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For UMNO-BN leaders failing to accept their wrong doings and apologize - will affect credibility of the Opposition?

Be honest...just apologize sincerely. Former UMNO_BN Prime Ministers, Ministers and members of the Cabinet failure to accept responsibility, repent and apologize is pathetic ... What Mahathir, Anwar and these former UMNO-BN personalities are doing affects credibity of their own Opposition political parties now, and also the Opposition Coalitions like Pakatan Harapan...It also lays a bad precedence that really should be rejected by the Malaysians, who are not fools..

If this is acceptable, then in 10 years time, Najib Tun Razak, Malaysia's current Prime Minister, who may then be the former Prime Minister may be telling us that he was not responsible for losses and/or kleptocracy in 1MDB that allegedly caused Malaysians loss of monies...He could also say that he is not responsible for increasing Malaysia's debts,cost of living, GST, etc...Well, of late, that seems to be what ex-UMNO-BN PMs, Members of the Cabinet are saying...Najib will also possibly say he was not responsible for the failing in MAS, Proton, FELDA, etc ...

Well, Dr Mahathir, former PM,  is now saying that some other is responsible for Operasi Lallang(where 106 were arrested and detained without trial in 1987), the Memali incident, etc...

And, we have also heard after Anwar was ousted, that he also said that he  'opposed' the use of ISA and Operasi Lallang ...and the ISA arrests of members of the Arqam...But, then sadly, there seem to be no evidence in the form of 'media reports' or statements that show that he really did oppose the Ops Lallang at that time..., etc , Is there? Has Mahathir confirmed that Anwar was against the use of ISA then?

Minister Nazri Aziz stands out here...because he had publicly taken the position that he was against the death penalty - making it clear that this was a personal position, not the present government's position. 

There really is nothing preventing any UMNO-BN Minister or member voicing his or her personal opinion in the media - so long as they make it clear it is not the position of the current government ...or even his/her political party. The absence of such public statement, which today could also be posted on blogs/websites, FB and even twitter...would not fare well for anyone in the future claiming that such was his position/actions then...

JUST ADMIT YOUR MISTAKES, AND SINCERELY APOLOGIZE - that is all that people really want...This trying to shift blame to some other is really pathetic... Such a sincere unconditional apology will go a long way with the people.

The PRIME MINISTER is responsible for all actions and/or omissions of the government, including also the action of a few public servants... Just like the CEO and the Directors of a Company is responsible for the wrongdoing of the Company, and the principal office bearers are responsible for the wrongful actions of a Society, Trade Union, Cooperative, etc.. 

In  Malaysia, the people elect their representatives(Members of Parliament at the Federal level), and the MPs choose who will be the Prime Minister(remember a person can be the PM only if he enjoys the support of the majority of MPs)...and then the PM choses who will be the Ministers, Deputy Ministers and the members of the Cabinet)...hence, the responsibility of all that the government did or did not do is the responsibility of the Prime Minister. 

With regard the Minister or members of the Cabinet, your silence will be implied consent - a member of the Cabinet can always voice out his/her disagreement, or ...resign in protest. If a Minister or even a public servant does something wrong, the Prime Minister certainly have the power to remove them from the Cabinet or even their service as public servants.

So, Mahathir, Anwar, Muhyiddin, Apdal, etc ...former UMNO-BN PM, DPM or members of the Cabinet should just accept and admit to the wrongs they did, and sincerely apologize...rather than shifting the blame to some other persons...

Now, Anwar suddenly is blaming the reason for Operasi Lallang was the clash between UMNO Youth and MCA Youth ...WHY? Did he ever mention this before...when he was in the UMNO-BN government and Cabinet, or after he was ousted from UMNO-BN? (see media report below)

BEWARE - Most Malaysians are inclined to get rid of UMNO-BN as the government of Malaysia since MERDEKA in favour of a different government made up of Opposition parties - hoping that things maybe better. 

Support for the Opposition is more likely be for those with a long time history of being Opposition, be it political parties or some of its 'credible' politicians. In my Opinion, support on the ground is and will still be for DAP, PAS and maybe still with PRM(last susrviving member of the Socialist Front) - the support of the other newer opposition may be because these Opposition parties says they are OK and should be supported. 

PKR did not have a large support --- but over the years, support may have increased - but, its repeated ousting of party 'leaders' over the years, may have really weakened support...within the party as well as in Malaysia. Lack of activity at the grassroots also does not help - and the lack of emerging popular leaders at all levels. In comparison, PAS has about 3 -4 ceramahs every week at almost every district, and DAP continues to have vocal MPs and ADUNs that are raising issues and actively involved fighting for peoples' rights (and we see media reports about this). Wonder how much support PKR will get if it was a straight fight between DAP, PAS and PKR?

Same too with Mahathir's party, a only for Malays party,...Getting media attention really does not translate into support at the ballot box... 

We all remember that when Anwar, Muhyiddin and Mukriz were out of UMNO-BN, we did not see many elected ADUNs, MPs and Senators following them into their new political parties. Likewise, we did not see many UMNO branches following them into their new political parties....

