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This is PAS Seat...DAP seat...PKR seat - what about other candidates - No seats unless...

A pre-occupation of this being PKR seat...and that being DAP seat...etc leads one to wonder what seats remain for the other opposition political parties...and independent candidates. Nobody likes a 3-corner fight, but if the Opposition political parties are so fixated with the idea of this being their turf... then all other independent candidates & candidates from other Opposition to BN parties are expected to do what?

The Pakatan Rakyat must not be so 'rigid' - and must be open to fielding the best person as the candidate. Even though PKR stood as a candidate in Temerloh Parliamentary seat, for example, they should not be too rigid in allowing a better candidate who may be from DAP, PAS, PRM, PSM ...or even an independent to stand as the candidate....let us have the best candidate to stand against the BN candidate.
Of all the Pakatan Rakyat political parties, PKR has been found most wanting - given the fact that majority of those that 'jumped' and became BN-friendly have been from that particular political party...At one time, they had the biggest number of seats in Parliament...but no more. It was also party-hoppers, majority of whom came from PKR, that caused the opposition to lose one State...

Who makes a good 'lawmaker'? Well maybe, we need to review the participation of the various Pakatan Rakyat MPs/ADUNs in the Parliament/State Legislative Assembly... and, sadly the results will be disappointing as many have just adopted the role of being mere 'seat warmers' - playing no active role within the  Parliament/State Legislative Assembly and/or outside... The criteria of selection seems to be loyalty - and sometimes, it is not just a loyalty to the party....but loyalty to certain personality/faction within the party. 
The political parties and the people need to review their present position and manner of thinking...before the next GE. Choose the best candidate - one who have an history of advocating for justice and human rights...not just the 'least threatening' or those that 'kow-tow' the most...

What is PKR talking about? If Malay majority seat, then it will be a PAS seat, if non-Malay majority, then it will be a DAP seat, if mixed seats, then it will be PKR seats... I sincerely hope not.

PKR is gearing up for some tough negotiations with fellow Pakatan Rakyat member PAS, with both parties eyeing several of the same seats in the 13th general election, which is widely speculated to held this year.

While he did not name the constituencies, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali said the seats involved were in areas with no racial majority, or what are referred to as "mixed constituencies".

azmin interview 260408 talking"It is no longer the old formula where PAS will contest in Malay majority areas, DAP in Chinese majority areas and PKR in mixed areas. Now, PAS also wants the mixed seats," Azmin (right) said this morning.

PAS has traditionally enjoyed support from the Malay community, but recent by-elections have proven that this too is becoming a challenge for the coalition.
For example, its Tenang by-election candidate Normala Sudirman recently lost on the back of an overwhelming 83.3 percent Malay support for BN.

A lot older and better organised than PKR, PAS is expected to come to the negotiation table citing its stronger presence in terms of numbers of members and divisions.

However, Azmin said, PKR would substantiate its claim to the seats PAS was seeking by showing that "PKR resonates better with voter sentiments", which, he claimed, had been gathered through the party's "detailed voter analysis".

Besides the negotiated seats, the Gombak parliamentarian added, PKR was sure of about 90 percent of the seats it wished to contest.

However, the party is still in the process of choosing its candidates. Division leaders nationwide have been given a March 20 deadline to come up with a shortlist of candidates to be sent to the central leadership.

PSM reps can be PKR candidates

Interestingly, Azmin said the party would consider candidates mooted by the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM).

The party has also held talks with Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), which in 2008 fielded three representatives under the PKR banner.

"We have no problem with them contesting under our banner again as they have shown very strong loyalty to the cause," he said.

hindraf crc scah talk 121208 jeyakumarHowever, Azmin added, PSM's stand that it is not part of Pakatan Rakyat, but "only friends" of the coalition, could confuse voters.

If the socialist party wanted to contest under the PKR banner, he said, it would need to adhere to the common policies of Pakatan.

PSM wants to use its own symbol in the coming general election, after finally being registered as a political party in June 2008, ending a 10-year struggle.

At its congress last year, PSM central committee member Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj (above) said the party could not be part of the Pakatan coalition as it promoted liberal capitalist ideals that went against the PSM ideology.

However, Jeyakumar added, "we are with them in the struggle to unseat BN".- Malaysiakini, 15/2/2011, Azmin: PAS now eyeing PKR's turf

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