Thursday, September 04, 2008

Anwar and PR must apologize for 'racist' conducts

4 persons were just appointed as members of Board of Universiti Industri Selangor (Unisel), which is wholly owned by the Selangor government - now the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat government.

The 4 and the rest of the remaining Board members are apparently all Muslims...and are all apparently from the Malay ethnic group.

Shocking that the various other BN parties like the MCA, MIC, PPP, GERAKAN, etc.... in the BN did not raise the matter of the composition of the Board of this State-owned institution of Higher Learning - for it clearly does not reflect at all the multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural composition of the Malaysian people - of the people of Selangor.

But, this new appointment of the 4 was during the reign of the Pakatan Rakyat - a coalition between PKR, DAP and PAS (maybe also now PSM if they already have their registration) - and it just propagated the practice of UMNO-led BN.

Sadly, no one from the Pakatan Rakyat...not even the DAP, or that ever vocal and brave Lim Kit Siang, or even Anwar himself, do anything or even comment about this appointment of yet another 4 persons of apparently Muslim faith and Malay ethnicity.

I do not advocate racial or religious quota systems - and I await for an announcement or a comment from the MB or the Selangor State Exco that these appointments were not at all based on ethnicity or religion BUT on merit - on the fact that they were the best for the job... (If that was the case, I would be so happy..)

Wonder whether UNISEL practices any quotas as far as its student intake is concerned, or in the composition of its academics, or when deans and head of departments are selected and appointed. I wonder whether it is "best person for the job" that is the consideration - or whether it is religion, ethnicity and/or political affliation/s.

Remember the PKR...the Pakatan Rakyat is (or was) very strong on the issue of abolition of ethnic/race/religious based quota - and the need to move to socio-economic quotas which will see preferences in favour of the poor, the marginalized, possibly in favour of those from rural areas/small townships, etc...

BUT the question is whether in matters where they already do have the power to implement this new way of looking and dealing with the Malaysian people, have they done so....

Are the Pakatan Rakyat also propagating a race-based politics just like the BN -- or is it going to be different?

Now, that we are in this period calling for apologies for 'racist' behaviours and conducts...

I believe that Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat must also apologize for what happened in the appointment of new Board members of UNISEL - or at the very least explain their apparently racist behaviour and conduct so that we can understand.

I also looked at the PKNS, and the other Selangor State owned company - and the same phenomena is seen with regard to Board members, etc.. (There is only 1 and the same Chinese woman in the Board of PKNS and some of its subsidiaries/related companies. Maybe, she is the accountant....mmm).

I also note that all heads of Local Councils and Mayors in Selangor are of the same ethnic and religious group... not at all very good.

We take great issue when people refer to some ethnic groups as not being equal Malaysians - but at the same time, many of us do not behave like we are equals as Malaysians.... and sometimes that also includes our politicians and NGO leaders...

Wonder why the always vocal Lim Kit Siang and other DAP members also never took up this issues, which, on the face of it, is also "racist" conduct.

Why did they consent to it by their silence? (I did also earlier highlight this in my Blog and my e-mail postings...)

Remember the perception of being different from the BN is all so important...we do not want to enter a new era in Malaysia where there will still be the supremacy of any single ethnic group.

Remember if certain Malaysians, still consider themselves after 51 years of independence still "guest citizens", or ("second-class citizens") and not full citizens - old ways of doing things will still continue. The blame for how things are now, and in the future, cannot just be placed on the other citizen but also on the you, who still behave as though you are just "guest citizens", or ("second-class citizens").

I have seen many a fierce proponent of rights when he is amongst people of his own ethnic/religious groups transforming into pathetic "yes man" to the removal of rights in the presence of persons from some other ethnic groups - how sad.

The first liberation that we must have is the liberation of our ownselves - from our own prejudices and old ways.

The British colonialist, and the post-colonial Alliance coalition(which did later change its name to BN) have succeeded in creating a mindset that not all people are equal - and that some are more equal than others.

And the people 'more equal than others' is not those of some royal blood line...but of some particular ethnic background and religion.

