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Another event in KLCC this Saturday to protest Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011

Event: Malaysians can walk freely with Pak Samad in KLCC without police permit 

The battle against the 'Peaceful Assembly Bill' is not over yet. They have only passed it in the Lower House. This means we can still force them to withdraw or hold back until the bill is passed in the Upper House (Senate) and eventually signed by the King. Even if they pass it, we can still defeat it by mounting a campaign of civil disobedience.

Last Saturday, we had a wonderful yellow event in KLCC Park where people gathered without permit in yellow, with yellow balloons, yellow flowers, and flags. (All Videos on protest against the #PA2011:

This week, we will do it again. And Pak Samad is joining us and would read us some poems. Let us flood the KLCC without police permit. Let us defy stupid laws. Let us defend our freedom.

Last week we had 400 people coming, this week we aim to make it 800. 
We need to grow the momentum. This is only possible with your help. If you show your support by bringing your friends & family to the event!
Have a picnic together at KLCC park (in front of the fountains - its a family-friendly event).

Please help by spreading the news and invite all your friends on Facebook. Just install this programme on your Chrome and everything can be done with a click (5 seconds):

Pak Samad to lead Public Assembly Bill protest
National laureate A Samad Said will lead the second round of protest at KLCC Park tomorrow, defying the Public Assembly Bill that the Lower House of Parliament passed on Tuesday and is now awaiting Senate approval.

The park was the scene of a
similar protest last Saturday, with some 400 protesters - many of them clad in yellow in support of the Bersih movement - singing songs, distributing balloons and flowers, blowing soap bubbles and practising yoga to demonstrate against the "unconstitutional" Bill.

anti ppsmi rally 070209 pak samad police
"This week, we will do it again. And Pak Samad is joining us to read us some poems. Let us flood the KLCC without police permit. Let us defy stupid laws. Let us defend our freedom," wrote one of the organisers, Wong Chin Huat, on his Facebook wall.

The 76-year old poet and novelist, popularly known as Pak Samad, is no stranger to protests, having led the
Bersih 2.0 rally on July 9 and the anti-PPSMI rally in 2009 (on left).

The 2pm event, again organised through
Facebook, calls for the Bill's immediate withdrawal and to allow postal voting for all overseas Malaysians.

Organisers hope to double the number of participants to 800. As of writing, close to 300 Netizens have confirmed their participation.

Unlike last week, organisers are urging participants to bring food for the "afternoon picnic", along with the usual flags, balloons and flowers, and to dress in yellow.
Banners, placards are discouraged

Banners and placards are discouraged by organisers at the demonstration, to show the police that protests can happen without them, and because those carrying these are likely to be denied entry into the park.

In addition, the organisers are discouraging participants from bringing political party T-shirts or flags to maintain a non-partisan campaign.

malaysian can walk klcc 261111 09
When the group gathered last Saturday to demonstrate, police kept watch from a distance, while park security men disrupted speeches.

Nevertheless, before being dispersed, Wong vowed to return on the following Saturday, to which the crowded cheered, "Yes!"

Despite this protest and a much
larger march by the Bar Council on Tuesday, the Public Assembly Bill 2011 was passed by the Dewan Rakyat on the same day.

The Bill will still need to be passed by the Dewan Negara and get the approval of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong before it can be gazetted as law.

Once gazetted, organisers of public assemblies must notify police beforehand and can only operate under under restrictive conditions.

These include a blanket ban on street demonstrations and any assembly within 50 metres of places of worship, schools, public transport terminals and other "prohibited places". -
Malaysiakini, 2/12/2011, Pak Samad to lead Public Assembly Bill protest

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