Pakatan Rakyat a coalition of DAP-PAS-PKR managed to get support of the people then, because people were willing to give this 'coalition' a chance, though there were criticism when they failed to bring in more Opposition parties into the coalition...but then after being victorious in certain States...the commonality in governance and policy in the different PR States was a question? 

Now, with PAS out of the picture, and Pakatan Harapan including new Mahathir's party, who also has been made 'leader' of this Opposition coalition called Pakatan Harapan, which may have made PH weaker. The failure of these former UMNO-BN PMs, DPMs, openly take responsibility for the mistakes and wrongdoings of the UMNO-BN government during their time ...may only anger people and further weaken the PH.

PH has also sadly been spending too much time discrediting PAS, and vice versa...and this is dangerous. The way forward is maybe having election pacts with all the different Opposition parties, with the aim of just having a one to one fight with the UMNO-BN may be the best. After the GE, then surely pacts can be formed between different parties to form a government...

Former UMNO-BN leaders must repent, be honest and openly apoligize for their wrong actions(and/or omissions) whilst in UMNO-BN government in the past...then, there is more chance of the pople forgiving them, and the increased chances of getting more support in the upcoming General Elections for their party, their candidates and even the Pakatan Harapan..

ISA swoop in 1987 caused by Umno Youth, MCA Youth, says Anwar

V Anbalagan
 | January 24, 2018 
Anwar claims he pleaded with Dr Mahathir Mohamad to free those not responsible for making racially-charged statements but PM said it was best to leave the matter to police. 


KUALA LUMPUR: The arrest of 106 activists and opposition politicians under the now repealed Internal Security Act in 1987 was a result of highly-charged racial statements made by Umno Youth and MCA Youth leaders, the High Court was told today.

Anwar Ibrahim, then an Umno vice-president and education minister, said Prime Minister Najib Razak was then Umno Youth chief.

He said MCA Youth was helmed by Lee Kim Sai, then also the labour minister.

“The tensions caused by MCA and Umno Youth then resulted in Operasi Lalang (ISA arrests),” he said, stating that was the real reason for the swoop on Oct 27, 1987.

He said this when cross-examined by lawyer Mohammed Nasser Yusof, who is appearing for Red Shirts leader Jamal Yunos, who is being sued by Bersih 2.0 chairman Maria Chin for defamation.

Nasser had asked Anwar why Maria’s late husband, Yunus Lebai Ali, was picked up by police under the preventive detention law.

Anwar, who was sacked from Umno and government in 1988 for alleged sexual misconduct and abuse of power, said he met then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to free all those not involved in building up the tension.

“However, Mahathir said this involved national security and it was best to leave it to the police Special Branch,” he said.

Mahathir was then the home minister.

“Former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin is my witness when I met the prime minister at Seri Perdana ( the PM’s official residence) to urge him to only hold the perpetrators of the racial tension for investigations.”

Anwar said several people like former Berita Harian group editor Ahmad Sebi and the then Aliran president Chandra Muzaffar were released after the maximum 60-day detention for investigations.

Others detained and sent to the Kamunting detention camp for a two-year period included DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang, party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, current Amanah president Mohamad Sabu and Suaram adviser Kua Kia Soong.

According to press reports, MCA Youth had raised a number of sensitive issues, such as questioning the New Economic Policy and the political dominance of the Malays.

In particular, in early November 1986, Selangor MCA, which was led by Lee, passed a resolution at its annual convention calling on the government to review the Sedition Act and make it an offence to call any of the three major races immigrants or “pendatang”.

MCA and Lee also joined a protest rally with DAP objecting to the appointments of senior assistants and supervisors without qualifications in Mandarin in Chinese primary schools.

The press reports said Umno Youth interpreted this as challenging the Bumiputera status of Malays, which led to calls for Lee’s sacking by members and the withdrawal of his datukship by the Sultan of Selangor.

Anwar said he had been a student activist in the 1970s and was involved in several demonstrations, among them to protest over the fall in rubber prices that affected the rural poor.

He said he was also picked up by police in December 1974 under the ISA and sent to Kamunting for two years.

Anwar said he knew Yunus as an activist before 1974 but later learnt that he was actively involved in the Palestine Liberation Organisation, led by Yasser Arafat.

Maria is suing Jamal for allegedly slandering her and Bersih during a press conference outside the Putra World Trade Centre on Sept 28, 2016.

She also claimed that on Oct 4 that year, Jamal had uttered similar slanderous words against Bersih during a media conference at the Bukit Aman police headquarters compound.

In her statement of claim filed on Oct 7, Maria said she had been brought into public scandal and had her reputation and good name tarnished.

She is seeking general and aggravated damages, as well as an injunction to stop Jamal from uttering or publishing similar words, either verbally, in print, or online.

Jamal is relying on justification and fair comment as defence to the lawsuit.

Hearing before Zaki Abdul Wahab resumes on Feb 5. - FMT News, 24/1/2018


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