Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Selangor MB/ADUNs/MPs should not be getting Director's allowances from State-owned companies

Selangor Menteri Besar/ADUNs/MPs who get appointed as Directors to State owned companies should not be getting additional money in the form of Director's allowances. This will be wrong. They should receive just their salary/allowances for being the Menteri Besar, State Exco, ADUNs and/or MPs. [In Thailand, when a former Prime Minister received money for doing a cooking show, it was wrong and the court kicked out that PM. Likewise, when one is a Menteri Besar and State Exco - they must not have any other source of income. Same goes for ADUNs/MPs. The exception would be maybe income that they have been earning from certain sources even before they came into that position - but this must be declared]

At the same time, when it comes to State-owned companies, CEOs, Directors and/or company management should not be paid more than the salary that the Menteri Besar and/or State Exco receives.

Workers in State-owned companies should also not be paid more than workers of the State government. They should be in the same scale as State government employees. There should be no additional bonuses, etc. State owned company workers should also be given the same benefits as other State government employees, or they should be receiving some reasonable payment in lieu of the said benefits. 

After all, they are working for the State government - and they should not be benefiting more than any other person working for the State.

If the State government feels that ADUNs and MPs of the State, MBs and State Excos are not being paid enough, then make sure that their salaries/allowances are increased by way of amendment of the relevant State enactments, and in the interim additional funds could be given to ADUNs/MPs,.... but it must be the same for all the ADUNs/MPs irrespective of which party they come from. [UMNO-led BN discriminates by giving special allocations to their MPs/ADUNs, and this is wrong - so Pakatan Rakyat must not follow suit, but set the example of how there must be no discrimination]

Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd(KSSB) - I am shocked that there is no transparency, and we are not even informed about who the Directors are, or who the main management are. You can find these information at most private company websites. There is also no statement of accounts, income and expenditure, profit and loss statements - these are information that one can obtain by doing a carian/search at the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia - so really it is no big deal to have this information in KSSB and all other Selangor government (and other government) owned companies and entities. The annual report should also be there. What we want is openness, transparency, accountability, information.

I ask Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi for a response, and hope that they will not be the same as the UMNO-led BN leaders who just will ignore it, or...... at the end of the day just not respond.


casper c said...

Kumpulan Semesta is helmed by one Shukor Nagor(do check spelling) who represents the first generation of Malay professionals thrust into executive levels of management when he was named Managing Director of Dunlop Industries(prior to his appointment, the position was always from within head office - Sime Darby) circa 1990 thereabout.

Fair to surmise, the rot in Sime Darby and stable of companies started from that time onwards. A company of great pedigree, over 100 years of history, is today pale reflection of what 'might have been' if entitlement wasn't made a criteria for management.

The push by Economic Planning Unit was a carry on of Mahathir's 'Malay First Policy' - having succeeded to have all key positions of Civil Service helm by 'Bumis', that encroached into so-called Private Sector by virtue of control/golden share through EPF, PNB, Khazanah, Tabung Haji and LTAT.

Agree wholly Charles, appointment to the Board of any state owned companies should be an honour and not financial gain. The DAP has handled itself well by that ie politics for public service and not private gain.

Perhaps, all Pakatan reps and MP's should conform to the highest ethical standards and not follow precedent set by those before.

Regards as always.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Good input and good points.
And it is better not to hold more than 2 post.
Public office is to serve and it is not for self financial gains.
If all the PR states can implement your suggestions .
umno people will have no place to stand and will be force to follow .
We want dedicated MPs and ADUNs .