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Najib, what 'national reconciliation'? What is needed is a changes in the way BN governs Malaysia - more freedoms, accountability and transparency

"National Reconciliation is the term used for establishment of so-called 'national unity' in countries beset with political problems" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I was shocked when Najib Tun Razak, now again the Prime Minister of Malaysia talked about "National Reconciliation" after the Barisan Nasional won GE13 

Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who won his first mandate Sunday to lead the country, said the voter polarisation trend was worrying.

"One of the programmes we will undertake is national reconciliation," he added.

Despite the extent of the swing against Barisan, Najib said the coalition did not fall...- Star, 6/5/2013, GE13: Najib - We will undertake national reconciliation
What does he mean? 

What 'voter polarisation' trend is he talking about?  Is he talking about the fact that the majority of voters voted against the Barisan Nasional. [Malaysian Insider reports that more than 50% of the voters voted against the Barisan Nasional.]

"...Barisan Nasional may have lost the popular vote in Election 2013, despite being returned to power with 133 seats from the 222-seat Parliament.

With all results in, BN polled 5.220 million votes to Pakatan Rakyat’s 5.489 million, for a deficit of 269,130 votes based on calculations by The Malaysian Insider. The Election Commission has yet to release the official results.

This was proportionally down from the 4.082 million votes the coalition polled in Election 2008, against the 3.796 million that the parties of PKR, DAP, and PAS collected then.

The last time an Umno-led coalition lost the popular vote was in 1969, then contested by BN's predecessor, the Alliance Party..." - Malaysian Insider, 6/5/2013, Triumphant BN seen losing popular vote

I am also disturbed by Najib talking about deterioration of 'ethnic' support - We are Malaysians and lets us be Malaysians and talk about deteriorating Malaysian support - and stop use 'ethnicity' or 'religion' to divide Malaysians. It is disturbing that even the constituencies are being described as being this and that ethnic majority. It may be time for us to emulate countries like Thailand and Indonesia, and stop referring to Malaysians based on their ethnicity and/or religion. We are all Malaysians.

Najib said a few factors, including less support from the Chinese, prevented Barisan from a bigger win..- Star, 6/5/2013, GE13: Najib - We will undertake national reconciliation
Talking about age group swings are OK but let us not be 'narrow' and still talk about this and that ethnic groups - be Malaysian. Maybe, UMNO should reconsider its constitution and become a multi-ethnic and multi-religious party. MIC and MCA should follow suit. That would be a welcome transformasi. 

By the way, saudara Najib, your analysis is wrong - for how would you explain the swing in Trengganu, ... Malaysians, yes more Malaysians have abandoned their support for the Barisan Nasional... and, proper analysis would show that...

RECONCILIATION - what is important is to practice the true values of democracy now that the BN has won GE13, that is to treat all Malaysians equally without taking into consideration who they voted for. No discrimination against States or Constituencies that chose some other than the BN. 

It is embarrassing  when politicians and political parties behave worse than 'immature kids' by rewarding constituencies that voted for them, and 'black-listing' or treating badly areas/communities that voted against them. Barisan Nasional, unfortunately has been perceived to do this - shame on you. Transform into a more mature.

I hope that the reconciliation Najib was talking about was the treatment of all Malaysians by the BN equally without any discrimination against persons and or areas that used their democratic right to choose candidates from other parties - not the BN.

Would Najib now ensure that all MPs and ADUNs are given the same powers and financial allocations to be used to serve the people in the various constituencies? 

Would Najib now ensure that all schools and other institutions be FREE to invite who they want to officiate and/or attend functions - Now, even an MP and/or ADUN of the Opposition is not allowed to be invited by schools in their constituencies. Hope all this changes so that elected representatives are best able to carry out their duties..

Najib, in his speech talked about 'moderation' - and this made me worried that this government may further erode freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly? Remember that peaceful assemblies are acts of 'moderation' and not acts of extremism. 

Will Najib change the way the BN has ruled in the past - ensuring an increase of democratic space, greater accountability and transparency, greater concern for public opinion and views, public health and environment? Or will it be the same, or worse?

Humbled should Najib and BN be after GE13 when the majority of voters voted against BN if he (and BN) want to win back the people.

We shall wait and see...


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