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PKR - 840,000 members can vote, but 2 Deputy President candidate about 20,000 votes after 6 States?

PKR Elections is ongoing, and it is interesting that the 2 contestants for the post of Deputy President, after elections in 6 states,  have less than 20,000 each, more so since  approximately 840,000 members were eligible to vote in the party’s polls. Does this mean that PKR's about 800,000 is in the remaining States.

As of May 9 when the 14th general election was held, PKR’s membership stood at 550,000 members but shot up to more than 900,000 by June 26.

Saifuddin added that PKR had updated its membership list and following that, approximately 840,000 members were eligible to vote in the party’s polls which start tomorrow in Penang and Kedah.“Those who qualify (to vote) are those who registered as members as of June 26. Those registered as members after June 26 do not qualify,” he said. - New Straits Times, 21/9/2018

Or maybe, a lot of PKR members are not coming out to cast their votes? WHY?

OR PKR is maybe not so honest about the actual number of members it has? UMNO also did claim to have millions of members...

I wonder?

PKR Elections using e-voting seems to be having a lot of problems. One obvious problem would be there would be no opportunity for a re-count. This is of concern and we must remember this 'danger' with e-voting, if in the near future suggestions are made to use e-voting for our General Elections.

Anwar, of course, was lucky that there was no contest. Shame that we would never know how many PKR members really would have voted him in for President?

Azmin or Rafizi - who is leading? Different media reports say different things ...NST report says Azmin leading...Sun Daily says Rafizi leading...

Selangor is yet to come...but there Azmin was MB long enough to make the political appointments? Would that mean 'political appointees' who got positions and sometimes 'salaries/allowance' will vote in Azmin? Well, too close to call? Outcome of PKR Elections really should not impact Azmin's position in Cabinet for ultimately it is the Prime Minister who picks which MP or Senator is in his/her Cabinet?

PKR - how it operates, etc is important because our possibly next PM may be Anwar, the founder and leader(Supreme Leader President Elect). How PKR is run will reflect on how Anwar may govern Malaysia as Prime Minister?

POSITIVE - PKR gives every member a right to vote in the President and Central Leadership. Maybe other political parties and even trade unions should follow this GOOD example. Only giving 'delegates' and not all members is not really good.


Rafizi holds slender lead over Azmin

PETALING JAYA: Rafizi Ramli (pix) holds a slender lead over Datuk Seri Azmin Ali following the end of PKR polls in six states.

As it stands Rafizi has received 19,160 votes whilst Azmin has garnered 19,112, with Rafizi taking Federal Territories, Pahang, Kelantan and Terrengganu and Azmin winning in Johor and Penang.

There were problems at the PKR elections in Kedah and Penang but it was mainly due to a glitch in the system and the party Election Committee invalidated the results of the state elections over technical difficulties and shortcomings from staff responsible for overseeing the voting process.

There were also chaotic incidents and during a media conference by the Party Election Committee in Seberang Jaya after the Penang polls, some party members starting fighting and throwing chairs.

Despite these woes the party elections have continued and the intense rivalry between the two men (Rafizi and Azmin) may have some long-term effects on the party.

A party insider said Azmin is an MP and a Cabinet minister who holds an important post in government while Rafizi was disqualified from standing for the General Election due to his conviction.

He added that Rafizi still has to face a few court cases and may end up in jail and if he wins the post, it may end up being vacant while he serves his sentence.

"This will not be good for the party as we are now part of the ruling coalition," the source said.

He said another worrying factor is the growing animosity between the two camps as accusations have been hurled at each other.

He said it can only be hoped that for the sake of the party that they will be able to put aside their differences once the elections are over.

"This close fights also reveals how deeply divided the party members are, with some senior party members hoping that a clear winner have emerged after six states had cast their votes.

"It being so close does not bode well as there have been a number of issues cropping up as the build-up to the party elections have been very intense," the source said.

He said at stake is the future of both politicians' careers and Azmin's clout will be affected if he loses to Rafizi, who is in political wilderness at the moment.

PKR is the first Pakatan Harapan party to hold elections since the coalition deposed Barisan Nasional as the government and a total of 76 posts are being contested at the party polls.

Another senior party leader said the entire election was unhealthy for the party as both Rafizi and Azmin were talented leaders which the party could not afford to lose.

"Regardless of who wins, I hope they both can continue to serve the party. They each have their individual strengths and it would be waste to see any one of them go," he added.- Sun Daily, 11/10/2018

Azmin has slim 3-vote lead over Rafizi in race for PKR No. 2 position

After the count from six states, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali (right) has only a three-vote lead over Rafizi Ramli in the race for PKR deputy president. (FILE PIC)

KUALA LUMPUR: With the votes having been tallied in six states so far, only three votes separate Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali and Rafizi Ramli in the fight for the PKR deputy president’s post.

Azmin has so far garnered 19,583 votes to Rafizi’s 19,580, should the “doubtful votes” be counted.

“Doubtful votes” are ballots cast by PKR members whose eligibility to vote could not at the time of voting be verified.

The ballots are counted until such a time as the party’s election committee is able to verify the eligibility of the voter.

Rafizi has so far taken Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Kuala Lumpur, while Azmin won in Penang and Johor.

For the four seats for vice-president which are to be voted in, Nurul Izzah Anwar has established a health lead with 23,451 votes. Trailing her is Zuraida Kamaruddin with 17,895.

Currently in line for the other two seats are Tian Chua (13,963) and Shamsul Iskandar (13,605).

For the post of Youth chief, Dr Afifi Bahardin currently has a relatively slim lead, taking 4,720 votes to Akmal Nasrullah Mohd Nasir’s 4,667. Mohd Najwan Halimi is a distant third with 1,108 votes.

The deputy Youth chief’s post, however, has seen Hilman Idham pull away with 5,963 votes garnered to Raymond Ahuar’s 2,764 and Naqiuddin Nazrin’s 1,099.

Current PKR vice-president Fuziah Salleh, meanwhile, is trailing Haniza Mohamed Talha in the race for the Wanita chief’s post. The former has 5,930 votes to the latter’s 7,352.

Meanwhile, Daroyah Alwi has taken a healthy lead over Rodziah Ismail for the deputy Wanita chief’s post, garnering 7,344 votes to the latter’s 5,153 - New Straits Times, 9/10/2018

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