Tuesday, February 07, 2012

High percentages in actions to provide electricity, piped water, in the past few years indicates failure of BN government

Watching television, we see statistics - percentage of BN government in resolving issues like electrity, piped water, houses for the poor - and over the past couple of years compared to previously, the achievement in comparison with the past many years of BN government rule is most impressive - more than hundreds of percent improvement - some even maybe thousands of percent.

Fact :- It has been the Barisan Nasional (or the earlier Alliance), both UMNO, MCA and MIC led coalition that have been ruling Malaysia since independence - 1957.

Fact - Malaysia has always been blessed with riches - rubber, oil palm, tin, petroleum ....

It is the duty/responsibility of government to ensure that all in Malaysia do have electricity, water supply, houses, roads, etc... - and as such these percentages of achievement over the past few years that we see on TV nowadays (close to the next GE) is in no way an achievement - it is a FAILURE on the part of the BN government.
The fact that these percentage of achievement over the past few years is even an indication of a MUCH BIGGER FAILURE - the percentage and the numbers should have been very very small indicative of the how the BN government have been most successful in fulfilling the obligations of any good government in ensuring that all its people have the basic of all necessities... 

Malaysians will not be fulled by these HIGH percentages showing BN's current achievement - and the BN should have been 'smarter' to know that such data is merely an indication of how much the BN has failed us all in ensuring that all in Malaysia do have electricity, piped water, sewage facilities, proper homes, roads, etc...When faced with the threat of losing the upcoming General Elections, they are all too quick to try remedy their failures... it is so sad.

I, a Malaysian, would have expected that all in Malaysia had proper homes, electricity supply, piped water, sewage treatment services, roads, etc within ten(10), if not twenty(20) years of our independence - but alas the UMNO-led coalition governments failed to even achieve this...

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