Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's focus on the Pakatan's 'kingdom' now - not just on expansion plans...

September 17 - We are still under the BN rule. There is no concrete evidence out there that there will be any changes of government in the near future...Anwar says he has the numbers BUT he would not reveal the names - for various reasons and concerns - repercussions.

Following what looks like a 'betrayal' ...a 'con'...' a deception'.., I looked for the response from DAP and PAS (the other 2 partners in Pakatan Rakyat), to this claim by Anwar and PKR that they have enough Members of Parliament to bring an end to the 51 year-old UMNO led-Barisan Nasional rule...

I also noted that PAS and DAP leaders were apparently NOT present at the last press conference of Anwar when he said that he had the numbers required, and this was strange. [I remember also how leaders of the various component parties of BN were apparently missing when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi made his acceptance speech after BN was victorious in the last Elections].

Even Anwar's statement is signed of not as Pakatan Rakyat - it would have been so much better if it was a Pakatan Rakyat statement - signed by all parties in Pakatan Rakyat. The delegation that ran after the BN MPs in Taiwan was looking very PKR only...

And, so when I browsed through the media today, it was good to see PAS and DAP speak about this transition of power, i.e. from the BN to Pakatan. (Sorry, we are not talking about that other 'transition of power' between current PM and his Deputy sometime in 2010)

Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat is still confident that Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will succeed in his plan to form the Federal Government.

Nik Aziz said the Sept 16 date was just a "technical" point when told that Anwar had failed to honour his claim that he would be in charge on this date.

"His failure today is nothing... He did not lie to the people as he had tried his best but his efforts were curtailed by others," Nik Aziz said.

"I support the move to form a new government at the federal level. I will pray that Anwar's effort will succeed." - New Straits Times, 17/9/2008 - 'He will succeed in his plan'

In BUTTERWORTH, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said he believed in Anwar’s claim that more than 31 Barisan National MPs would cross over to Pakatan.

Lim, who is also DAP secretary-general, said it was just a matter of time before Pakatan took over the Federal Government. - Star, 17/9/2008 - PAS: Anwar will be able to take over the Government

Caution must be drawn to reports in many of these main-stream media, which are biased in favour of certain political parties.

If you watched the RTM and/or TV3 news, and looked at the behaviour and the script of the news - the bias is obvious. It is also not just a question of 'bias' - I believe it is also a willingness to be used by certain parties to propagate a certain perception (some call this 'spin'). Professional reporters should report the facts - pure and simple - especially during the "News" programme. Comments can come later during other programmes.

Let us see what these reporte tell us....

The 1st Report:- New Straits Times, 17/9/2008 - 'He will succeed in his plan'

Anwar failed today - but that he tried his best - but his efforts(maybe even achievements) have been curtailed by others.... - but at the end of the day, he will succeed.

[Anwar says he already has the requisite number - and the delay now is only because there is an effort to find the best way for the power transition. The list need to be kept secret to prevent undesired consequence/s to those on the list.]

The 2nd Report - - Star, 17/9/2008 - PAS: Anwar will be able to take over the Government

Here the indication that is given by the word 'believed in Anwar’s claim' gives us an indication that Guan Eng too has not seen this full list. He is only able to speak in terms of 'believe' or 'not believe'.

What becomes clear from both the reports is that both PAS and DAP, seems to support the move to 'form a new government at the federal level'.

There seems to be not so great a sence of urgency with regard to PAS and DAP - maybe this is because they have been at it for so long - this journey to erode BN dominance and ultimately form a new government.

Hence whether it comes next month or after the next elections or even later matters little - the important thing is that BN rule is ended.

PAS and DAP would also be very elated about their achievements after March - and would want to do all to ensure that changes are brought about fast - and that positition as government is stregthened. PAS have seen Trengganu fall just as fast...and know that a lot of work is needed fast, and that time flies and before you know it, the elections are here again.

