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Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim has said that he will not become a 'lame duck MB' as he is confident in his ability to deliver in his second term as Selangor's chief commander.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to Malaysiakini today, the 66-year-old former corporate figure said that he is a ‘Reformasi' person and thus would be honest about his delivery.

"What is the worst that could happen to me? If I can't deliver, I will say that I cannot deliver. You need to have the humility to tell the people of Selangor, to admit if you can't deliver," he said when asked if the possible inclusion of PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and members of Azmin's team in the state executive council could undermine his position.

NONE"No," he said sternly when asked if Azmin's (right) possible presence could affect the way Khalid does his work.

"So many of my party members wanted to use use state-linked companies (GLCs) to get money that can be used for campaigning. I tell them, eh, we are trying to do reformasi (reform.). We cannot abuse people's money. That cannot be accepted," he said.

He was responding to PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, who expressed hope that government machinery and GLCs will help PKR during the next general election.

Speaking at his family home in Bukit Damansara, Khalid also admitted that there are members of his own party who still want to do things the Umno and BN way - which is by practising cronyism.

"The culture before this - there are middlemen, who think if your application is number 20, they can bring it to number one. But we have a policy of first in, first out. 

"Then they become noisy because we disrupt their coffee money. We tell people, if you want to get a contract, you should also be the owner-operator," he said.

"We are talking about changing a culture here. You go on the street, and you say "Bersih", but when it comes to working things you still want to do it the old way?"

But Khalid was upbeat about handling the pressure and was confident that the rakyat are aware of what the state government practises.

"We survived five years - that means the people know. They know what we practise. Even the people who made noise, when campaigning, go to the ground and said - look at how Selangor has been managed well," he said.

Malaysiakini will be publishing more reports from the interview with Khalid Ibrahim later this week.- Malaysiakini, 19/5/2013, Khalid: I'm no lame duck MB

I await the other promised reports of Malaysiakini... 

When it comes to a Cabinet, most essential is that they are all persons that the Menteri Besar(or Prime Minister) wants there, who would be able to put into effect the plans and programs of the government. Trust is essential. Placing people the MB/PM do not trust would be odd and 'inefficient' - MB will then be spending too much time and effort monitoring that the appointed EXCO is doing the right thing and is not 'sabotaging' matters to put the MB/PM in a bad light. Ultimately what a government does (or does not do) falls on the MB/PM.
What is interesting with this issue is that Pakatan Rakyat is becoming a stronger coalition, when we see the role played by the Pakatan Component parties. Who becomes the Menteri Besar is no more just an individual component party matter - it is a matter for the whole Pakatan Rakyat.

The openness and transparency demonstrated by Azmin, Zuraida and others is also good ...BUT please tell the people of your criticism and different views sooner as and when it happens. Khalid's openness is also welcome. Remember that we in Malaysia wants transparency - and if your view is different from a majority view, tell us too. They say that PEOPLE are the bosses, and we want to know... we do not want to be left in the dark or treated like little children, the way that the BN has generally been doing...