Friday, September 26, 2014

You too can Say No to Precarious Work - support the Thunderclap!

To help raise awareness of the problem of precarious work, IndustriALL Global Union has launched a Thunderclap for the World Day for Decent Work on 7 October.

A Thunder-what?

I'm guessing you've never heard of Thunderclap, so here's the official explanation:

"Thunderclap is the first-ever crowdspeaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks. By boosting the signal at the same time, Thunderclap helps a single person create action and change like never before."
Is that clear?  Maybe not.  Thunderclap allows us to allow send out the same message on the same day and at the same time, automatically, to our friends and followers on social networks including Facebook and Twitter.
IndustriALL Global Union wants trade unionists and trade unions to sign up to their Thunderclap message on precarious work.  The message is due to go out on 7 October, the World Day for Decent Work.

Their message reads:

"STOP Precarious Work! Defend your rights to a secure job. Join the global action on 7 October".
You can support this campaign by clicking here:

( Don't see a link? Click on this: )
If you've never done this sort of thing before, you'll see that you need to be logged into Facebook, Twitter  or Tumblr (ideally, all three).  And you'll need to give the Thunderclap app permission to send out the IndustriALL message to your friends and followers at a specified day and time.  
IndustriALL needs at least 250 of us to agree to go along with this.  Otherwise, the Thunderclap won't happen.
Among those who've already signed up are the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the Trades Union Congress (UK), and LabourStart. 
STOP Precarious Work
Global capital is driving fundamental changes to the way that people are employed. Secure jobs are becoming more and more rare, while agency work, contract work and temporary work are taking over. For young people, there is practically no other option – the only jobs on offer are insecure.

Workers in precarious jobs have little chance to join a union or to bargain collectively. Pay and conditions are being driven ever lower by companies that rely on precarious work to reduce their labour costs.

Find out more about how trade unions are fighting precarious work at

Watch the video exposing how precarious work impacts on workers.

Watch the video message from IndustriALL Global Union General Secretary Jyrki Raina.

Together we can STOP Precarious Work!

IndustriALL Global Union

IndustriALL Global Union represents 50 million workers in 141 countries in the mining, energy, garment, electronics and other manufacturing sectors. It is a force in global solidarity taking up the fight for better working conditions and trade union rights around the world.

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