This 'brainwashing' seems to have worked - and today, many, even the bravest of our 'progressives', fall prey to this unjust norm and crap mindset most of the times consciously, but some times unconsciously.

Breaking of norms is never easy. Example of this is the election by the people of Senators - a posibility, even there in our Constitution, but alas the REFORMASI governments of the 5 States would still just appoint silently their Senators without consultation with the people. A referendum could very easily be done to identify the preferred candidates for Senatorship - if the State still did not (or could not) go for Senate Elections.

Doing away with the Identity Card - this again will see massive resistance from the people. The 'dog-tag' for humans was introduced as a means of control. There are many countries, even Britain itself, that do not have any such 'Identity Cards'. Malaysians today will most likely oppose vehemently any proposal to do away with this 'dog tag'.

A new dawn is coming for Malaysia - but alas current BN propagated 'norms' and ways of doing things may still remain.

After all the call was just for "REFORMASI" or reformation - not transformation or revolution. And that word implies really an improving of already existing things - a painting of the wall a slightly different colour, and not the changing of the whole house design by the tearing down of old walls.

As we approach the day when there is a new government, we need to be even more vigilant to ensure that we get real changes in Malaysia - not just changes of persons in positions only.


Anonymous said...

Who is racist here? You are still in Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban... etc mindset, we are all Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you are being racist here? Blaming the appointed for being born into a given race? And this issue is one you alone have been blabbering about for quite a time, I think you are either a nut or a pure racist for that matter. Stop victimising people for being Malays or Chinese or Indians. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

Fair comments but why not also highlight some improvements since the takeover.

slyderrose said...

The writer is going too fast. let it remains status quo first. Do not provide bullet for umno to attack PKR. Umno will use this suggestion to incite malay mass against PKR and this could be a risk to PR. Think rationally. First thing first.

democracy4now said...

Well said- we the citizens need to be in the driver seat-or employ the best driver for the job. There is no question to allow the driver take us where he want us to go!

Ong BK

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong if the members are made of Malays. What matters most is if there are ready to embrace the principle of anak Melayu anak saya, anak Cina anak saya, anak India anak saya, which is what we are advocating for.

Anyway, I hope to hear the valid reasons from the parties concerned. So, PR officials can we have your say?


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are one bitter person! First you want to wait for comment, but you have already formed your opinion, shooting everywhere. Chill, man...

Anonymous said...

this is where caution is important.Remember a chameleon can change colors but cannot change into something else

mode de la shadow said...

yeaaa, i agree. chill man... tsk tsk, lets not jump into conclusion before scrutinizing all the facts first k?

like my ex boss used to tell me alot, narrow-mindedness is a big fat ugly bitch for progress.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charles,

to add to my comment earlier, I think we as the liberal people should not be asking why Malays only or Chinese only. We could be more positive in our approach in pointing out issues relating racial composition. We could even make it as proposition than criticism. That way it would not create divisions and demands which could be seen as sensitive.

personally I would prefer a honest Malay to represent me than a dishonest Indian. Similarly I also expect the Malay and Chinese to accept another race as his honest leader than his own dishonest skin as leader.


Anonymous said...

Arent we all sick and tired pointing out this guy that guy is malay or chinese or indian or whatever just like BN brainwashed us? Who cares what race religion he's in as long as he works hard for the rakyat and the country and steal not. Did your race's MPs in the government do anything good for you for the past 51 years except they got richer ?!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who is being racist here? Cool it man...
- James

Anonymous said...

Sir, we are approaching 916. So at this moment, please sir do not create any problem. Remember we are malaysian. We have a dream for one and that is the 916.

nwar said...

I think your article is pretty racist to me.PR have just won the 5 states a few months back.If they had chosen this 4 fellas to be in charge of something so what?Let them do their job for a year or so..if it's not satisfactory then we as the rakyat will voice our concerns about these individuals.Let them learn,let them gain the knowledge..I mean come on!this is the first time in 51 years we see BN assholes lose this much.Give PR sometime and I'm sure they'll do a much better job then assholes BN.Now I'm not supporting PR(I'm not even in any political party at the moment)but I do keep up-to-date about Malaysian politics where ever I am,just GIVE SOME TIME!