Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What about making Rosmah a Senator, bringing her into cabinet, appointing her DPM?

Again, Rosmah is in the news - and she is spending Malaysia's money. Who is she? Nobody in government - just the Prime Minister's wife...

She has also been going here and there 'in the name of Malaysia' - even stepping in when the PM is not available ...usually this is done by the Deputy Prime Minister or some other Minister in the cabinet...

Well, what can Najib and his cabinet do? Simple - just make her a Senator and then bring her into the cabinet, possible as the Deputy Prime Minister ... or maybe make her a Minister and give (or create a Ministry for her)... 

The wife of the Prime Minister really has no role in 'government' - and Malaysia should not be using Malaysian people's money for her.... If she is accompanying her husband for some official function, then maybe it is OK to cover her flight ...

Should we be covering any other expenses? No - what about her dress and make-up? I believe not. 

Obvious that Malaysian PM and his cabinet needs Rosmah Mansor - so make her a Senator...and then bring her into the cabinet...but no more letting Rosmah go here and there representing Malaysia or for shopping etc...using Malaysian 'jets'...? Cabinet does not have absolute power .... they do not decide this and that arbitrarily - where is the law that gives them these powers? 

‘Now, Rosmah can fly in jets but…..

Leven Woon | November 18, 2013
Parliament was today told that the PM's wife has the privilege to fly in private jets so long as the cabinet approves it

KUALA LUMPUR: Minister in the Prime Minister Department Shahidan Kassim said the prime minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor is allowed to travel abroad with private jets belonging to the government should the cabinet endorse her trip.

“She must get approval from the cabinet. If we agree that it is an important visit, then we will allow her to travel with private jet,” he told the Dewan Rakyat today.

Shahidan’s remarks drew immediate fire from the opposition members, with Azmin Ali (PKR- Gombak) asking whether this can be construed as a conflict of interest since the prime minister chairs the cabinet meetings.

In reply, Shahidan said, “the prime minister’s wife represents the country, it is for the interest of the country that we allow her to do so.”

He added that Rosmah is usually abroad to attend the spousal program which would be held in every international event.

Azmin however said the core issue is that not only Rosmah attends the spousal program, she also represented her husband in bilateral meetings with foreign dignitaries, as witnessed during former secretary of United States Hilary Clinton’s last visit to Malaysia.

“That time the prime minister was sick, but instead of the deputy prime minister replacing him, we had Rosmah attending the luncheon with Clinton,” he said.

Shahidan did not reply the question,  but merely asked Azmin to refer to his statement earlier.

Najib’s overseas’ trips were put under the microscope recently; since Seremban MP Anthony Loke highlighted that a whopping RM182 million was spent by Najib on 372 flights to 339 destinations.

He said instead of owning six private planes, Najib could have emulated Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong by boarding commercial flights to reachable destinations.

Seri Perdana exhibition center ridiculed

Meanwhile,Shahidan said a large chunk of the utility bill of prime minister’s official residence, Seri Perdana, came from the protocol block, exhibition center and quarters.

He said the prime minister is forced to have a protocol block in his residence to “save cost from renting a hotel for his guests”.

He insisted that it is misleading to call Seri Perdana the prime minister’s official residence because it is a multipurpose complex.

Anthony Loke (DAP- Seremban) ridiculed such statement, asking, “what is the purpose of the exhibition center? To showcase the prime minister’s wife’s photos?”

Shahidan said it is an ill-intended question because the exhibition center is meant to exhibit information related to the country.

Last week, Shahidan said the RM2.55 million annual electricity and water bills of Seri Perdana was among the lowest in the world, as compared to White House in US and Downing Street in Britain. - FMT News, 18/11/2013, ‘Now, Rosmah can fly in jets but…..

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