Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anti-ISA rally must call for release of ALL - not just the 2 recently arrested

Apparently, Pakatan Rakyat is planning to organize a rally to call for the release of the two still detained under the ISA.

I say, that it should be a rally calling for all of those now detained under the ISA and other laws that allow for Detention Without Trial - including P. Uthayakumar, M. Manoharan and the other 3 allegedly arrested for their involvement with HINDRAF.

I say that during this rally, the Pakatan Rakyat must very clearly tell us that within seven(7) days of their forming the government, all those currently detained under the ISA and other laws that allow for Detention Without Trial will be released....

And within three(3) months, the ISA and all laws that allow for Detention Without Trial shall be repealed.

I am talking a definite time-frame commitment - because I do not want the people of Malaysia to be 'cheated' by procrastinations and reasons after power has been seized...

We do want what happened to that 'Local Council Elections' -- to also happen to ISA and the Detention Without Trial Laws...

Pakatan Rakyat has announced a mass rally against the government crackdown on the eve of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's deadline to take power through defections from the ruling coalition....

...The opposition alliance said it expected some 30,000 supporters to gather for the rally in Kelana Jaya stadium on Monday night to call for the release of the two still detained, after the journalist was freed Saturday.

It will be held on the eve of September 16, Anwar's deadline to seize power and also the day in 1963 when Sabah and Sarawak joined together with Malaya to form modern Malaysia. - Malaysiakini, 14/9/2008 - Pakatan plans anti-ISA rally tomorrow.

But, is it really an anti-ISA rally - because when I went to Anwar's website, it stated that it was something else....some "Perhimpunan Perdana Sambutan Hari Malaysia" -

Pakatan Rakyat bersama dengan Kerajaan Negeri Selangor akan menganjurkan Perhimpunan Perdana Sambutan Hari Malaysia pada 15 September (Isnin) di Stadium MBPJ Kelana Jaya, Selangor, bermula dari jam 7 malam.

Program bermula dengan Majlis Buka Puasa, Solat Maghrib, Isya, Tarawikh dan diikuti dengan ucapan pemimpin Pakatan Rakyat. YB Lim Kit Siang dan YB Tuan Guru Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang akan menyusul selepas Solat Tarawikh di lapangan stadium. Program kemuncak adalah perutusan YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sempena Hari Malaysia 16 September.

Pihak polis Selangor telah meluluskan permit. Semua dijemput hadir.

Pejabat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim



Merah Hitam said...

YESS!!! All must be released from ISA, not only the famous RPK,YB Teresa, Hindraf, but also the alledged "JI" detainees who are incarcerated close to 7 years!!!
Plesse helpto screw their release so that they will not rot in there.

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Merah Hitam said...

Yes!!! Release all ISA detainees, not only Hindraf, also alledged "JI" taht incacerated close to 7 years!!!

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all purely about ISA victims sharing

Nordin said...

instead of questioning, just propose to the pakatan rakyat leaders to declare to abolish the ISA when they take over the government when they convene to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of malaysia in Klana Jaya.

BoyDontUcry said...

Let's do HARTAL for our beloved country.