Saturday, May 04, 2013

Who do I vote for? Pakatan/Opposition? BN? Malaysia?

BN has ruled since independence - so they have experience ...and yes, they have something for us to evaluate. 

No one can deny that Malaysia has developed in terms of infrastructure, etc - but alas the BN has failed to ensure equitable distribution of wealth - there is even so many poor underprivileged Bumiputras - not to mention non-Bumiputras so they failed. Some areas in Malaysia has just not benefited at all. Railroads - well look at the trains on the East Coast of Malaysia (and Sabah and Sarawak???). Where are the new railroads - where is the Kuching to Kota Kinabalu Railroad? Where is the Kota Bharu - Kuala Trengganu - Kuantan - Johor Bharu railroad? Where is Kuantan - Temerloh - Kuala Lumpur rail-link? We still have to travel to Gemas - turn around and head to KL if we go by train.

I am disturbed also of the fact that there are new super-rich, some of whom are family members of former Prime Ministers and those connected. 

Freedoms - what freedoms? People have been slowly silenced and denied freedoms - the government is also not been transparent - and consultation with the people has also been bad. Corruption...mus-management of funds, privatization of public amenities.... even healthcare slowly - look at IJN - now ordinary Malaysians with heart ailments and conditions just will not have a chance unless they have a lot of money. BN also did not understand 'democracy' - and have openly denied development, aid, etc to people or even areas  that voted against them...

Pakatan - well, there is no 'history' for us to evaluate at Federal level  - save to look at some of the States they ruled - but alas, BN has effectively put in place laws that deprive States the ability to act independently - the Federal still 'control' many aspects in the State. Schools cannot just invite any person to officiate functions save those listed by the Federal Government - so cannot invite the elected MP, ADUN, etc... Penang did well - but there have been some disappointment with Selangor. Some worry that Pakatan will just be like the BN - but alas, are we not being premature with such thoughts. Maybe, we should give them 5 years and see how they perform... Well Penang did well and Kelantanese have been happy for many many years...

MALAYSIA - that for me, is the 3rd option open to Malaysians. Yes. a vote for Malaysia. An opportunity to end the 'democratic' dictatorship of UMNO-led coalition since independence(1957) - and bring about a new era of CHOICE...of DEMOCRACY where the people regain their power - the power of CHOICE the power to choose who they want to govern for a short five years - the CHOICE to oust bad governments and pick another. Yes, that really is what is at stake.... this coming elections, and to do that we have to vote the BN out and give another group of parties the chance of governing Malaysia

Many may not support the Pakatan Rakyat ... many will have doubts. Many, in the last elections, really voted the Opposition because they did not want the BN - and this will still be the reason why many will vote against the BN. The movement Asalkan Bukan Umno(ABU) may be right - the people will vote out the BN and UMNO not because they are Opposition supporters but really because they just want a Change and are fed-up with the BN and UMNO. 

People also see that BN is no more really a multi-racial entity - we see less and less of leaders of the parties representing other ethnic groups anyway - Last Merdeka, the leaders who had the spotlight was Najib, Muhyiddin and Rais - where were the leaders of the other component parties - MCA, MIC, Gerakan,.... Have you seen posters representing this 'multi-racial' BN ...with images of all the BN's multi-racial  leaders?  

More and more we see I LOVE PM..or I LOVE NAJIB stuff...BN is becoming more and more a PM Najib's party... and it is reflected also in the posters this elections. 

UMNO women seem to be side-lined - even the leaders are not given seats so much so that even Umno Wanita deputy chief Kamilia Ibrahim has to stand as an independent. Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin is also not contesting. A statement in advance stating that one will not be contesting is sometimes an act to safe face when you know that you may not be given a seat to contest. In short, even UMNO seems to be Najib and the men - and the women and youth are excluded. If UMNO and BN wins, it would also be proof that UMNO does not need the Wanita and Youth, or the other component parties to win. Surely. even UMNO and BN members do not want to send that kind of message to Najib and UMNO..

So, who do I vote for?

I would vote for MALAYSIA - and that means a vote against BN, a vote for the Opposition.

A vote for BN would mean an 'OK' for erosion of freedoms and rights, corruption and mismanagement, a priority for money as opposed to public welfare and health[Lynas, Bukit Koman],.... 

I may not support the Pakatan Rakyat - but still I will vote for them for the good of Malaysia and Malaysians 

In my mind, I also remember that...  

...a vote for BN means a vote for Najib, and UMNO men (to the exclusion of the women and youth of UMNO?

...a vote for BN means a vote for an UMNO dominated coalition - no more today a 'multi-racial' coalition of parties that share power and decision making.




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