Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Asset Declaration - More transparent and Annually? 5 government MPs still not declared? WHY?

Who are the 5 Pakatan Harapan or government Members of Parliament that have yet to declare their assets according to the MACC website? Identify them, and explain why?

ASSET INCOME Declarations need to be done every year - WHY? So that the Rakyat can look and see that they have not used their position as MP/Minister to wrongfully increase their own personal assets/income.

Personal Monthly Income - Must declare sources of Income.

LAW - It must be made a serious crime for FALSE Declarations... if not, what is the use?

DECLARATION OF ASSETS - Well, there must be transparency - real transparency? Now, all we have is the 'confirmation' of which MP has declared the asset/income for themselves? for their spouse? A total of the their asset declarations? And their declared monthly income

What is missing is the DETAILS? - So, Malaysians cannot even see if they speak the truth or not? 

The DETAILED DECLARATION of Assets and Income need to be revealed.

How many bank accounts do they have? In Malaysia and overseas? How much is in those accounts? Well, Najib's case reveals how monies have been transferred into his personal accounts - wonder whether Najib paid the correct Income Tax? 

If there overseas bank accounts, are these MPs paying taxes to Malaysia - or, is the placement of money and/or monies worth an avoidance to pay taxes in Malaysia? 

If you own a house in Malaysia, that today would be about RM250,000 or even more - when assets declared, was there a TRUE valuation of value of house, land, buildings, etc (Minus maybe the outstanding debt obligations].

I looked at Wan Azizah's declaration of assets of her and spouse, and Anwar's own declaration of both of them, and there is a DISCREPANCY with regard to total assets, one is about RM1 million, the other is about RM10 million - Why is that? 
Our Deputy Prime Minister declared both her income and those of her spouse(Anwar Ibrahim) - and the total asset declared is RM 1,141,562.32. Personal Income is RM 59,048.33

Then we look at Anwar Ibrahim's own declaration, where he too declares also income/assets of himself and his spouse - and the total asset declared is RM 10,748,658.83. Personal Income is RM 23,255.69 - MACC website
 Now, an MP must be full time MP - and what is their income? They should not be earning any side income, other that income from assets already owned interests for bank accounts, paid out dividends for shares/stock, profits from businesses owned, rental of houses owned - they should not be employed in any other part-time or full-time jobs - and certainly should not be receiving monies from some foreign royal family?  

It is sad that some enter politics NOT FOR THE PEOPLE but for personal and family enrichment. We certainly do not want any such people as our 'wakil rakyat'(peoples' representative)

Asset Delaration, which must be public, is for us to prevent wrongdoings..

In Thailand, a Prime Minister was ousted because he received money for taking part in a cooking show {Yes - they cannot earn any income from any other undertaking in Thailand)..

In Thailand, a candidate standing for elections and whilst he/she is an MP cannot even own shares in a media company...

CLEANER MPs and ADUNs who only serve the people is what Malaysia needs....In the past regime, many a politician has abused their position - now we see many of them being charged in court after PH came into power...VERY GOOD>

But then, we do not such bad practices to happen again with our new government MPs, so we need LAWS ..

For one, No MP should be appointed to any money paying position whilst he is an MP save as a member of the Cabinet or Speaker...Even is an MP is appointed Director of any government linked company, he should not receive any pay...

The Thai prime minister, Samak Sundaravej, must resign in the next 30 days after a court ruled today that he had breached the constitution by hosting four cookery shows after he took office....But the £270 that he received for transport and the purchase of the ingredients for each of the four shows filmed after he assumed office constituted his cultivating a business interest, according to today ruling....In what is bound to be controversial interpretation, the judges said he had contravened a rule that barred ministers from holding outside business interests while in office. The clause was designed to eliminate the conflicts of interest that bedevilled Thaksin's rule. - Guardian, 9/9/2008
We recall how some of our MPs were absent when the vote on POTA happened, and recently that 4 government MPs failed to attend the vote on the Constitutional Amendment ...

MP's and ADUN's primary objective, and hopefully only objective and responsibility, is the PEOPLE they represent...An MP is not a part-time job...

Make sure there is TRANSPARENCY - full detailed and honest detailed declaration of all assets of MP, spouse and immediate family - including interests in businesses. Full detailed monthly income ...additional income from interest, dividends, rental, income from other businesses(that they own) etc must also be included. Monies here in Malaysia and also OVERSEAS must also be declared. 

Assets include houses and land owned at market value(Less amount still owing banks - bank loans). Assets include CARs, shares, ASN, etc...


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