Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Government machinery will run as usual even if Opposition defeats BN

Government machinery will run as usual even if Opposition defeats BN - and the reason for this is that the effective running of the government, various Ministries and departments are all done by workers in the civil service ... so there is no RISK of a collapse of the government no matter who wins...

The problem with Malaysia is that we have only had ONE(1) coalition of political parties led by UMNO, known before as the Alliance (Perikatan) and today the Barisan Nasional. Over they years, they have managed to quell the Opposition from winning. Through the control of the mass media, and a suppression of all other avenues of freedom of expression/opinion - they have kept Malaysians ignorant of alternatives and criticism of government administration/policy and actions. Our media generally have not kept us properly informed of the good things happening in other countries or the good actions/policies of other government - most that we see is all the 'bad' that is happening elsewhere the wars, the riots, the natural disasters, etc...In this way, Malaysians were kept 'blind' of a lot of things - with a belief of 'Thank God, we are all OK in Malaysia' - sadly, this is very far from the truth.

For Malaysians, democracy ONLY meant being able to go to the ballot box and vote every five years...for MPs and ADUNs. And, for most Malaysians, ignorant of the real rights and freedoms that should be present in a true democracy, that was alright and acceptable. Of course, there was also that 'threat' that was ever present in the hearts and minds of Malaysians - i.e. that if you vote for anyone other than the BN candidate, they will know and you will be 'blacklisted' and will be discriminated - students scholarships, opportunity to get land or low-cost houses, transfers to some 'ulu' area or not being considered for promotion - fears felt by the civil servants, suffer problems with business licences/permits,be denied development,.... Of course, no BN leader may have actually verbally made this threat - but it was there in the hearts and minds of Malaysians. Most Malaysians believe that the vote is NOT secret and the government will know who voted for what... We believed that we were living in an environment where 'Big Brother was always watching..'

Well, democracy is so much more than that ---- and democracy also means that I have a right in electing my own kampung leader(or taman leader), my own Local Council and Yang Di-Pertua(or Mayor), my own Penghulus for my Mukim, ...and also my own Senators. 

In Thailand, in every 'taman' (usually about 500 persons/homes), there is elections once every 2-3 years. First, there are circulars sent to every homes calling for nominations....after that, there will be a period of campaigning...then there will be elections. About RM1,000 is allocated monthly through the elected rep and committee for their usual activities, etc. Now, these committees have a great say in determining what is done and needed for the said taman --- maybe drains, covering potholes, etc... 

And, of course the Local Councilors are most responsive to the people's needs and demands... and act fast and efficiently - for if they do not, come next elections, they will be voted out.

But in Malaysia, the government decides and appoints the Ketua Kampung, the JKKK, the Local Council, the Penghulu, .... and as such, most Malaysians do not even know who their 'reps' are and maybe even how they look like. These appointed reps many a time is not so bothered with the people (for after all they do not appoint them) - and is most close with the State government...Sometimes, the government may seek the consent of the local community with regards to some development project in the area - and, yes - it is this 'appointed' reps that gives the approval. The problem is that they seldom (or almost never) get back to the people they represent to get their views...

Now, BN has ruled too long ..... and the efficiency and quality has eroded...Now, this government is plagued with allegations of corruption, mal-practices, 'cover-ups'.... and this has to change. Remember, a new broom sweeps clean ... and maybe that is what we need, and so for the good of Malaysia and Malaysians, it may be time for us to change the government ....and reject the BN. If the Opposition do not perform better, we can always kick them out in 5 years.... And a victory for someone other than  the BN will also automatically be a VICTORY for the people - for thereafter, these politicians and political parties will be in fear of the people - knowing that if they do not perform for the good of the country and all its people, they will LOSE at the coming elections...

One argument by BN before was that the Opposition cannot govern the country - they have no experience ..they are good in criticizing only... But that myth has been destroyed after we have seen how a DAP Chief Minister ruled Penang, a PKR man ruled Selangor... we all knew for a long time that PAS could effectively govern...for Kelantan is the best example...

If people are 'intelligent and serious', the time is ripe to give our Barisan Nasional a 'break'... a 'time off' - a time to rest and reflect on where they had failed and how they can improve, and maybe give us a BETTER alternative come PRU14....(the GE after the next)

"...The people must be intelligent and serious in selecting leaders to govern the nation, in order to maintain the administrative structure practiced for the last 55 years. 

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) administrative system was the best as it practiced a concept of sharing which involved every race and ethnic group in developing the country.

“The peace and harmony of today is the result of our multi-racial attitude, a willingness not to be enemies. 

“Our country inherited the administrative system which was created by the first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, with Tan Cheng Lock and VT Sambanthan. We developed this country together.

“This is the best approach,” he said at a dinner with non-governmental organisations organised by the Human Development Association of Malaysia and Penang Indians Development Association in George Town yesterday. 

“BN is not a party which just wants votes and we really have no other choice because we have only two parties in the country. So if we reject BN then the opposition would win and they would destroy the country,” he said...." - Malaysiakini, 10/7/2012, Be intelligent in choosing leaders, says Mahathir

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