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Israeli attack on flotilla - investigation by the UN (not Israel)....

I condemn in strongest terms the Israeli attack of a Turkish ship in international waters. That ship was part of a flotilla of ships carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. At least 10 activists have been killed.
The UN Security Council has only called for an inquiry, that is to be done done by the Israel - this is wrong, for it should be done by the UN and/or an international impartial team. How can one expect Israel to conduct an 'impartial' inquiry? I am sure, if it was Iran or some other country, the US (and the UN) would have taken a better position. The raid...the killing...the offence occured in international waters on board a Turkish ship - should not Turkey have the right and the jurisdiction to investigate this crime...

Our TV reports did not show our PM Najib condemning the act....only his concern about getting the Malaysians involved back safely. Was this because Najib do not want to hurt Malaysia's relationship with the US?

ALIRAN Media statement

Israeli attack on flotilla: Release 600 detainees now

Aliran condemns in the strongest terms the recent Israeli atrocities against unarmed civilians on board an aid flotilla heading towards Gaza which resulted in at least 10 peace activists being killed.

The incident is all the more heinous as it took place in international waters. Israel has no jurisdiction there or over Gaza, which is under a virtual siege.

What was the crime of the flotilla? They were carrying 10,000 tonnes of school supplies, medical equipment and construction material. The supplies were sorely needed by impoverished Gaza residents, 80 per cent of whom rely on humanitarian aid.

Aliran supports the UN Security Council's statement calling for a prompt, impartial and transparent inquiry into Israel's attack on the flotilla.

We also demand the immediate release of close to 600 humanitarian volunteers from several countries who have been unjustly and illegally detained in centres across Israel. The ships bearing the cargo must be allowed to continue their voyage and Israel must end its three-year blockade on Gaza.

Aliran executive committee
1 June 2010

Malaysian Bar Press Release

State terrorism by Israel must end

The Malaysian Bar strongly denounces Israel’s brutal attack yesterday on the fleet of ships carrying humanitarian aid bound for Gaza.

Such flagrant hostility is deplorable, particularly as it was perpetrated in a deliberate and unprovoked assault on a peaceful initiative, and in international waters.  It seems evident that the degree of force employed was excessive and unwarranted, given the nature of this nonviolent humanitarian effort involving civilians.  The aggression is offensive, and unacceptable. 
This vicious attack is but a symptom of the longstanding and bitter conflict in the region that has resulted in crimes against humanity, as innumerable atrocities have been committed upon the people of Palestine.  To resolve the discord, the wider issues must be addressed urgently.  Israel and the international community must recognise the democratically-elected Hamas Government.  The pitiless, inhumane and counterproductive blockade of Gaza must be lifted.  Any long-term and comprehensive solution must be founded on Israel’s complete withdrawal from the occupied territories, the dismantling of all settlements and the right of the displaced Palestinian people to return safely to their homeland.

The Malaysian Bar calls on the international community, particularly the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the European Union, to act urgently to curb Israel’s blatant violations of international law.  These nations must not continue to condone the severe and recurring acts of state terrorism carried out by Israel.  It is outrageous that governments that quickly and naturally take the moral high ground on many other matters fail utterly and miserably on the issue of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people. 
The American Government’s unconditional support of the Israeli regime – manifested in its abject failure to act decisively and objectively and its practice of double standards in Israel and the Middle East – is the greatest failure of US foreign policy.  

We are deeply concerned about the welfare of all those on the affected ship, including our fellow citizens, and sincerely hope for good news.  Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families and friends of those who lost their lives in the attack.
Ragunath Kesavan
Malaysian Bar
1 June 2010
Amnesty International Statement
June 2, 2010 A Statement from Amnesty International forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission
GAZA: Call for International Inquiry into Activist Killings
Dear Supporter,

At least ten civilian activists protesting against the blockade on the Gaza strip have been killed by Israeli forces. The activists were on a flotilla of ships in international waters carrying aid to the Gaza strip in defiance of the three-year blockade. Act now

Israel says its forces acted in self-defence but the level of lethal force used by Israeli troops appears to have been out of all proportion to any threat posed.

We are calling on Israel to launch an immediate credible and independent investigation into these killings, to allow the UN access to conduct an international inquiry, to provide the names and nationalities of those who were killed and injured, to allow access to those arrested, detained or in hospital by UK officials and their lawyers, to promptly release those who are currently detained unless they are charged with a recognizable criminal offence, to not employ excessive force against demonstrators protesting the events of 31 May, and to immediately lift the blockade.

Please email the Foreign Secretary to support the call for a credible, independent and international investigation into the deaths caused by the raid. Act now


Kristyan Benedict
Campaign Manager
Crisis Response & Country Priorities

Background on the blockade:
The strict blockade that has been imposed by the Israeli authorities on the people of Gaza since June 2007 has depleted the resources of a collapsing economy. The population, more than half of which are children, suffers from high levels of poverty and dependence on aid. While Israel has a duty to protect its citizens, the measures it takes must conform to international humanitarian and human rights law. Collective punishment such as that caused by the blockade is prohibited under international law and constitutes a crime against humanity. So far, the international community has betrayed the people of Gaza by failing to back their words with effective action to secure the ending of the Israeli blockade. Read more on our blog

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