Friday, June 04, 2010

418,200 or 41% of Malaysia's civil servants suspected to be involved in corruption

It is shocking that it has been revealed that 41% of public servants (normally referred to as government servants by governments seeking to create a mindset that they should be supporters for...and vote for only the UMNO-led BN. The correct term is 'public servants' and they are meant to serve the Malaysian public - their loyalty is first to Malaysians - not the government of the day).

41% - this was revealed by their own union, and the question is why the lack of actions against these public servants. Maybe, the law need to be amended to add 'special punishments' for civil servants, i.e. termination, and maybe even loss of other benefits, including pension for the more serious offenses.  

There must also be publicity as to the nature of these offences - and the punishments meted out. This will help educate the public - and will certainly be a deterrent. 

TEMERLOH: Cuepacs is alleging that 418,200 or 41% of the 1.2 million civil servants were suspected to be involved in corruption last year.

Its president Omar Osman said this was worrying and needed to be tackled urgently.

“To combat the scourge, Cuepacs will work closely with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission,” Omar told reporters after opening the triennial general meeting of one of the affiliates of the umbrella union here yesterday.

Omar said besides corruption, Cuepacs would also not protect civil servants with disciplinary problems. For example, playing truant or forging medical certificates.

“There have been cases where a one-day medical leave was doctored to read as 11 days,” said Omar. - Star, 3/6/2010, 41% of civil servants involved in corruption
Should the actions taken against these corrupt civil servants be internal...and hidden from the public? Or should they be charged in court, and accorded a fair and open trial? I believe that they should be charged and tried. Internal actions always gives the perception that the government is seeking to protect some - possibly the 'higher-ups' or some connected persons/companies.

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I swear said...

Someone already clarified 41% of those Q by mACC are civil servant la, not 41% civil servant are corrupted. But Me thinks this is a BIG LIE.

Me says 99.999% of civil servants are corrupt.