Tuesday, September 09, 2008

All existing places of worship on ANY land should not be demolished.

It is good that the government has finally come to its senses with regard to them temples and places of worship...

ALL Hindu temples on government land situated in commercial zones in the Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020 would not be demolished, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said.

He said if temples situated on government land were affected by development projects undertaken by the Government, they would be given an alternative site for relocation, reported Malaysia Nanban.

He added that prior approval from City Hall was required for new temples to be built, even on private land.

Speaking to reporters on Friday after meeting representatives of the Malaysian Hindu Council over the draft, Saravanan said the ministry would allow the various communities to build their houses of worship in housing estates. - Star, 8/9/2008 Temples in draft plan will not be demolished

BUT this is not good enough ----

1 - the policy should not just be limited to Hindu Temples - but to all temples, churches, masjids, suraus, chapels, kuils..

2 - Even if it is not now on government land, it should not be demolished especially if it has been in existance for more than 10 years...

3 - This should also be extended to crematoriums, burial sites, grotos, etc...

4 - This policy must not only be with regard to KL or Federal Territories but must be for the whole of Malaysia. Good if the relevant Minister or Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could give all Malaysians this assurance..

5 - With regard to places of worships that have been demolished over the past 5 years - immediate steps should be taken to find alternative new sites, and the government must assist also financially to ensure these places of worship gets built...

6 - Just talk by the Minister or the PM is not really good enough - we may need an Act to protect places of worship, burial grounds, etc...

7 - Even with regard to existing places of worship, the government must provide a certain yearly allocation of funds to assist in the maintenance and upkeep.

8 - With regard to burial grounds - the government should ensure that they are maintained in good condition. many burial grounds are overgrown with bushes, etc - Responsibility for maintenance maybe should be with the Local Councils...


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. This is the problem when there are complains they quickly want to resolve it but it is more of narrow political interest and the result is such haphazards and they overlooked many interesting points as you brought up.Malaysians, politicians especially must wake up, whatever we do now, will trickle down to the future generations, simply said open your brain and have vision.dh9753

Ikrak said...

I don't agree that alol existing places of worship on any land should not be demolished.

Suppose a place of worship was built in an area of your prime land with a market value of RM100million. What do you do? Please be realistic man, if those idiots built place of worship illegal on somebody's land, do we have the right to request that they more elsewhere?

Anonymous said...

In the past there have been attempts to try to intimidate the sikhs as per regarding their wadha GURDWARA TAT KHALSA in Kg. baru KL.
A very good thing though the sikhs bought the land and got the gurantee from the SULTAN OF SELANGOR, plus Tunku ABDUL RAHMAN after independance that that piece of very expensive property will not be touched. But knowing the greedy politicians, attempts are made every decade to try to wrest the gurdwara's property from the sikhs. Simillar attempts have been made on the Hindu temple in Petaling street. This has to stop. CHARLES, getting promises from MIC POLITICIANS are empty promises, get it signed and certified in court or the land office, that will keep the vultures at bay for a while, until in comes some corrupt temple official or some political appointee, as seen concerning the theft and holding in the form of proxy for SAMIAR VELLU, THE BANDAR UTAMA SCHOOL LAND, HOW MANY OTHER SUCH CASSES EXIST only god knows and maybe the crooks themselves. I remember the famous words of learned person once, this was when I was very young, and the learned person- who sought no limelight nor political position but to serve his comunity selflessly, "POLITICIANS WILL MAKE ALL KINDS OF PROMISES, THEY WILL PROMISE YOU THE SUN AND THE MOON, BUT WHAT I BELIEVE IN IS, I BELIEVE IN GOD AND CERTIFIED, CHOPPED AND STAMPED IN COURT PIECE OF PAPER (TITLE DEEDS), NOT POLITICAL PROMISES OF GLIB TONGUED LALANG POLITICIANS". for your info this man was a retired Police/army officer, and he was in his 70s when I heard him harrangue a group of gurdwara committee members, in 1971. His advice was taken and till today the gurdwara still sits in the centre of kg. baru. Even threats by DATUK HARUN DID NOT BUDGE THEM.

Nostradamus said...

Make Dunno Only. Don't Become a Racist or Satan.

If you have read Anwarwood Productions latest script, you would have understood what is happening in Penang and all the news as reported in MSN, Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today and other blogger's websites. Some may have high blood pressure, a stroke or even a heart attack by now.

However, my advice to all Malaysians is , "Make Dunno Only!". Continue with your Fast, make preparations for Hari Raya and Mooncake festivals or whatever festivals coming your way.

For those who don't have any upcoming festivals to celebrate, then, may I suggest, we make preparations to celebrate Malaysia Day on 16 September which is the day Malaysia was born, 45 years ago, together with our fellow brothers and sisters from East Malaysia.

If you want to continue getting excited with the news and stories coming out from Penang, then may I suggest the following for you to ponder.

1. Ahmad says Chinese are immigrants or squatters. - Tell me who isn't an immigrant or a squatter in this world?

2. If you are sensitive to the words immigrants or squatters. - I have heard much worst than that over the past 51 years. I am already desensitised.

3. Ahmad tore Tsu Khoon pictures. - No big deal. It would be better if Ahmad had called him, Ka Ting, Sammy Veloo and all those other representatives of BN parties and slap them all instead for not conforming to the spirit of the Malaysian Constitution and doing trade bartering of rights of human beings for their own party interests.

4. Ahmad talking for all Malaysians Malays? - What about DSAI? Maybe Ahmad only represent the 50 or so followers he has. Maybe he can try buying more followers.

5. Ahmad talking for all Moslems? - What about Tok Guru? Is Ahmad an ulama?

6. Reporters get threaten and so forth. - Why are the MSN reporters there in the first place? Why after interviewing Ahmad, then run to interview other BN leaders? Is the news so important that it is worth reporting? Why don't interview Malaysians on the street and ask them what they think of Ahmad and other BN leaders.

7. Use ISA, Sedition Act and so forth. - For once, I totally agree, but it is only to be used only on BN politicians. After everyone is locked up, then abolish it.