 13 ISA detainees to be freed.

hindraf isa detainees 290808They include two of the Hindraf 5 - V Ganabatirau and R Kenghadharan - both of whom have been incarcerated for 15 months.

The others released are eight members of the Darul Islam movement and three foreigners.

The Home Ministry, as of December last year, said it was holding 46 people under the ISA, the majority of whom belong to militant groups like the Jemaah Islamiah and the Darul Islam movement. - Malaysiakini, 3/4/2008, 13 ISA freed, ban lifted on party organs

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Ghifari X said...

Apologies and compensate them if you are sincere. And give the public your solemn word not to use this spiteful Ultra-Malay device. Najib wants to look good – then, what about Altantuya and what about the conflict of interest-kick backs you so dare refer to as commissions? Our hearts have turned there is no room for a prodical like you Mr. Prime Minister. Just leave! With that big head ugly termite at your side.