Monday, September 22, 2014

TM fails to restore phone/internet service to kampung folks - 6 Days and still waiting??

People in Malaysia depend very much on TM's(Telekom Malaysia) phone and internet services - we use the internet to stay updated with news, social network, Facebook, emails,... and even to do our own work and research - and as such any disruptions should be speedily resolved by hours ... TNB can do it speedily in a couple of hours - so come TM cannot do this... is it because TM is not using their OWN employees to do this - but have outsourced these repair works to 3rd parties? Phone/Internet, just like electricity is now a BASIC amenity and repair works must be done speedily....or maybe the Malaysian government should just take over TM, just like MAS. 

Privatization is not working.... and is certainly not more efficient as promised when this government pushed privatization...Further, companies like TM should not be outsourcing repair or service restoration work to third party contractors - they must be doing in using their own TM employees....[Some people have been saying that these 'cable cutting/thefts' could be directly linked to these 3rd party contractors - creating work for better payment rates and profits? Possible, and it would not be the case if TM employees were doing all these repair/restoration works]

Now, SIX(6) DAYS have passed and I still have to travel 6 Km to town and to an internet shop to access the internet..

TM subs for phone/internet are based on monthly fixed rates....and it is not CHEAP - will TM make the necessary 'deductions' when TM fails to provide continuous service... would it make relevant deductions for the people in this kampung for the 6 (or longer days) that TM failed to provide service ....When they do not provide service, we spend MONIES - travelling, shop internet charges, mobile phone charges... It affects our social life - for many people just rely on landlines and when there is no phone service, many people just cannot get in touch. [Worse still, when you dial my number, what you hear is the phone ringing and no one is picking it up.... people will think us rude or avoiding their calls...why can't TM insert a message that people who dial phones where service is disrupted will know that there is a 'disruption of service' - a simple message telling people who try to call us that there is a disruption of service is so simple - unless TM does not have the capacity or skill to do so??]

16/9/2014 - Discovered and lodged complaint with TM that there was no phone/internet service - service disruption to the entire Kampung(village), and when complaint lodged, said the problem will be resolved in 24 hours

24 hours and still no service restored - then an SMS saying service disruption, and service would be restored on 19/9/2014 (Discovered that there had been a phone cable theft...??)

19/9/2014 - still no service - No TM technicians seem to have even come or contacted me, which TM said would be done when they came to do the repairs.... We were LIED to?

20/9/2014 - the same

22/9/2014 - still the same .... and on wonders whether we who are living in villages are being discriminated by TM? If it was in Putrajaya, it would have been restored in hours...but, here it is now SIX(6) DAYS 

When you call 100 to report a service fault, the whole call takes about 10 minutes - and we are billed for this call - and, if not mistaken it is about RM2, anyway, I have made so many of these calls since 16/9/2014(Hari Malaysia). These calls should be FREE ... 

Claiming For an Adjustment of Billing When TM fails to ensure service - should be automatically done by TM BUT No....I was informed that I will have to make yet another call to the Billing Department and make such a request.... TM already knows when and where disruptions happen and surely, TM will bill customers accordingly .... (But alas, they so easily BILL us, threaten us with discontinuing of service when payments not received - but alas when the failure is TM's, they make it so difficult for customers to claim justice...}

Continued Billing after tmnet and streamyx emails and dial up services terminated 

Well, I continued being billed for my and the 1515 Dial-Up internet service until about last month even though TM discontinued this service in December last year(2013) - WHY? When I recently inquired, they said that they will discontinue billing me after I go to the TM Office, fill a form and discontinue the service??? Absurd, is it not? TM stopped this service - so what rationale to continue billing customers? Wonder how many people in Malaysia are still being billed for these internet dial-up, tmnet  and streamyx emails after TM discontinued the service? How much MONEY has TM made by this billing after the TERMINATION of the service by TM? Maybe, the police and the government should investigate, and action must be taken against TM? 

I went to the TM Office and did the needful - still waiting for the payment back of monies by reason of overcharging and later adjustments....about RM500 TM owes me still... 


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Wan Khairil Reza said...

It's not a problem caused by privatization, but due to lack of competition. This problem exist in most parts of the world, even in US. I do agree with you about the attitude and quality of TM service personnel.