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2.9 million documented migrant workers out of a total of 5.8million migrant workers

5.8 million migrant workers of which 2.9 million documented in Malaysia

Finally, the Minister has acknowledged that there are 5.8 million migrant workers in Malaysia, but I believe that it is much more..

Malaysia now has 2.9 million documented migrant workers...

Is it a question that Malaysian workers are choosy or is it a question that employers in Malaysia are choosy... If employers do not want to pay just wages, have decent working hours [8 hours per day], regular employment that ensures employment security - not short-term contracts, ...then maybe more local workers would want to work. Local workers will not work or continue to work in oppressive or unjust employment situations - they will leave but alas migrant workers, as the system is at present, really do not have much of a choice...Many employers now want workers to work long hours, sometimes 10 or even more and local workers who have families and social life do not want to be only working and sleeping. The government, I believe, may be considering extending the 'overtime' limits to enable workers to work overtime for about 5 hours per day - and, workers today have not much choice to refuse to work overtime... Work climate needs to be improved by the government. If a factory is operating more than 16 hours, then it must be made mandatory that there be 3 shifts - not 2 shifts with workers forced to work overtime 4 to 5 hours.

Is it because of Malaysian government's policy? Is it because of the 'contractor for labour' being persons with no jobs of their own being allowed to bring in migrant workers? Previously, the employers(only being owners/operators of workplace) were allowed to bring in migrant workers after they have shown that they have tried to get local workers and failed, and the employer had to show that he had specific job positions that needed workers.

There is also no limit on the number of migrant workers per workplace. I am sure locals will want to work in petrol stations, shopping malls, etc in their towns ... but when the Malaysian government allows employers to hire migrant workers, the government should not blame local workers..

We seldom see signs/banners advertising and inviting local workers to come apply for work... So, when local workers are unaware of jobs will they even apply. 

Malaysian government need to re-visit their policy on employers, jobs and workers...

Malaysian Workers Should Not Be Choosy Over Jobs - Riot

2 September 2014 
PUTRAJAYA, Sept 2 (Bernama) – Malaysian workers need to their attitude by not be choosy over jobs or just want to work in the public sector.
Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem said Malaysia has so many jobs in various sectors, but mostly are filled by foreign workers.
Malaysians should seize job opportunities provided by the 600,000 small and medium enterprises (SME), he told a press conference after a briefing on Human Capital Development Strategic Reform Initiatives (SRI), here today.
Riot said the dumping of foreign workers in Malaysia is worrying as they are some 5.8 million of whom only 2.9 million are legal workers.
The public are invited to attend Fiesta Kerjaya JobsMalaysia and Azam Kerja 1Malaysia 2014 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from Sept 5 to 7 to seize the 10,000 job vacancies in various sectors.
Among the activities held are open interviews, career fairs, career guidance talks, registration with JobsMalaysia Online and the Public Service Commission
Earlier, Riot said Human Capital Development Strategic Reform Initiatives (SRI) has in four years, enhanced the nation’s workforce and supported the needs of the Economic Transformation Programme’s (ETP) 12 National Key Economic Areas.
SRI is focused on modernising labour legislation, upskilling and upgrading the workforce, strengthening human resource management for SME’s, leveraging women’s talent and undertaking labour market analysis. — BERNAMA
Source: Bernama
Source: MTUC Website

Lambakan 5.8 Juta Pekerja Asing Membimbangkan - Riot

2 September 2014 
PUTRAJAYA, 2 Sept (Bernama) — Menteri Sumber Manusia Datuk Seri Richard Riot hari ini menarik perhatian terhadap lambakan pekerja asing dalam negara ketika ini iaitu kira-kira 5.8 juta orang.
Katanya, hanya separuh dari jumlah itu, atau kira-kira 2.9 juta adalah pekerja sah, dan ini merupakan situasi yang agak merisaukan.
Beliau bercakap pada sidang akhbar selepas taklimat mengenai Human Capital Development Strategic Reform Initiatives di sini hari ini.
Sehubungan dengan itu, beliau menggesa rakyat di negara ini agar mengikis sikap memilih pekerjaan atau hanya mahu bekerja di sektor awam.
Riot berkata Malaysia menyediakan begitu banyak peluang pekerjaan dalam pelbagai sektor, namun adalah menyedihkan kebanyakannya diisi oleh pekerja asing.
Beliau berkata bekerja di kira-kira 600,000 syarikat Industri Kecil dan Sederhana merupakan antara peluang kerjaya yang boleh dicuba rakyat tempatan.
Sementara itu, beliau menyeru orang ramai menghadiri Fiesta Kerjaya JobsMalaysia Dan Azam Kerja 1Malaysia 2014 Peringkat Kebangsaan di Mid Valley Exhibition Centre mulai 5 hingga 7 Sept untuk merebut 10,000 kekosongan jawatan pelbagai sektor.
Antara aktiviti di majlis itu ialah temuduga terbuka, pameran kerjaya, ceramah bimbingan kerjaya dan pendaftaran Online JobsMalaysia dan Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam. – BERNAMA
Sumber: Bernama

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