Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Since 2012, only 273 police have been nabbed for corruption - 43 charged in court??

Excellent start in nabbing 273 policemen on suspicions of accepting bribes since 2012 - but one wonders whether the figure maybe a bit too low...Better for us to have an Independent Body where people can lodge complaints against the police....

When action is taken against public servants for corruption - it must be highlighted in the media. This will act as a deterrent, and will also encourage people to come forward and complain.

Corruption today takes many forms - no more just the simple giving and accepting of monies. It could also be the promise of a well-paid Directorship after retirement. It may also be support for promotions, etc..

Corruption may be for doing something ...and also not doing something. 

I recently called 911 - because I suspected that a housing developer (or his agents) were in the process of encroachment into government land reserved for road extension, and stealing soil. A tractor was being used to dig up land and transport - possibly selling it to 3rd parties. Now, one lorry load of soil costs about RM300-RM400 - so, when they took away about 30 lorries, that is big money. I called 911, as the alleged perpetrators of the crime were in the process of doing what I verily suspected was a crime.The police turned up in a car, and out stepped 2 policeman, one lit a cigarette... I explained to them what was happening. The person with the tractor driver said that they had permission...but there was no evidence of this...

What the police should have done was to take down the names of the alleged perpetrators...take some photos... and, if they are uncertain whether a crime was being committed or not, then make a police report so that the crime is investigated. They tried to ask me to go make a police report....why? The police knows the allegation - so all they need to do is make a report and the police investigators may investigate. Remember, this was not my land - but government land. Was this just laziness? or incompetence? or maybe even corruption? If only the police had done the needful after a member of the public did his duty to bring to the attention of the police the possibility of a crime?  I do not know but if this is the attitude, many a concerned citizen will just not bother to call the police...


'273 policemen caught for bribery since 2012'

The police have always allowed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate policemen who are suspected of accepting bribes.
Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar said police had never sheltered its errant officers or policemen but would hand them to MACC for prompt action.
"Indeed, police have been leaving it to the MACC to investigate while the police are more towards investigations related to indiscipline and standard procedures," he told reporters after receiving a MACC delegation at the Dewan Theatrette, Menara 1, Bukit Aman yesterday.
Since 2012, 273 police personnel were nabbed on suspicion of accepting bribes and of the total, 43 were charged in court and 168 are still being investigated, he said.
According to Khalid (right), the number of policemen accepting bribes during the three-year period had dropped by 12.4 per cent.
"Offences involving corruption does not only involve policemen but also involves any agency with enforcement officers and personnel," he said.
However, at the same time, there were 17 cases this year involving 50 personnel and officers who rejected bribes.
"Of the total, 36 policemen were awarded for turning down bribes from April to September this year," he said.

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