Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thankfully no arrest warrant,... - next date for Lena's case is 25/11/2013


As you are aware, the courts fixed 12/11/2013 as the next date despite the fact that Lena Hendry had already indicated at an earlier date that she will be overseas. In a criminal trial, where the accussed person is released on bail, attendance at every court date is compulsory. Non-attendance can result in the issuance of an arrest warrant, possible contempt proceedings and even the cancellation of the bail which means Lena Hendry would be detained until the trial dates. [On the date, that they fixed 12/11/2013, the Magistrate was on medical leave and the court fixed the date]

Thankfully, eventhough Lena Hendry was not in court on 12/11/2013, on application of her lawyers, the court has fixed a new hearing date on 25/11/2013, a Monday. Lena would be back in Malaysia and would be able to attend court.
Do come and show your solidarity with Lena on the said date... it really matters. 
For those that do not know, we have an ONLINE PETITION which is addressed to Malaysia's Prime Minister and Malaysia's Attorney General (the Public Prosecutor) calling on them to Drop the Charges against Lena Hendry. Go and sign this petition, and get all your friends and families to do so.

Magistrate Court 6

Magistrate:  Ashraf Razal Abdul Manan 
Deputy Public Prosecutor: Chean Ooi Ling
Lena's Defence Team: New Sin Yew, Edmund Bon, Joshua Tay

Watching Brief 
Suhakam(Malaysian Human Rights Commission) - represented by Siti Kasim

* European Union Delegation to Malaysia, represented by Mr Ivan, is following the case

** The news is that the American Bar Association (ABA)and the Bar Council will also be holding watching brief once the case starts

Source: In Defence of Lena Hendry Blog -

Thankfully no arrest warrant,... - next date for Lena's case is 25/11/2013

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