Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hacked? Censored? This blog's listing in Malaysiakini's Top In Blogs has been tampered with

Many have contacted me asking me how come they do not see this Blog, CHARLES HECTOR, appearing in the Malaysiakini's Top In Blogs..

I have contacted Malaysiakini, and they have said that they have not removed my Blog from the list and suspects that the problem may be at my end..

But, I have looked at some of the other Blogs/Websites that links to my Blog and immediately informs readers of any new postings and they have no problems. So the problem reasonably is not from my end... I have informed Malaysiakini of this and have asked them to try and help to resolve this problem.

That makes me wonder whether some one had Hacked or did something to stop my Blog being listed in Malaysiakini hence affecting access to the contents of this Blog. I must state that many people visits this Blog by clicking on the link that appears in Malaysiakini...

If anyone have any ideas of what we could do, please do contact me

I do hope that this problem would be resolved soonest... and would keep you all updated on any developments

In solidarity,

Charles Hector

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