I, too believe, that we must not be so bothered or pre-occupied as to when Pakatan Rakyat will be able to form the Federal Government - but we should focus on the bringing reforms and changes for the better in the 5 States that the Pakatan Rakyat rules, and in the constituencies that have chosen Pakatan Rakyat MPs and ADUNs.

That September 16 Statement (taken from Malaysiakini)

The following is the statement given by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim at a 2pm press conference at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya today.


Today, Malaysians celebrate Malaysia Day - the day our country became whole and our people become united. This day has a new meaning. After years of struggle, after fighting against a system that is corrupt and unjust - we affirm that victory is finally at hand. Our vision of rebuilding this country and bringing its people together, as the founding fathers envisioned, is within reach.

anwar ibrahim pakatan rakyat september 16 annoucement pc 160908 02The economy is in turmoil with runaway inflation and joblessness creating widespread discontent. Racial tensions have been rising, exacerbated by the propaganda spread in the government owned mainstream media. The administration has offered no vision to steer the nation out of this quagmire and there is manifest erosion in confidence in the current government.

We in Pakatan Rakyat believe we can save Malaysia from economic ruin and the dangerous politics of racism. We will do so prudently, legally and in doing so we will not jeopardise the security and stability of the country and the safety of its people.

We have received firm commitments from members of parliament in excess of the number required to form a new government, and our government will reflect the diverse make-up of Malaysian society.

It has been our concern to ensure a peaceful transition of power. We do not wish to see a repeat of what transpired in the Selangor and Perak state governments, where following the victory of Pakatan Rakyat on March 8, documents were shredded and removed by the outgoing administration.

We furthermore advise radical elements within BN against the abuse of state power to unlawfully harass and detain our supporters.

The immediate investigation by the ACA (Anti-Corruption Agency) of Yong Teck Lee after the announcement by SAPP (Sabah Progressive Party) of its intention to move a motion of no-confidence against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is another example of the tactics we reject.

The use of the ISA, as has happened to MP Teresa Kok, would be an unlawful impediment to the transition process.

In light these serious concerns, yesterday leaders of Pakatan Rakyat sent a letter to the prime minister at 2.30pm requesting a meeting to discuss the future course of the nation's leadership and to seek his assurance on the following important matters:

1) That the BN shall not hinder or prevent their BN MPs from acting in accordance with their conscience, constitutional rights and independent judgment;
2) That the BN government shall not invoke the Internal Security Act to detain any of the MPs who will join Pakatan Rakyat, or any of the present 82 Pakatan Rakyat MPs;
3) That the BN government shall not invoke emergency or police powers, or suspend the constitution, or dissolve parliament in response to our intention to form a new government;
4) That the Barisan Nasional government shall not impose roadblocks and impede the MPs from gaining access to the House of Parliament and the institutions of government.
We believe the prime minister will share Pakatan Rakyat's concerns for the welfare of the people and security of the nation. We are confident he will ensure the BN will act constitutionally and democratically to ensure that the transition will be peaceful, and there will be no actions taken to sabotage the wishes of the people or play on racial tensions in the country.

We appeal to all quarters in Malaysian society to understand our intentions are for the betterment of Malaysian society. The mainstream media, in particular, should accept the reality of these historic times and report fairly, accurately and without bias. The irresponsible tact that is used by the media to obfuscate issues, attack opposition supporters and instigate racial tensions must end immediately.

Following our meeting with the prime minister, we intend to proceed within the framework established by the federal constitution in the formation of a new government, with the assent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Opposition Leader
De facto PKR leader


Anonymous said...

SAPP leaders’ presence at DAP forum!!!

got photo for a prove!!!

see here!!!

Anonymous said...

My take, Anwar has been very successful. Infact, no one can deny that he has proven himself capable to be PM and head of this country.

Anwar has done what no one else in Malaysia has ever been able to do, which is to send BN into a state of disarray. Name one leader with the charisma and the leadership who can achieve such a feat... none!

It does not matter Sept 16 or any date after, the opposition has never been so strong for the past many years.