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MB Azmin and Elizabeth Wong still not declared assets/income? Other ADUNs in Exco have?

Azmin Ali, now also the Menteri Besar of Selangor, the number 2 in PKR, is a very important indicator for all Malaysians on what we can expect from PKR and, even the Opposition coalition that now governs Selangor?

- This issue has been raised by me in my BLOG since 2014...more specifically considering and refering to the 'Declaration of Assets'(Perisytiharan Harta) information found in the Selangor government website - Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri/EXCO, since 2016.
- Good News - some of the State Exco members, since then, who in December 2016, had still not done so - have now done so. Nik Nazmi dan Zaidi Abdul Talib are EXCO members that have since made their Asset Declarations.
- Today, only our MB Azmin Ali and EXCO Member Elizabeth Wong(from PKR), have yet to provide a Declaration of Assets.

Adakah Azmin Ali berikan gambar palsu mengenai perisytiharan harta MB dan Exco Selangor? MB sendiri nampaknya tak dedah? - 1/12/2016

Azmin dilapurkan kata “Ya, saya akan isytihar kepada umum.” - Bilakah kita boleh lihat pengistiharan harta ini?- 11/1/2017

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Selangor, Azmin, Constitution Amendment, PKNS Scandal?, RM3 Billion,Open Letter by MI, Things to do ...?

Declaration of Assets - MB and Exco Members must declare their income and assets immediately on appointment - and thereafter periodically every 6 months... This must include those of spouse, children, siblings and family members. [In the event any project of the State government or its various entities are awarded to any company or entity which is any way connected to the MB, Exco Members or political leadership of the PR parties, this information must be immediately disclosed.]

Why is the Declaration of Income/Assets important? Well, it will let the people know how much the MB and the State Exco members earn, and their sources of Income? Is Azmin Ali or State Exco members also earning money by being Directors of State-owned and/or controlled companies? Are companies, where they(or their family members and friends) have shares being given government contracts?

Important also to show that they are not wrongly using their power in government to enrich themselves, their family members and close 'friends'?

As such, this 'Declaration of Income/Assets' should not just be done once, when they become MB or State Exco - but on a regular basis, at least once every year - so that the people can monitor and ensure that they are not becoming RICHER through wrongful use of their power/influence in government.


1MDB -We all know the problems that can arise with GLCs - Now, the GLCs are not even audited by the Auditor General as of right, and even when audited, the report may not be tabled and/or debated in the Parliament and/or State Legislative Assembly. 

All that was needed for a State was the passing of a law, that ensures that all Selangor GLCs are audited by the Auditor General(or a State Auditor), and that this report be tabled at the State Legislative Assembly - Has it been done in Selangor?

Further, the State Legislative Assembly, could have set up a Select Committee to regular monitor the operation/conduct of State GLCs - Has it been done in Selangor?

The other concern about GLCs is the 'HIGH' wages being paid to CEOS, Upper management and maybe even Directors...which can be higher than even the salary of the MB. This will impact the profits that should be flowing back to the State for the good of the people of the State. 

CEOs, Directors and Upper Management of State owned companies and state linked salaries should no longer be paid exorbitant sums as salary, allowances, bonuses,etc.. As a guiding principle, no such persons should be paid salaries exceeding the salary of the Menteri Besar or no higher than RM20,000 per month. Director's allowances should not exceed RM10,000 but if the appointed Director is the Menteri Besar, Exco Member, ADUN or government employee, then there must be NO Director's allowances(and if there is, it should be paid back into the State coffers) - such persons shall only be entitled to travel reimbursements or other reimbursements - they already are being remunerated as 'wakil rakyat' and state employees and all they do as Directors is part of that job already. - Selangor, Azmin, Constitution Amendment, PKNS Scandal?, RM3 Billion,Open Letter by MI, Things to do ...?
In fact, this matter of disclosure of salary in GLCs was also raised by Speaker Hannah Yeoh , and ADUN Lau Weng San in 2015...and Azmin ordered disclosure ....but I have not seen this information. High salary and allowances in GLCs could also be kleptocracy???

20 Days after MB Azmin said 'disclose SALARY of top management in GLCs' - looks like 'janji tidak ditepati'?

Remember monies/profits  made by GLC should be flowing back to the people - back to the State government to be used for the benefit of all people. GLCs certainly should not be making 'donations' or 'gifts' to certain politicians or political parties. No problem for private companies, not owned by the government, from doing so....

GENERAL ELECTIONS IS COMING - and Malaysians would also be considering whether there needs to be changes not just in the Federal Government, but also the State Governments(including Kelantan, Penang and Selangor). After all, the Opposition has had two terms in some of these State governments.

Should we remove Azmin Ali? Lim Guan Eng? Kelantan Menteri Besar? - These are also considerations. 

Najib is responsible for Federal Elections, and in the same way Azmin is responsible for Selangor State Elections  - When will we have the the Selangor State Elections? Remember, States do not have to wait for Najib to call for the General Elections - States can have their elections earlier or later....I would prefer Parliamentary and State Elections to be at different times...  So, what will Selangor, Penang and Kelantan do?

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