Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Civil servants loyal only to Malaysia - not to BN...not to PHG...not to PAS?

Civil Servants/Public servants  are Malaysians, and like all Malaysians they have a right to support and even join any political parties, and even help campaign for and promote their political views and/or their political parties... They do not have to support the BN or the PH, they can vote for anyone in GE...

But, they cannot use 'working hours' and/or their position/resources in the civil service for the purposes of campaigning ... for the  BN, PAS or even the PH...

During working hours, all civil servants just like any other worker must act professionally in carrying out his/her job functions...

Remember, their 'boss' is the Malaysian people , and the people that they serve are all of us in Malaysia

The political parties that win GE are 'nothing more' than temporary CEOs - who may change come the next GE.

Loyalty to BN? - is really not a question to be asking to civil servants/public servants - neither is 'whether you support or are loyal to PH"? The question is whether you are now loyal to the government of the day led by PM Mahathir.

So, Dr Mahathir is not only asking the wrong 'question' ...but is also  promoting a wrong culture amongst 'civil servants/public servants' that we really do not want to continue inculcate or support - A 'civil servant NEED only to be loyal to the government of the day".

Now, civil servants who actively campaigned for BN or any of the other political parties during 'working hours' may need to face disciplinary action including dismissal - as these civil servants forgot that their loyalty is only to Malaysians, not to any political leader or party. if they want to campaign, do it not during office hours ...and not using your 'office' or government resources.

Now, civil servants who had a part to play in 'abuse of power' or 'kleptocracy' or 'corruption' may need to be disciplined...maybe even dismissed. This includes those who saw or were aware of wrongdoings but choose to keep silent..

There is a perception, that many civil servants, especially those involved in enforcement were 'corrupt' - and maybe the new government can invite the  'guilty' to come forward now and admit their past wrongdoings, return the fruits of the 'corrupt practice' ....and maybe they will not face criminal charges but may have to suffer some disciplinary action ...but may possibly still keep their jobs. If not, time to weed out all civil servants that were corrupt INCLUDING that did not do anything to prevent crimes and abuses...

So, Dr Mahathir, the issue is not so  much taking action to those who support BN or PAS, but those who abused their professional duties as civil servants...

Civil servant/public servants/'penjawat awam' - they should always carry out their duties professionally...Civil servants do wrong when they help comver up corruption and kleptocracy...

Now, their CEO is Dr Mahathir and the new government - those who cannot do their work under Malaysia's new management professionally really should just resign...

Dr M not sure if civil servants still loyal to BN

 | June 1, 2018
He says many of them had campaigned for the former ruling coalition during the recent polls.
CCCCCCDr Mahathir Mohamad shares a light moment with Anwar Ibrahim after attending a PH meeting at the PPBM office today.

KUALA LUMPUR: Dr Mahathir Mohamad today questioned the loyalty of civil servants who campaigned for Barisan Nasional (BN) during the recent general election.

He said many of them took part in the election campaign.

“We are sceptical about their loyalty, especially if they are still loyal to the previous government,” he said after chairing a meeting attended by top PH leaders today.

Also present was Anwar Ibrahim, in his first meeting with the PH presidential council since his release from prison last month.

Mahathir said it was important for civil servants to be impartial in order to work effectively with the government.

But he said there would not be any action against those who were biased towards Barisan Nasional in carrying out their duties as civil servants.

“That is not our way… We do not want to push them unnecessarily.

“But we need to know their loyalties. Unfortunately, they have committed themselves to the BN propaganda,” he said. - FMT, 1/6/2018

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