Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If only PKR could ALSO promote more democratic rights for people in places they rule...

It is good that PKR is now allowing all its members to vote for the President and the Central Committee... but alas that is just an internal party matter....and I do hope that they could also with the same commitment bring greater democracy to the places they now rule with other Pakatan Rakyat partners..

But it is sad that they still do not believe in the people of Malaysia and their right and ability to choose their own leaders at every level. 
- they can choose their own kampung, Taman, kampung orang asli, kampung baru, area leaders and representatives
- they can choose their own local council members
- they can even choose their own SENATORS...
....and it is here that PKR has failed to bring greater democracy to the places where they already rule...

PKR is gearing up for the massive undertaking of being the first political party in Malaysia to introduce direct voting, following amendments to its constitution last year.

tian chua media police suit pc 090307 latheefa koyaAccording to party information chief Latheefa Koya (right), the highly-anticipated move beginning July will see “a few hundred thousand” members voting in their leaders at national and division level.

“From July until the congress in November, the divisions will hold their annual general meetings as per their schedule and members will vote for division leaders then,” she said.

She added that all the members from about 200 divisions will vote for central leaders on a later date, with members divided into zones.

“We will split them into the northern zone, eastern zone, Sabah and Sarawak zone and Selangor and Kuala Lumpur zone. And they will all vote on the same day,” she said.

The move will see PKR eclipsing other parties which at present only allow a select number of delegates to vote for its national leadership, giving rise to money politics.

For example, last year Umno allowed only 2,519 delegates to vote for the deputy president, three vice-presidents, 25 supreme council members and the Umno permanent chairperson.

Internal 'election commission'

Latheefa said that state and division leaders will be briefed at the upcoming retreat in Shah Alam this weekend, to ensure that everyone understands the details of the procedures.

pkr congress agm kota baru 300510 crowdThe briefing will cover not only the daunting logistical issues but the rules and regulations of the election, she said.
“We will explain who can be nominated, the nomination process, what is the procedure for someone to accept or reject a nomination, how someone can protest a nomination, and all that.

“The election will be a lot of work, so we don't want things to not be done correctly and people questioning the results of the election,” she said.

She added that the party will also form its “own version of the Election Commission” to monitor and run the election, using party volunteers.

“The party secretariat is currently in the process of organising volunteer members and people with calibre who do not want to run, to be part of this committee.

“It will be hard work but we have committed to this, and so we have to deliver,” she said.- Malaysiakini, 22/6/2010,A first as PKR starts direct voting come July

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